race relations in art


Mark Hendrax




5in x 8in

“This photoseries depicts Caribbean people considered “dougla,” a slang term used in Guyana to refer to individuals of mixed East Indian and African descent.”

This is a photoseries I created for a race-related art event. The theme was “Labels.”

Posting for some mixed-race and West Indian representation in reclaimthebindi

It angers me that Lemonade has been made into a big joke in matter of days. I’m not one to back a celebrity with such dedication but Beyoncé’s concept was amazing and what black girls needed to see. We needed to know that other black girls go through it too. We need to be reminded we are treated the worst but we are also amazing. Beyoncé uses the idea of her husband cheating on her as the story line and people .. Unfortunately white women have made it into one big joke. Cosmopolitan constantly keep writing articles about who could possibly be Becky and White women are now shouting ‘white shaming’ for reasons that don’t exist. We’ve been gossiping about Jay z cheating for years so I don’t see why it’s still so talked about. Why does it seem that everyone is avoiding the race aspect of the video. It’s so important. It’s so offensive that media ( white) media have ruined this in days


Friday night is arts night on pbstv!

Join us as Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones give wonderfully nuanced performances in the Alfred Uhry classic on friendship and race, “Driving Miss Daisy.”

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