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thetrashmenagerie101  asked:

I'm a white passing Asian American & like many other white passing pocs/mixed people I'm surrounded by a culture that tells me to forget my "other half" which is frustrating. Especially when you're surrounded by ignorance (which could easily be fixed by education on cultural awareness). I know I'm okay with who I am, & I embrace my family traditions. Sadly, not everyone feels accepted. Can I get a star for all my other white passing pocs/mixed friends who are valid and deserve to be recognized?

Of course!!!

To any white-passing poc/mixed person reading this, you are completely valid. Who you are is valid, and your heritage and culture are valid. Don’t let America’s white-washing tendencies make you feel like you can’t be proud of yourself or embrace who you are.

You are valid and deserve to be recognized, all day every day <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney


Stop attacking other people for looking different than the character they’re dressed up as! We need to be nice and accept one another! ‘Cause in the end, we’re all just a bunch of nerds, looking to have fun, right?

biracial kid problems

- not looking like either of ur parents

- ”oh, you look (other race)”

- ”is that your mom or is some woman kidnapping you?”

- not being able to fit in to either side of the family

- “but mixed babies are so cute!!”

- “where are you from?”

- people trying to guess ur race

- people speaking languages to u that you don’t know because they assume ur race

- oh dear god what box do I check

Biracial kid perks

- you’re beautiful!

- having two cultures to learn about/love

- having friends of all races

- cultural fluidity 

- being totally unique! go you!

learn to love your mixed self!

Shout out to mixed race/mixed heritage kids who don’t have any emotional connection to one side of their heritage and don’t have any desire to have one

Shout out to mixed kids who were never exposed much to that side and get judged by others for not knowing a lot about it

Shout out to kids with an abusive parent and/or bad family experiences that turned them off to the idea of getting to know that part of their heritage

Shout out to kids who, for the last reason, struggle between wanting to reclaim their culture and wanting to have nothing to do with it

Shout out to kids who get shamed by that side of the family for not wanting to participate in the culture because of the negative associations you have due to your bad experiences

Shout out to kids who are mixed with white/European heritage and get shamed by their non-white family for “acting too white”

Shout out to white-passing mixed kids who have to hear how they’re not REALLY black/Asian/Latinx/etc because they don’t “look it”–it IS important for us to acknowledge we have white-passing privilege, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to invalidate the other aspects of our heritage regardless of how much they do or don’t mean to us.


Barbie just got an awesome body-positive makeover

For more than 50 years, Barbie has been an icon of fashion and beauty — and body type. Now, Mattel is doing something to forever change what Barbie can actually look like. It’s introducing three new body types: petite, curvy and tall, along with seven skin tones and 22 eye colors. One tweet from a fan shows the subtle detail that makes this so amazing.

Wow people really seem to hate it when characters are changed from the source material

Oh wait, that’s only if the character is changed to anything other than a white straight person… cause we desperately need more straight white people represented in media. 

You would think that people so clearly invested in comic characters would have retained some of the messages comics have been telling for years, like equality, respect, fairness, compassion, unity, friendship and standing up for others just to name a few. but instead i’m sure they’ll just continue spouting this utter garbage. 


“Don’t give up, I won’t give up, I got stamina”

@people of the LGBT community in America, please stay strong. I know you’re scared of what’s to come in the future, I know you feel lost and hopeless and as someone who comes from Asia there’s nothing I could do about this situation but I give you all my prayers. Please, please, PLEASE be safe, don’t hurt yourselves, you matter to this world as much as everyone else. 

No matter who you are know that I think you’re a beautiful human being who deserves the best in life. So please stay safe for your sake and the sake of others in your community.


we are awesome!!!! u are awesome!!!

you got dark skin?? u awesome!!! beautiful!!! magical!!! that dark skin is perfect!

u got brown skin??? mindblowing!!! so pretty!!! that brown skin is perfect!

u got light skin??  u amazing!!! radiant!! spectacular!!! that light skin is perfect

u white passing?? u a breathtaking ninja of race!! hella cute!!!!! marvelous!!!! that white passing skin is perfect!!!

u got 4c hair or anything similar?? wow thats awesome!!! do u know how pretty it is??? so pretty its indescribable!!! u rock it!!!

got wavy hair??? omg thats so pretty!!! it looks magical!!10/10!!!!

got straight hair?? super cool!!! its freakin beautiful!!! love it!!!

big nose or lips??? radiant!!!!! small nose or lips??? radiant!!!! epicanthic folds?? more like EPIC-canthic folds cause u rock!!!

u a lesbian??? u got get them girls!!! u bi???? best of both worlds!!! u pan or ply??? the more the merrier!!!! poly??? wowzer u get more girls!!! awesome!!!

mixed race??? what a rich history!!! so much culture!!!

monoracial??? u have a long kept history!!! b proud!!!

u poc???????? ur awesome!!!!!!!!! b proud of urself!!!!! appreciate ur features!!!!!! whether you look like a poc “”””should”””” or not, u are a person of color and you look good!!!!