race revival

broadway song summarys Newsies

overture- hold onto your newsie caps, this is gonna be one wild ride.

santa fe (prologue)- might as well get the tissues now.

carrying the banner- *THE JUMP*

the bottom line- here comes the big, bad wolf.

that’s rich- saasssssss.

i never planned on you- katherine just being salty and sarcastic.

the world will know- unioned we stand.

watch what happens- write it good…

seize the day- papes, papes everywhere. danced on, thrown at the audience, thrown at each other, everywhere.

santa fe- somebody help this kid, he’s literally obsessed with santa fe.

king of new york- race says some things nobody can understand, then starts a party despite the fact that jack and crutchie are nowhere to be found.

letter from the refuge- oh, your heart? let me crush it for you.

watch what happens (reprise)- poOR GUUYYS HEAAD IS SPINning.

the bottom line (reprise)- “it’s a compromise we can all live with.”

brooklyn’s here- never fear, brooklyn is here… and we forgot our sleeves.

something to believe in- cue the super sappy, we love each other kiss scene.

once and for all- *THE MOMENT*

finale- no no no it can’t be over already. again again again.

2007: Megatron - So what if we revived our race here on earth?

2009: The Fallen - So, I’ve got this Star Harvester and a ship full of starving robo-babies..

2011: Sentinel Prime - Pretty much the only way to save our planet is to teleport it over here…

2014: Lockdown - Hey, I found this Seed that could turn Earth into a new Cybert..

2017: Optimus - For my world to live… Yours must die.

god when eveyones on the meteor getting ready for the three year trip and kanayas looking at the green sun like hey this is nice i think i want to stay here instead of going three years in the dark and fucking rose just goes hey ill be ur sun ;) in sapio form and kanaya is immediately like ok fine

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who are villans of homestuck and what are their motives/goals?

Black Queen/King/ Agents of Derse: To Destroy Skaia and prevent the creation of Bilious Slick

Bec Noir: Angry Boy, wanna fuck shit up

Doc Scratch: Bring Lord English into Universe A2

Condesce: wants to revive her race so she can rule it

The Felt: Does what Doc Scratch tells ‘em

Jack English: Go coco banans

Gamzee: Wants to help his mirthful messiahs

Lord English: to destroy everything

Heiress Jane: OBEY

Grimbark Jade: to assist the Condesce

Aranea: To change the Alpha Timeline

ICP/Guy Fieri: To rule the world

Lil Cal: Hee Hee Hoo Hoo Haa Haa

Eridan: to survive

Vriska???(debatable): wants to be the hero

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IMAGINE: There's an on going joke in the amazing race fandom about Michael reviving dead memes. Even the super dead ones that we thought would never be reveived again. Ever. But somehow Michael's reactions to situations involve weird phrases and memes, he was nicknamed 'Meme Savior'

(”What does the clue say?” Michael looks over Jeremy’s shoulder as he reads it out.

“Blah, blah, blah, cryptic bullshit. Basically we have to find a very specific lemonade stand somewhere in this city,” Jeremy says, looking up at Michael who has a slow smile spreading on his face. “No. No–Michael,–”

“A lemonade stand?” Michael is grinning now.

“Michael, if you say it I am leaving you, I will best friend divorce you, I will–”

“Do you think–”


“Do you think they’ve got any grapes?”

The camera pans to Jeremy stomping off with Michael cackling in the background. Michael calls out, wheezing and losing his shit, “Then he waddled away!”)


Tom Dark - 1945 Bugatti Type-73C at the 2016 Goodwood Revival (Photo 2) by Dave Adams


Remember when that dogblr post was going around about celebrities our dogs resemble? Well, this one is dedicated to @quichehound.

I’m renaming him Emilio “Jimmy Stewart” Estevez.

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Oh.. Speaking of princess. Different anon here. Elgang +Add +Ain reacting to an s/o that's of royalty? How would they react? What would they do and/or feel about being in a relationship?

Elsword won’t care whether his s/o is from royalty or not. He loves his s/o for the way they are, and being from a royal family makes no difference. He will be amazed at the rich things if his s/o decides to show off, however.

Aisha will only be impressed if her s/o has a library, with books collected from all around the world. Though, the fancy dresses look pretty too… 

Rena will end up somehow persuading her s/o to use their money on buying dresses and and accessories for Rena to wear. She appreciates them in spite of the fact that many of the clothes felt tight, particularly in the chest area. Another reason why she wants smaller boobs.

Raven will end up being reminded of the days of Owen and Seris, and he and his s/o will converse on the good ol’ days, with growing up and all that. He doesn’t particularly mind, and only hopes that his s/o’s family is fine with having them marry a framed mercenary, being framed as a criminal and all that. 

Eve finds this a good match. She is also belonging in a class of royalty after all. They’ll be a perfect candidate to marry and install a stable relationship with Nasods and humans, once Eve manages to revive her race.

Chung thinks this is fine. There shouldn’t be any complications if his s/o were to marry him and become part of the Seiker family. He kinda wants to have children though, and he hopes they’ll be okay with the thought of raising a child by his side.

Ara is taken abash, and attempts to treat them more formally, afraid they’ll find themselves offended if she doesn’t greet them like true royalty. Once she’s reassured otherwise, Ara will hug them and ask them all kinds of question on their royalty, curious on their family history.

Elesis, like Elsword, doesn’t really give a shit. She kinda expected her s/o would originate from some rich ass family though, which she predicted correctly. Silently, she slips off to brag to Elsword that she won, and he lost the bet.

Add is even more enticed. If this relationship with his s/o continues, he’ll have funding for his experiments. Add will dream of being rich and being in a nice, clean palace to research in. He of course, will try and act nice to make sure they don’t break off a possible marriage in the late future.

Lu and Ciel will have a tea party, not minding their royalty. After all, Lu belongs of royalty too. Hey, her s/o matches!

Ciel gives his s/o cookies in form of a cute looking crown, to celebrate him knowing their royalty-ness.

Rose will kneel down, take her s/o’s hand and call them their secondary princess to protect, regardless on their gender. She teasingly calls them “your highness”.

Ain doesn’t care. What can he gain from royalty? He’s going to disappear, completely forgotten by his s/o after he completes the mission after all.


Bringing a monster to life

Starting the engine (one is dependent on external help) of a 1939 Auto Union Type D Grand Prix racer, the pinnacle of Auto Union performance as one of the legendary Silver Arrows before the war. On September 3 in 1939 –  two days after Germany had already invaded Poland – Tazio Nuvolari won with the Belgrade Grand Prix the last race of the era in a Type D like this. The power (485-hp, 3.0-liter V-12) and speed (330 km/h) of the Silver Arrows would not be topped in Grand Prix racing until the turbo era dawned decades later. Even Audi Sport legend Tom Kristensen (see above) seems to be impressed.

I’m seeing posts like “no one saw it coming that gavin would beat andrew” and it’s like… really??? did you not read any predictions? did you not like… visit a website or glance at an article?? literally EVERYONE saw that coming. Same goes with the best revival race. If you were shocked by these outcomes you should get out of your tumblr bubble more. 

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Who would want a child (or at the least don't mind) from the protagonist?

This one kind of goes hand in hand with the contraception ask I just answered. Also I have yet to read anything where any of the boys (with the exception of Shin and Carla) discuss their desire or lack thereof to have children so this is just my speculation based on what I know and I how I interpret the characters.

Shu: He doesn’t really want kids but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if he ended up having a child. He doesn’t really picture himself having kids though. I’d say he’s pretty indifferent about it.

Reiji: I believe he would want to have a child at some point. He would want a protege to carry on his name. I don’t think he’d want a whole boatload of children but definitely at least one.

Laito: This will kind of rehash what I mentioned in my previous post involving contraception. I think Laito does want to be a father and would want children, again I can’t say if he’d want just one or a brood but I can imagine him wanting one or two.

Kanato: Given Kanato’s personality I do not think he’d want to have children. Kanato requires a lot of attention and frequently snaps when his s/o’s attention is not focused on him as he should be the only thing that matters (I think this happens in one of his routes where he wakes Yui/the heroine up and forces her to stay awake with him because he can’t sleep.) Babies require attention and his s/o will not be able to give Kanato the attention he seems to need since she will always be tending to the baby. I also think Kanato just doesn’t like kids in general (he inherits this from his mother). Granted Kanato could turn the tables and be a great father, I am definitely not saying that he’d never have children but personally I don’t think he’d want them.

Ayato: This one is tough for me and there are a lot of headcanons out there that say Ayato would want a whole brood and others that say he wouldn’t be into having any kids at all. Ayato is pretty selfish, and I believe in a sorta similar way to Kanato, he wouldn’t want his s/o’s attention diverted to a stupid baby. I don’t think he’d really want children but at the same time I can picture him having a child at some point.

Subaru: I think Subaru does want to be a father but is scared as shit at the concept of being one. I know he ends up getting Yui/the heroine pregnant in one of his Dark Fate endings (I think he’s the only one to have a child in the games with the exception of Shin/Ruki) and from what I have heard others say (I haven’t read this ending yet since I cannot find it) he is very protective of Yui and the baby. 

Ruki: So this is another tough one because I believe in one of his routes or one of the Mukami routes it is mentioned that the Mukami brothers actually cannot have children because they’re not pureblooded vampires. I don’t know if this is true since when Yui does get pregnant in one of Ruki’s Dark Fate endings nothing about him being unable to procreate comes up. Granted Ruki is not his son’s biological father and that is discovered later on in the route. Given his reaction to Yui’s pregnancy and raising Adam even after learning he is not the biological father, I’d say that he’d want kids.

Kou: I think Kou might want to have kids but shouldn’t have kids. On the other hand I can also see him not wanting kids. I think he’d be indifferent.

Yuma: I don’t know if Yuma has mentioned wanting a big family in the game or if it’s a really popular headcanon. I believe in one of his routes he mentioned being raised in a big family so it wouldn’t surprise me if he’d want to have a big family similar to one he was raised in. He also seems to be very good with Adam in Ruki’s Dark Fate route and I think he does like kids.

Azusa: Does Azusa have kids in More Blood? Or is it like some weird illusion cuz I’ve heard both versions but haven’t read the route yet so I’m not 100% on that but I do believe that he definitely wants children.

Carla: His whole goal in Dark Fate is getting the protagonist pregnant. Yes. He wants children to carry on his lineage and revive his race.

Shin: Shin has a similar goal to Carla in terms of reviving his race but he also wants to outdo his brother. In his route he informs Yui/the heroine  about Carla’s plan and how he was going to impregnate her but Shin decided he wanted to get her pregnant instead. Whether or not he’d be a good father is debatable. He is also Adam’s biological father in Ruki’s Dark Fate ending but is dead and unaware of him (because he’s dead.)