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・°☆.- drag race starter/ask memes・°☆.。
  • "My alter ego is a stripper."
  • "I'm not polished, I'm polish remover."
  • "I don't get cute; I get drop dead gorgeous."
  • "These legs are everything!"
  • "Emotions are for ugly people."
  • "I cannot tolerate a heel that is less than 5 inches."
  • "If you can't hide it just throw some fucking glitter on it."
  • "I'm too punk to wash my tights."
  • "I wouldn't wear it... but for you it's cute."
  • "Thank god for all this body."
  • "Pain is beauty, and I'm the prettiest."
  • "If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else?"
  • "My eyebrows aren't that oatmeal-y..."
  • "It doesn't matter where you come from, what color you are, what shape you are, be the best that you can be."
  • "Water off a duck's back."
  • "May the best woman win."
  • "You are all fucking welcome."
  • "We get to choose our family."
  • "Do I have something on my face?"
  • "Please stop immediately."
  • "I don't wanna hear that shit!"
  • "Back rolls?"
  • "Sorry bout it."
  • "Maybe I'll go on the Biggest Loser and lose lots of weight and find a nice man."
  • "You can find yourself a nice man looking just like that."
  • "Sit down and shut the fuck up, bitch!"
  • "I don't see you walking children in nature."
  • "I woke up a long time ago, god dammit."
  • "I like long walks, big dicks, and fried chicken."
  • "Don't get bitter, just get better."
  • "I get it. I'm a bitch."
  • "I'll have what she's having."
  • "Well if you do finally get exposed you better have something to show."
  • "Thank you gay god!"
  • "Did somebody order a hooker?"
  • "Hashtag, too much."
  • "Your tone seems very pointed right now."
  • "I'm a libra."
  • "Get a grip, get a life, and get over it."
  • "You'll never be glamour."
  • "I don't take anything personally, except most things."
  • "I am sweating like a hooker in church."
  • "Take a fucking shower."
  • "I mean I'm impressed...but not that impressed..."
  • "Alright public school, calm down."
  • "You're so full of shit, the toilet's jealous."
  • "At the gym, I'm like a ninja. You'll never see me there."
  • "Call me young, call me illiterate or whatever."
  • "The best revenge is just to do better."
  • "Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining!"
  • "Did you find that dress for sale? Half off? 75% off? Did it keep going down? Did you have a coupon?"
  • "Go choke on a dick."
  • "I look spooky but I'm really nice."
  • "Not today, Satan. Not today."
  • "Party!"
  • "I'm not actually that young. I'm just ignorant."
Thank you Running Man

Today, same as Wednesday, is not a good day. I woke up, read the news and well….Running man, my favorite show for like 7 years is going to be cancelled. Honestly, I preferred that over Kang Ho Dong joining. I’m not really fond of him, you see, but somehow deep down I didn’t want Running Man to end ever. After family outing was over, it was a bit empty, I kept on looking for similar shows, but none caught my eye and suddenly RM started, I would come home Monday thinking about the new Running Man episode. My mondays were never boring, because of Running Man and to see that suddenly it’s gonna stop, it breaks my heart. But the only thing I can do is to thank all the cast and the staff for these amazing years of laughter.

Thank you Yoo Jae Suk for being who you are. An awesome MC, a jokester, Yoo hyuk, Grasshopper, for your rivalry with Jong kook which was always funny, for your “outburst” with Haha and Kwangsoo, for being Ji suk jin’s sunflower, for your finger hearts or however is named, an overall honest person. You are one of the reasons why I started watching RM. Coming from Family outing and already knowing you was like a plus and you grew on me. I now know why people call you Yooneunim. Sincerely thank you.

Thank you Kim Jong Kook for being the Tiger and Mr. Capable. I also knew you from Family outing but man, you started to be more talkative with some time XD. Thanks for being the capable one, the scary chaser XD, the guy who would glare to his hyungs with no problem, the hyung with the kids who would get scolded every now and the, for being Coach kim and try to teach athletes how to do their jobs, for being the muscle guy and more.

Thank you Song Ji hyo for being the kind of actress who is not afraid to get dirty just because she has an image to maintain as other actresses or idols. Thanks for being a woman who can stand its own against all the males in the cast, let’s all remember one of the latest episodes where they had to piggyback the girls and neither Gary nor Kwang soo could move because Jihyo would squeeze them (I was cracking up,for real) ; thanks for being Meong ji, the girl who can fall sleep almost anywhere, worth mentioning the Jenga tower. Thanks for being part of one of the longest love-lines out there, the monday couple, thanks for being part of the candy alliance, the kwang-mong siblings that I seriously love, the song-song couple, spartace and so on. Thanks for being such an ace.

Thank you Kang Gary for being Gary-ssi and Random Mr, Capable. When you appeared for the first time…I didn’t know who you were, I just didn’t know about Leesang or the hip-hop scene in south korea but by far, I could tell you would fit well in the show. You always had the most normal and humane reactions ever, your speech with -seumdwa was always something that I don’t know why, it made me smile​. Thank you for being oblivious Gary, peaceful Gary, Random Mr. Capable, part of the monday couple that most people love. Thank you for being the amazing person you are.

Thank you HaHa for being the kid of the show, for being the schemer and cool person that you are. I already knew you from Infinite Challenge and although the characters on both shows are similar, they are not the same. I could always tell Haha is a smart cookie. He’s clever and witty and I have always laughed whenever he got annoyed either by Yoo Jae suk, Ji hyo or the guests. Also, thank you for being the “dongsaeng” to “uri hyung”, Time controller, Haroro, Haha the playboy or the kid who wants to be the villain. And as your stage name, thank you for the laughs.

Thank you Ji suk Jin for being the old ambitious guy of the show. At first, I admit that I didn’t like him, I always felt he was annoying and was craving for attention but as time passed by, well, I saw he was trying to be funny and honestly for a person his age, it must’ve been difficult to be running around with no problem. Thank you for being the race starter, the impala, Jaesuk’s sunflower, the only cast member who always was ready to face the female guests with no problem, the old guy with the cheesy lines. Thank you for being in the traitors club with Kwang Soo and in particular, thank you for being Wangko ahahahha

Thank you Lee kwang soo. What can I say about him? Similar to Ji suk jin, at first I didn’t like him, the whole framing and betraying simply wasn’t my style but over the time, his character grew on me. He is like a gem for the variety show scene of south korea and an awesome actor too. Thank you for being the giraffe, framer Kwangsoo, avatar Kwangsoo, traitor Kwangsoo,kwangtoad,  unlucky Kwangsoo and a million of other nicknames. Thank you Kwangsoo for being the gem that the show needed.

Last but not least. Thank you Joong Ki. When running man started I was relatively new to dramas so I didn’t know what types of drama he starred in, but guys, he’s such a good actor. You all know him now because of Descendants of the Sun, but what made me say that he is an awesome actor, was the movie “a werewolf boy”. Honestly, he was the flower boy of the bunch, I always loved how he seemed so close with everyone. Thank you for being active Joong Ki and the guy who cannot draw well. Thank you for the time you spent with Running man and all of us until you parted ways.

Special thanks to Kwon Ryeol VJ, Dong wan FD and Lizzy. These guys were always such a laugh. I was planning to write more, but I’m started to tear up and my heart feels so heavy

Running Man family, you’ve worked hard. Thank you for all the laughter these 7 years. You will always be in our hearts.

The Real Prize

Hi lovelies!! This took me so long & I apologize for that! But this is finally done for the Anon who requested, I hope you like it! Enjoy! xx

Imagine: Could you do a story where reader beats Draco at Quidditch (before they’re a couple), and he gets so angry he accidentally lets it slip out that he likes her?

Originally posted by accio-villain-imagines

“Y/N!” Your ears perked at the sound of your own name, spoken with purpose by a smooth, silvery voice.  Although the voice made the hair on your arms stand up with secret excitement, you stopped in your tracks and rolled your eyes.  You sighed, a coy smile tugging at your lips.

“What is it, Malfoy?” you merely turned your head to look over your shoulder at the white-blonde-haired boy, trying not to seem too interested in the beautiful figure approaching you.  The infamous Slytherin Prince smirked.

“I hope you and Y/H are prepared to lose tomorrow,” smugness weighed heavily in his voice.  You gave a small snort of laughter before turning towards him.

“Oh, please,” your arms crossed across your chest.  “Only in your wildest dreams might that happen, Malfoy.  You and your little Slytherin wankers better step up your game before you even think about bashing the team that knocked you all on your arses last week.”

Despite the fact that Draco irritated most beyond belief, you always found him quite amusing, the way he pranced about as if he were a gift to mankind. The two of you weren’t close, but there was always a sort of playfulness between you.

Draco bristled and cleared his throat, clearly taken aback by your boldness. A small smirk remained plastered on your face.  Got you, Draco.  Still, a part of you worried of what his reaction might be.

“Well,” he started, straightening his tie.  “I suppose we’ll just have to see now, won’t we, Y/N?”  His tone was still slightly rigid, but nevertheless he quirked those nearly translucent eyebrows in the manner you and everyone else was accustomed to.  You offered a smile and tilted your head.

“If you mean you’ll see us catching the snitch to win the game, then yes we will see, darling!” with that snide remark (which you patted yourself on the back for), you turned on your heel and walked briskly from the hall.  Draco stood, mouth nearly agape, watching your figure disappear before tugging his robes straight and walking away.  

When you were sure he could no longer see you, you shook your head fervently and bit your lip incredulously.  I can’t believe I just said that to him…to MALFOY. And yet, your eyes were sparkling and your heart beat with a thrill that seemed to stem from more than just a snarky comeback and a playful relationship.  In the back of your mind, you could still see his cool grey eyes watching you and practically gleaming when you spoke.  To your surprise, a tinge of pink danced hot across your cheeks at the thought of him.  

With a shake of your head, you sighed and continued walking until you successfully made it through the interior of the school and out into the pleasant spring air.  You breathed in deeply; the scents of the budding flowers and saplings combined and painted a serene picture across the rolling landscape.  You surely couldn’t complain about the aesthetics of your lovely school.  The chirping of birds overhead drew your gaze before settling on the Quiddich pitch, not a stone’s throw away.  Your eyebrow quirked as you thought of the match tomorrow.  

Might as well get some practice in…after all, now you’ve to prove yourself to Draco.  You sighed and headed towards the locker room where your broom was stored.  After grabbing it from your locker, you made your way to the pitch.  Seeing how it was so unseasonably warm, you kicked off your shoes.

Your toes wiggled in the scratchy, tickly grass of the pitch woven between them. It was still wet with dew from the night before, and your lips curled upon feeling blades squish under your bare feet. Despite your soft displeasure with the foreign sensation, you found yourself suddenly determined and excited for this opportunity.  Rarely could one find the pitch to oneself, and what better way to brush up before the match tomorrow?

A cool, gentle breeze flirted around with your hair, hanging loosely in a band at the nape of your neck.  The wind lingered at a soft consistency, perfect for a bit of flying.

A satisfied smirk landed on your lips as you tossed your shoes into the stands, along with your sweatshirt and scarf.  As you mounted your long trusted broom and ascended a few feet from the ground, you cursed yourself for forgetting a practice quaffle.  Well, now, how are you to practice chasing without a quaffle?

You sighed, but continued into the air until you were parallel with the three hoops you knew so well.  You could imagine the game already, as clear in your mind’s eye as the cloudless sky before you.  The metallic of the snitch would gleam almost as bright as the sun which shone off it just as Madame Hooch released it into the atmosphere, followed by the erratic bludgers and then the quaffle.  Everything would move fairly quickly then.  For starters, you’d race for the quaffle, dodging this way and that to avoid Slytherin players and flying bludgers alike.

As you pictured the exhilarating game, you found yourself ghosting out the movements yourself on the lonely pitch.  You lurched forward on your broom, hurling through the air towards the hoops.  The wind howled and streamed through your loose hair, the band holding the strands in place long lost to the relentless force of your determination.  With an effortless flip in midair, you could clearly picture the quaffle being launched through the tallest of the hoops.  

Panting, you smiled with satisfaction.  Your hair hung in your flushed face and you giggled as you turned and wheeled through the air back to the center of the pitch.  With a few more twists and turns, you paused and hovered far above the starting point.  I suppose this is the view seekers must have, you thought to yourself, glancing around at the new perspective this offered you.  In the distance, you could see the rolling green hills, the majestic blue and purple of the towering mountains, and the daunting mystery of the Black Lake.  It was utterly breathtaking.  Oh, to be a seeker.

You suddenly were reminded of Draco, as he was the seeker for the Slytherin team.  There must be soft spot in his hard exterior; you’d have to be daft not to appreciate what seekers had the privilege of seeing and doing, for that matter.  A blush crept across your cheeks as you imagined him positioned opposite of you.  His white-blonde hair would be positively beaming in the sunlight, slicked back almost too perfectly from his face, which held a constant expression of confidence.  You imagined his grey eyes, so light in the openness of daytime, meeting yours and smiling with play…and perhaps something more.  He’d move swiftly and fluidly through the air as if he were native to the sky.

Before you knew it, you felt a goofy smile creep across your lips.  You pushed your hair back from your face and found yourself laughing softly to yourself.  Merlin, what’s wrong with you?  Why are you thinking so much about him?

“Oy, Y/L/N!” a familiar voice broke you from your thoughts and nearly made you fall off your broom.  You scrambled to keep yourself straight as your cheeks burned.

“Draco!” although you intended your tone to be one of annoyance, you were truly surprised and almost giddy that the very boy you’d been daydreaming about was there.  Draco ascended towards you, a sly expression plastered on his fair face.  If you didn’t know any better, you’d think he was holding back a smile.

“Thought you’d get a bit of practice in before tomorrow, did you?  I suppose you’ll be needing it after all,” Draco nearly kicked back on his broom, clasping his hands behind his head and shooting you a mischievous smirk.

“Don’t be silly, Malfoy,” you chuckled and stretched your arms.  “I was merely imagining the foolish look on your face when I score the winning throw.  As you can see, I haven’t even got a quaffle.”

Draco rolled his eyes and tossed the quaffle he’d brought towards you. You grabbed it from the air swiftly and quirked your eyebrows.

“Y/H’s prize chaser can’t even remember to bring a quaffle to practice,” he tsked and sat up straight on his broom.  “How pathetic.”

Your eyebrows remained raised at his crass remark.  Your mouth flattened into a line.  Somehow, even through his arrogance, you were still insanely attracted to him.

“I can beat you any day, Malfoy,” you nearly spat, flipping your hair over your shoulder and tossing the quaffle between your hands.  He scoffed, but couldn’t keep the small grin from his pale lips.

“We’ll see about that,” with an effortless lurch forward, the quaffle was swiped from your grasp, and Draco floated away.  You bit your lip and smiled, shrugging in an implied agreement to his proposed two-on-two pickup game.

“Draco Malfoy as a chaser, now there’s something I’d love to see,” you chuckled and swooped into position.  He snorted in response and held out the quaffle between the two of you. Your eyes locked with intensity, and you pushed your own swooning feelings aside as he launched the quaffle into the air.  You raced towards it, shoving Draco with your shoulder to obtain the target and carrying it with care as you flew past him.  The Slytherin Prince wasted no time, staying close at your tail and making numerous grabs for the quaffle.  He grunted with effort, and you wheeled through the air into another signature flip, sending the quaffle through a hoop.

Draco watched the quaffle drop with a perplexed expression, his grey eyes swimming with doubt.  You smirked and pulled up beside him.

“One to nothing, Malfoy,” you ruffled his slicked back hair, effectively ruining its composure.  Draco nearly growled and slicked it back into place, drifting disgruntledly to the ground to retrieve the quaffle.  You could tell his pride was hurt a smidge, but you shrugged it off and continued back to start.

The rest of your game went quite similarly to the first round: you scored, and Draco grew more irritated.  Finally, after the fifth round, the two of you sweating and out of breath in the warm spring day, Draco scoffed and threw the quaffle to the ground with great force. Your eyebrows shot up and you followed him as he descended to the ground.  He walked a little ways away from you, kicking at the grass.  You tried to lighten the mood.

“Didn’t realize you were such a sore loser, Malfoy,” you chuckled and put your hands on your hips.  To your dismay and surprise, Draco whirled around, his eyes ablaze and his mouth twisted into a sneer.

“Shove off, Y/L/N!” he spat.  Your eyes widened and you took a step back in bewilderment.

“What in Bloody Hell is your problem?  It’s just a bloody game,” you tried to reason with him, although his tone was rubbing off on you.  Your ears burned with a growing annoyance.  Draco paced erratically in front of you and snarled at the ground.

“I lost to you…I can’t believe I lost to you!” he shook his head feverishly and you frowned, crossing your arms and tapping your foot.  He might be cute when he’s angry, but Merlin he’s irritating!  Truly, he resembled a toddler throwing a tantrum.

“And what on earth is so bad about that?” you chewed on your lip, your eyebrows knit together.  Draco covered his face.

“It wasn’t supposed to go like this!  I was supposed to impress you,” he pulled his hands from his face and your heart nearly fluttered when you saw his cheeks burning pink.  He sighed.

“The one time I like a girl…and I get beaten by her at Quiddich,” Draco mumbled and lightly kicked the quaffle aside, looking truly defeated. Nonetheless, your breath hitched in your throat and you stood erect and still.  He likes me!

You took a step forward and gently placed your hand on his arm.

“Draco…” his eyes darted to your hand, then to your eyes.  You were at a loss for words as you fell into the icy depths of his gaze.  He stammered, never looking away:

“I just…wanted to impress you,” his voice was not much more than a whisper, and he unsurely placed his hand against your cheek.  Your insides tightened and you held your breath.  

In the silence, Draco assumed more confidence and grabbed your waist with his other hand, leaning down to press his lips against yours.  Fire ignited under your skin and you blossomed at his touch, kissing him with a sudden need that had been built up in secret for so long. His lips worked against yours as he held you close to him.  You pulled back only to gaze once more into his placid eyes, now resembling warm liquid silver.  You smiled and stroked his cheek.

“Hate to say it…but I think I’ve won again, Draco,” you giggled, and Draco placed a kiss on the tip of your nose.  He smiled and shook his head.

“Oh no, darling…you’re the real prize,” you blushed and smiled as bright as the spring day before connecting your lips to his once more.  He lifted you from the ground, and you realized the thrill you’d felt all this time was simply from him.



anon asked: Race x reader where he’s walking in the rain with an umbrella and he sees his crush walk out of a store without an umbrella so he uses his courage to go over and the reader and race share an umbrella as they talk and it’s filled with fluff? He walks her home and the reader kisses his cheek and his smile is so huge

word count: 474 it’s so short i’m sorry

summary: the request was pretty descriptive but it’s pretty much race being a gentleman to the reader :’)

**the title is cringy wow also this is unedited because it’s like midnight i’m so sorry

Of course it was raining. Why wouldn’t it? As if Y/N’s day hadn’t been bad enough already, this was the icing on the cake. She had to venture out in the middle of a torrential downpour without a coat or umbrella whilst burdened with bags of groceries.

She just had to bite the bullet. It was like ripping off a bandaid, or some other analogy that she couldn’t think of in that moment. Once Y/N was walking it wouldn’t be as bad. At least that’s what she told herself.

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the signs as annoying stuff in sso

aries:  the chat filter censoring your entire message
taurus:  hitting a jump and getting launched to stratosphere
gemini:  “verifying”
cancer:  wednesday update that only adds new clothes to the mall
leo:  random bump in the landscape doing ridiculous damage to your horse
virgo:  yet another abandoned interesting plot line 
libra:  “network error”
scorpio:  race starter board sparkles preventing you from jumping over that fence
sagittarius:  region restricted redeem codes
capricorn:  exciting new features only announced on an obscure social media account
aquarius:  recycling tack and clothes models from 2005
pisces:  missing the ferry/bus/tram by a fraction of a second

helping hand // isaiah jesus & reader

· prompt 5 with isaiah :)

5 - “why are you helping me”

Sliding a crystalline glass of whiskey down the bar to one of the countless customers at The Garrison tonight, you sighed and ran your hand through your hair with a brief smile at boys before filling another glass. You’d began working here after Grace Burgess had left Birmingham and the position as barmaid had opened again, eagerly applying for the job. And though you didn’t have very high expectations that anything would come of your spur-of-the-moment decision, you were hired within days by Arthur Shelby himself. You had now worked in the pub for months and on great terms with all its regulars; including the Peaky Blinders. More than once, you’d found yourself scrubbing blood of the blood or cleaning up one of the lads after a bar brawl. Not that it bothered you; it’s what you signed up for when applying.

The bar was particularly rowdy on this night. You’d already had to wedge yourself between at least a dozen men in efforts to stop a huge fight breaking out in the centre of the pub, and drag Esme off some girl she believed was getting a fair bit too close to John. As stress began to encompass your body, you tried to remain composed under the pressure on the busy night. Constantly rotating between pouring and giving drinks, you could barely take in any of your surroundings.

“Fuck!” You shouted as a glass fell to floor of The Garrison with a shatter and fragmented into minuscule pieces. A chorus of shouts bellowed from the men at the bar followed by roars of laughter as you knelt to the floor to sweep it to the side. Once you returned to the top of the bar, expecting to see men upon men waving at you for drinks, everyone had accumulated further down. You turned your head to see Isaiah, a Peaky Blinder around your age, pouring glasses of whisky with an award-winning smile. Noticing your stares, he called you down to help and slid you a bottle to pour from.

Why are you helping me?” You shouted over the loud bursts of laughter, shouts and music as you poured a drink and gave it to a man you didn’t know the name of. Your head turned to face Isaiah, eyebrows furrowing slightly as you waited for his answer.

“Why wouldn’t I help a pretty girl like you?” His voice was virtually dripping with confidence as he winked at you. You couldn’t help the blush that crept beneath the skin of your cheeks at his flirting. A light giggle fell from your lips. With a flustered smile, you tucked your hair that had fallen in front of your eyes behind your and turned back to the men asking who wanted a drink, receiving an applauding cheer in return.

Isaiah stayed by your side until the last drunken man had stumbled from the doors of The Garrison; even staying to help you sweep the last remaining shards of glass and wipe away the drinks that had been spilled throughout the night. He watched from where he leant coolly against the wall as you locked up the entrance. You turned to meet his eyes, slowly taking steps towards him as a small smile grew on your lips. Pushing himself off the wall, he held out his arm for you to take, which you graciously did. The two of you walked in silence, your head had fell against his shoulder in your exhausted state. However, it was not an awkward silence, one where your mind was racing with possible conversation starters; it was a comfortable silence, one where you could simply be happy with the others presence.

Eventually, you reached your home. Your arm slipped from Isaiah’s to fall at your side, but his hand caught yours before it could drop completely.

“I’ll see you around, yeah?” He asked, receiving a wide smile from you. “Isaiah, you’re at the bar I work at almost every night–”

“You know what I mean.” He cut you off.

“Yeah, I do,” you agreed, “and yes, you will.” Isaiah’s dark eyes lit slightly at your words as a poised smirk found his lips.

“Good.” His head fell to face the floor slightly before rolling his neck as his lips pursed, as though he was debating something. His grip on your hand tightened slightly. “Can I… uh… kiss you?”

Your eyebrows raised slightly as a smirk grew on your lips. “Is Mr. Confident getting nervous around me?” You joked.

“Right, if you’re just going take the piss–” Isaiah turned to leave, but your tightening grip on his hand stopped him from going very far.

“I’m kidding, Isaiah! I’m kidding.” You pulled him back to you, closer. Your eyes stared into his, and you mumbled your words slightly. “Yes, you can.”

“Get in.” You heard him whisper as he hastily brought his hands to your face, pressing his lips on to your own. Your thoughts seemed to cloud over with the feeling of his lips upon yours, as though nothing else mattered or nothing else could compare to the ecstasy you were feeling. He pulled away all too soon, his hands still against your cheeks and yours still against his chest.

“So I’ll see you around, yeah?” He asked for confirmation as he began to walk away. You shouted across the street, a grin gracing your lips.

“Yeah, you will!”

A short, bulleted essay about the effect of media on our thoughts and why Brooklyn 99 is a Very Important Show

Howdy folks. As you all are probably aware of by now, I started watching Brooklyn Nine Nine and it sort of … all spiraled downhill from there. No, kidding, that was a joke to break the tension. But yeah, I started watching and couldn’t stop. And, in trying to figure out why, I noticed something. 

It didn’t chafe me. It didn’t set off alarm bells in my head.

Too often, I’ll start a movie or book or show that will be entertaining, enjoyable even - but then, there’s always a line, or scene, or character, or moment that has me doing a double take. That has me cringing internally. Something that’s wrong, something that’s off, something that I don’t think is necessary. It bothers me, it irks me, and it discolours the entertainment experience I’m having. And yet, every time, I push that feeling away because I’ve resigned myself to the fact that these things will appear in the media I consume, and I might as well take what I can get, because it’s either that little irk or a blatant, in-my-face smear of disgusting and (for lack of a better word) problematic attitudes. 

But it didn’t happen this time. And I was so refreshed

While the show itself can be pretty goofy, and at times even childish, I much prefer it to any of the other “more adult” media content I’ve consumed. Why? Because it didn’t have those little irks.

Not only did it not have irks - it had the opposite of irks. It had - has - anti-irks. It actually soothes the irks from the other shows.

That was partially in jest. But no, seriously. A while ago, when I’d first started watching, someone sent me an ask that read “aren’t there so many things to love about Brooklyn 99?”

And so, because you all know my love for lists, I decided to make a list. 

1)      Let’s start with the biggest one: its incredibly diverse cast. We’ve got a cast of seven characters consisting of two black men, one of whom is gay; three women (not counting secondary characters) two of whom are Latina; and two white guys, one of whom is Jewish (Hitchcock and Scully are mostly background, so I’m omitting them from the “main” cast. If their names don’t appear on the little intro, they’re not major characters). Of the seven main characters, four of them are POC. Two of those four are female. But here’s the thing – in each and every case, the audience is aware of the characters’ background without it being a topic that is either a) made the butt/punchline of a joke, b) blatantly mentioned and brought up like it’s something unnatural or strange, or, c) completely ignored. In all of these cases, the race, sexual orientation, ethnicity and culture of each individual character is treated as something normal, natural, and respected. It can be and is part of their motivation as a character, but it isn’t the be-all, end-all of their personality (in the case of Holt, for example, the constant discrimination against him as a black gay police officer is a driving force in his decisions and attitude while not completely encompassing and/or diminishing his complexity as a character in his own right). It is never seen as unimportant, and yet simultaneously it’s made known in a gracefully, bordering-on-subtle way that – and here’s the important thing – normalizes it. This show makes the harmony and love between a precinct full of people from all different backgrounds normal and natural and a good thing.

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How Long Can I Wear This Medal Before It Gets Weird?

I didn’t believe my trainer when she told me I was ready for race day.

For starters, in all of our training, we never ran the 13.1 miles required of a half marathon. Once, I accidentally went too far, and made it to twelve. It completely exhausted me. When I brought the Brooklyn race map home, my 8-year-old son, Leo, looked at it, looked up at me, looked back down and said: “that looks… long.”

I tried to make it seem achievable: I remembered how, when I was a child, we’d calculate distances on a map by using a piece of string, threading it along the twists and turns of a travel route before pulling it taut to measure it against the mileage key. When the string unfurled, the distance always surprised me: it was longer or shorter than I’d imagined, every time.

This, I said to myself, was surely like that. It seemed so impossibly far. But it couldn’t be. Right?

The morning of the race, Leo got up early with me, pacing the kitchen as I ate a bowl of cereal and waited for a sudden rainstorm to pass. Then he gave me one last hug as I headed into the chilly morning on my own.

I tried to remember something that Gretchen Reynolds, the fitness writer for the New York Times, said when we spoke a few weeks ago. “There is something very distinct that happens to most people during a race,” she said. “Adrenaline does get released, all kinds of other hormones get released, that don’t usually happen when you’re just training.” She told me most people set their best times when they’re racing: no one really knows why. (My trainer had said the same thing: I didn’t believe her, either.)

By the time I got to the start, thousands of runners were penned up in front of the Brooklyn Museum. We stretched, and yawned. I found a mom friend I knew from my daughter’s daycare, Beth. Her hometown has an annual 15K, which made distance running seem like something everyone just did; she’s hoping to run the full marathon in 2018. She had no doubts. I was not so sure. As the crowd moved forward, I asked, “Are we starting?!”

For a few moments as we crossed the start line, the sun broke through the clouds. And I realized Reynolds was right: there was something about the race itself, something about bumping forward with a bunch of strangers. I passed some people. Some people passed me. We were New Yorkers, so, occasionally, we practically collided.

I loved the signs: “Worst. Parade. Ever,” or, “You’re Running Better Than the Government is Right Now!” I loved the musicians: traditional bands, but also one guy in the middle of Ocean Avenue playing cello, all by himself. I high fived anyone who reached out: guys with those big foam hands, elementary school kids, even a baby. As I ran, I laughed!

Reynolds had warned me that how I felt about the run afterwards would come down to the last few miles: my body would either give out, or get a surge of strength that pushed me across the finish line. During one of her own races, she said she stayed motivated by focusing on another runner, someone with a dancer’s body who seemed to be running on springs. I looked around for my own competitor.

I kept seeing one particular head bob up and down in the crowd: a woman with twin fishtail braids in her short blond hair, and a blue shirt. She looked strong, slightly faster than me. She was always a few meters ahead. For the last couple of miles I lost sight of her completely, and figured she’d surged forward. 

Suddenly, at mile 12, we were shoulder to shoulder. She’d been behind me, not ahead.

I could see the boardwalk approaching, see the road ahead disappearing into the hazy ocean beyond. We moved forward together, neck and neck. Then: she pulled ahead, zoomed up to the boardwalk, across the finish, melting into the crowd beyond. And I was a few feet behind, realizing as someone slipped a medal into my hand: it was over.

I looked for the woman in the fishtail braids to thank her but never found her. I hope she’ll be back next year: I want to be. “You looked amazing!” my friend Beth texted me when we were done. Then she sent me the details for her hometown race. It’s just seven weeks away.

[This is part of a series on the science of exercise and what it takes to run a half marathon from WNYC’s Mary Harris, host of Only Human and health reporter. To see the earlier posts, click here.]

anonymous asked:

Do you think some one is less indian if they are mixed with another race?

Well, for starters Indian is a nationality not a race. But I understand where you’re coming from so I’ll proceed from there out.

This is one of those questions that opens up a huge can of worms. There are so many factors here to understand before you can even proceed a foot down the line. You gotta understand certain cultural nuances, how colonialism works, how religion and race intersect. Feel me? So I’m going to give a relatively easy elementary school answer. I’m going to miss certain important things. I know this. All I’m asking is that you understand that I’m saying this to anger anybody.

So to finally answer your question. Nah? Not really? I know plenty of folks who are mixed with a certain culture and ethnicity outside the boundaries of what is usually considered “Indian” and they know more about their culture than I do. Someone who is born to fully South Indian parents and as someone who spent a good amount of time in Kerala. Feel me? I think what ends up happening is that folks from a mixed background don’t necessarily have the strongest of connections to the Motherland and her people. Feel me? Hence why people tend to assume that they are “less Indian”. But yo my oldhead’s kids are Black and Malayalee and they have a pretty good grip of Naadan Mallu culture. They may not speak it as fluently as others but they understand cultural standards and norms, feel me? 

Seriously I always try to folks who are mixed and have ancestry from India. Don’t let anybody tell you how to be “Indian”. Because forreal? As a culture and region we don’t even know what the fuck being “Indian” is. Understand the culture you hail from, understand the ethnicity you are descended from. And you’ll be straight. 

Forgive me for using myself as an example even though I’m not mixed. Jus roll with me here. As someone who was born and raised in America. I don’t understand a good chunk of what is considered “Normal Indian culture”. However I understand where MY people as Mallu Hindu Ezhavas come from. I would even consider myself pretty well versed in that topic. In the same way I do that I think a lot of mixed folks can adopt a similar stance, feel me? Because that seemed to have worked for a good chunk of the mixed Malayalee folks I know.

rupaul’s drag race starter meme edition-

some nsfw words/language

“I like long walks on the beach, big dicks, and fried chicken." 

"Don’t get bitter, just get better" 

 "I’m still surviving and my shit’s together" 

 "I have a master’s degree in fierce”

“I’m feelin like a bitch who just buried her third husband" 

"Hate me because I’m a dude and your boyfriend still wants me.”

“This is just too fucking much!”

“I don’t get cute, I get Drop Dead GORGEOUS." 

"I am not bothered dot com." 


"You are shadier than a Palm Tree”

“Alright public school, calm down.”

“Drag Queens always say paint for the back row. I paint for the check cashing place down the street.”

“Now sashay away.”

“If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

“Basic Bitches not wanted.”

“I’m not letting this skinny botox bitch send me home.”

“She is large and in charge. Chunky yet funky. The bold and the beautiful.”

“It’s okay for people to make mistakes. It’s okay to fall down. Get up.”

“I’m trying to call attention to one of my favorite causes- which is me.”

“Good God, gurl, get a grip.”

“Do what the fuck you want to.”

“I feel sexy in anything- even a body bag.”

“I just want fried chicken.”

“Your insides are dark nasty.”

“I am not done talking. You will speak when I’m done.”

“You don’t want to mess with anybody’s food. That’s a big no-no. That’s like opening a can of whoop-ass.”

“Always look neat, petite, and ready to eat.”

“She’s everything I want to be when I’m 57.”

“I don’t need to do that shit for attention- have you seen my mug?”

“I’m not saying you came for me, but I am feeling a little shafted by you today.”

“You might as well call me a dumbass bitch.”

“You have a very cold air about you.”

so today i was doing the baroness racetrack race, and after finishing it i did some other shit before going to the baroness to collect my exp. but before i got around doing that, suddenly, BAM, a network error. i’m like eh nbd and log back on, but when i go back to the racetrack i notice to my horror that the race starter didn’t reset properly. no blue exclamation point anywhere.


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Dear Running Man, 

I remember the first episode when it was aired in July, 2010 and remember when all of you met the first time. At the time it was 7 - Yoo Jaesuk, Ji Sukjin, Lee Kwangsoo, Kim Jongkook, Gary, Haha, and Song Joongki. I remember how awkward everyone was with each other and even I too doubted myself if this program would last. 

In subsequent episodes, Jihyo would join as a permanent member, Lizzy was present temporarily, and eventually due to schedules Lizzy and Joongki had to leave.

And for the next 5-6 years, we were left with our Running Man family - 7012 (our favorite number). After shows like Family Outing and Invincible Youth were over, I never thought I would find another variety program I loved as much as I did with Running Man. 

You made me laugh out loud. You made me cry. You made me cringe at the cheesiness. You made me double over in laughter and tears. All 7 of you have grown so much in the past 6 years and gave so much laughter and joy to all of your viewers. You helped spread the Hallyu Wave. Wherever you went, people knew you and people screamed in joy. You showed us the meaning of family.

Every single nickname that was made are still etched in my heart - from Yoomes Bond to Haroro to our Race Starter to our Giraffe to our Tiger to our Random Mr. Capable to our Ace to countless and countless of other nicknames made - you have all done amazing.

While Running Man seems to have been on a slope in terms of missions and directings these days, I and many others hung on because of you, our members. You are the reason we still love Running Man today. 

I was shocked at the news that came in the days before. And while I hate to see Running Man, I am glad that it is ending on a good note. I would rather have my favorite show end as a family, as 7012, then apart and broken. 

So thank you Running Man. While I already anticipate tears coming in Feb 2017 when the curtain finally closes, I hope you remember that all of you left such an amazing legacy. I hope Gary can also come out to this finale. 

Thank you so much Running Man for EVERYTHING 

2010 - 2016 
7012 <3

what she says: I’m fine.

what she means: I’m not ready for a 2017 without Running Man. It’s been my main source of entertainment, my stress-relief, my happy pill for the past 7 years. It has been a part of my weekly routine for a long long time, what would I do now when it ends.. I knew it would end someday but I didn’t think it would end this soon and in such a messy way. I took it for granted. I can’t find another show where the cast actually cares for one another, like a real family….. who have been through so much, from the ups and to the downs, they stayed together for as long as the could for the show, for the loyalty, for their bond.. and I’ve been with them through all that. I can’t believe someone had to ruin it all because of their greediness. I’m gonna be replaying each and every episodes, all from the past, replaying all their antics and inside jokes because I can no longer see new ones. Because some shit ass bitch had to be greedy for ratings. I can’t imagine never seeing Yoomes Bond, Race Starter, Haroro, Peaceful Gary, Commander Sparta, Ace Mongji, Kwangvatar, Monday Couple, Candy Alliance, Betrayer’s Club, Easy Brothers PIL! CHOK! CROSS! My Hyung My Dongsaeng, Kim Jongkook and the Two Kids, Jaesuk vs Jongkook Rivalry every again in my entire life. Thank you for working hard to give us entertainment. SBS, thank you for giving us this show but fuck you from the very core of my heart. STRESSSS!