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It’s hugely important to have leading black, female, LGBT and disabled figures in science and culture. But the idea that, for example, strong female characters in TV and movies have no capacity to be role models for those outside of their gender, is pernicious - it reinforces and demarcates the rigid separation of identities.

It’s a matter of simple egalitarianism: portraying and reporting the true transformative strength of people from all genders, sexualities, ethnicities and abilities inspires everyone.


Model Philomena Kwao on being black in a makeup chair: “They’re almost afraid to touch me”

  • Plus-size model Philomena Kwao, who recently appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, is on a mission.
  • She wants to make sure no one forgets just how hard it is to be a black woman and in need of some quality makeup.
  • In a recent video for i-D, Kwao speaks with the model Iman about the struggles of being a black model in a makeup chair.
  • And of working with makeup artists who are clearly clueless about how to deal with darker skin. Read more

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