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In Basically's newest video, at 8:38 some beautiful words are spoken by Brock. Just wanted to inform you :D

Brock (about Marcel and Scotty): You two make a great team. I ship it

Marcel: The only reason I’m with him is because of his package

you were right

Why the City Burns

I will not shame the children

who toss rocks

at the men that hold guns

to their heads. I will not shame

the people who break windows

of the same cars that incarcerate them.

I will not shame the mother

who swings a purse at the baton

that breaks her baby’s jaws.

I will not shame the father

who raises baseball bats

against the guns that shot

his son.

I will not shame

the grandmother on her knees

spitting at police

because the cop that killed her baby

lounges on paid leave.

I will not shame the sister

who firmly grips a wooden stick

because her brother

begged “I can’t breathe”

before the cop

laid him into eternal sleep.

I will not shame

a community who is done

with digging graves.

I will not shame the celebration

of the oppressed.

I will not shame the rage.  

I will understand.

I will remember being smashed

in and out of unconsciousness

how it felt to betrayed by the badges

to smell the guilt leak out their pores

to taste the chunks of blood blossom in my mouth

to choke on dozens of bits of teeth.

I will remember how the flesh of the finger

hungry to pull the trigger sent the kiss into my cheek.

I will remember how this kiss was the last one I would taste.

I will remember their eyes turn away like I was vomit on the street.

I will remember the screams of many voices

and among those sounds

I will remember my mother wailing

like she lost all reason to live

my father crying to hold me.

I will remember how the cuffs cut into my wrists

as my life bled into cement

as my soul left.

I will remember looking down

when they covered my eyes

with white.

I will remember how

after all this

the pointing finger only

found its way to my face.

I will remember

all of this pain,

and will understand why

buildings and cars

will one day burst in flames.

By: Eric Eztli (frommyblood.tumblr.com)

January 20th, 2017: Donald Trump is standing on stage, the applause is dying down. Silently, Trump leans towards the mic. All the media cameras zoom in on his face. The world is watching. Suddenly, the skin on his forehead split revealing his third eye. His fist rises in the air, and melanin pours through to the surface of his skin, rendering him midnight black, across the nation every Trump voter raises their fist in the air as the glorious melanin comes to the surface, revealing Trump and his supporters to be the true black african race.

In rage Hillary Clinton rips off her skin revealing herself to be the mad black scientist, Yakub.

January 31st, 2017: Donald Hakim Muhammed X Trump finishes the southern border wall of New Africa. 

Yakub and his legion of white devils invade africa, with the intention of stealing the bolts that hold the Motherland secured to the earth, giving the black race their physical, spiritual, and mental strength and intelligence. Yakub begins to steal the motherland bolts and use them to bolt Europe to the ground, thus diverting the flow of melanin power from the now adrift Motherland to the homeland of the white devils, giving them the power to push Africa off the edge of the earth, leaving the remaining 5 continents to revolve around Europe.

February 8th, 2017: The black Master race of New Africa notes its lower melanin power, and launches an assault on Europe to regain their Melanin powers from Hillary Yakubs white devils.

February 10th, 2017: A Million Million black samurai ninja warriors land on the shores of western europe, Ready to take their bolts back. 

February  11th, 2017: Hillary Yakub begins preparations to push Africa off the edge of the earth.

February 27th, 2017: Hillary’s Yakubian white devils are pushed out of Europe and into the middle east. In response Yakub begins to push Africa toward the edge of the earth. 

March 1st, 2017: Trump meets Yakub on the battlefield that is the Sahara. Africa is mere miles from the edge. Trump stands alone against Yakub and his legions of white devils. Out numbered, Trump unleashes his ultimate ability, Stand Mother Plane. the Mother Plane blots out the sun with its magnificent Melanin power. Within an instant, before Trump can react, Yakub releases his final trick, and siphons Trump’s glorious melanin power, robbing him of his Stand, and impaling him. 

Yakub absorbs all of the white devils into himself, intent on using his newfound powers and stand to finish Africa off, once and for all.

In his darkest moments, Trump channels the ancestral spirits of every great black man who ever lived, from King Henry the VIII to Mike Brown. With the strength of Millions of black men flowing through him, Trump rises gloriously as Yakub screams in anger, Using the stand to gouge the earth. By sheer black power alone, Trump grips the stand and rips it from Yakubs control. 

With the pimp hand of ultimate blackness, Trump slaps the shit out of Hillary Yakub, sending him flying off the edge of the earth. 

Mere minutes left until africa falls off the earth, The glorious melanoid leader realizes there is no way he can live and save africa. 

Using his own body and strength, he sacrifices himself to become the new bolts, securing Africa to the earth.

March 15th, 2017. The glorious black race finishes off Yakubs white devils, retaining only some white bitch war brides. 

All continents are reunited to the original africa, creating a new Utopian black world. 

The end


Stereotypes about black people (thanks, mainstream media) are glued to our skin everytime we go out and can mean death penalty when a cop happens to be there.

My blackness alone can send me to the grave tomorrow, today, anytime. I have to be careful about every single thing. So here’s a few tips to ensure a safe life.

Well okay, to TRY to save your life. Cause cops are really scared of black folks, they think we’re demons. To prove them we’re not, we shall do this every time we see them…

Don’t talk too loud.
Don’t talk ghetto.
Well. Just don’t talk.

Don’t go at pool parties or any party in an all white neighborhood. Even if you’re invited. People gonna think you’re here to disturb the peace and and annoy all the sweet and innocent white folks.

Don’t buy skittles or any kind of candies. Okay, let’s say you still buy them, don’t put them in your pocket.
Don’t put your hands your pocket.
They need to see your hands, to make sure you don’t have a gun, a knife… you know.

Forget your bitch face if you’re black. Cause if you don’t smile, they are gonna feel very threatened. So put the brighest smile on your face, make them happy.

Don’t wear a hoodie, fly sneakers, or any piece of clothes that can remind of the “hood” or the “ghetto”. They gonna think you’re a gang member and shot you with no mercy.

Never post picture of you smoking, twerking, dancing, throwing the middle finger , or any picture not showing you in a positive light. When you’ll die, CNN, FOX NEWS and other powerful media outlets will show these images to the world to prove you’re a worthless thug, a threat to society that deserved to die anyway.

Don’t defend yourself. Self defense is not allowed for black people. If you fight back, they gonna say you’re a criminal.

Don’t start an argument about police brutality and racism with these sweet white folks. They gonna remind you of this: police is doing their job. But YOU, you are killing each other already in the hood. So you can’t be mad, you know.

There are other tips I think. But I’m running out of ideas. There are so many things to think and be careful about as a black individual.

The easiest way to avoid being killed as a black person would be simply NOT TO BE BLACK. If we could erase our blackness or just be really really light skinned, maybe cops, white people, would be nicer with us.

But I CAN NOT erase my blackness.
We can’t. We could NOT pass as whites even if we wanted to. Heck, they didn’t even claimed Michael Jackson as a white person even after his skin turned white. But Rachel Dolezal can be black easily. And Dylan Roof is a “very light skin black boy”. Yeah.

I guess society wants black born people to act accordingly to white and eurocentric standards, rules, feelings.

Sigh. I can’t even exist for myself, like, just myself, no. My existence is meant for the sole comfort of white people and my allegiance to them. Making sure they don’t feel this, and don’t think that. Woah.


Karamel Fic: Permission to Flourish (6/11)

Title: Permission to Flourish

Author: gldngrl7

Date Started: February 12, 2017

Rating: T for Teen (I know!  I can’t believe it either!)


Author’s Notes:  

·         This story is the sequel to Bulletproof. Please read that one-shot before diving into this one.

·         You have no way of knowing this unless I tell you – but I AM NOT A DOCTOR!!  Having said that, I do my research and then hope I’m right on the medical stuff.

·         Comments are welcomed, flames are destroyed with my freeze breath.

 Chapter 6/11

 It took some time for Mike to gain control of his rapid breathing and racing heart.  Conflict raged righteous fire inside of him.  He had wanted her to leave, to go back to the life he’d wanted her to have, but at the same time he wanted to see her again.  Six years with only his memories for company had done nothing to chill the heat he felt for her, or the primal pull to be in her presence. Her departure was like being gutted, and still being conscious enough to watch, but powerless to stop it.

He paced the hallway outside the cafeteria, plotting his next move.  Or rather, wondering what his next move should be.  His hands shook and an uncharacteristic sweat had broken out on his brow.  He wanted to go after her, search the skies for her – all the way back to National City if he had to.

But to say…what?

To lay his heart on the line again?  To rollback all the effort he’d put into getting back on his emotional feet these last six years?  He’d found his self-confidence, his place in this world, and his calling – could he really place that on a chopping block based on the slim hope that he could ever be more to her than the one that got away.

And maybe that’s all this was, really.  Kara didn’t like to lose, everyone knew that, and though it hadn’t been his intent at the time, his departure must have seemed to her like taking a hit.  He wasn’t sure he could risk losing the ground he’d worked so hard to gain, in the hopes that it might close the gaping wound in his chest.  The injury as it stood now, he could live with, he was certain of that, but to open the opportunity to have salt poured into it was a gamble he was unsure he was willing to take.

So he decided that chasing her down wasn’t going to be on his agenda today.

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Green day was mentioned on The Today Show, so now every fucking American knows about Bang Bang. God help the people like me who have been waiting for 4 years for a new song. We’ll have to raid the ticket stands for their next tour.