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Namco is bringing Mario Kart Arcade GP VR to acrades in Japan!


Inkling Girl & Inkling Boy are splatting their way into Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! These squid kids are ready to race and are INKcredibly excited to join the Mario Kart racing roster.


Mario Kart 64 with Neural Evolution of Augmenting Topologies (NEAT)

Project from NIck Nelson applies Neural Network learning to playing Mario Kart 64 with successful results:

This is NOT a human playing the game, it is in fact the program I wrote. It is a special kind of machine learning that models biological evolution to evolve “species” to find the optimal solution to the problem. In this case the problem is Mario Kart 64! This run is the result of about two days of training. 

Code for the project can be found here


Tag yourself/your squad, I’m Ancient Edgelord


A selection of Western-made games released in Japan - Crash Bandicoot edition (part 1: home consoles)

Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation, 1996)

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back [Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex no Gyakushuu!] (PlayStation, 1997)

Crash Bandicoot: Warped [Crash Bandicoot 3: Buttobi! Sekai Isshuu] (PlayStation, 1998)

Crash Team Racing [Crash Bandicoot Racing] (PlayStation, 1999)

Crash Bash [Crash Bandicoot Carnival] (PlayStation, 2000)

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex [Crash Bandicoot 4: Sakuretsu! Majin Power] (PlayStation 2/Xbox/GameCube, 2001/2002/2003)
ORIGINAL PUBLISHER(S): Universal Interactive / JAPANESE PUBLISHER(S): Konami / DEVELOPER(S): Traveller’s Tales (PS2/Xbox), Eurocom (GC)

Crash Nitro Kart [Crash Bandicoot Bakusou! Nitro Kart] (PlayStation 2/GameCube, 2004)
ORIGINAL PUBLISHER(S): Universal Interactive / JAPANESE PUBLISHER(S): Konami / DEVELOPER(S): Vicarious Visions

Crash Twinsanity [Crash Bandicoot 5: Crash to Cortex no Yabou?!] (PlayStation 2, 2004)
ORIGINAL PUBLISHER(S): Vivendi Universal (US), Sierra (EU) / JAPANESE PUBLISHER(S): Vivendi Universal / DEVELOPER(S): Traveller’s Tales Oxford

Crash Tag Team Racing [Crash Bandicoot: Gacchanko World] (PlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable/GameCube, 2005)
ORIGINAL PUBLISHER(S): Sierra / JAPANESE PUBLISHER(S): Vivendi Universal / DEVELOPER(S): Radical Entertainment

In honor of today’s release of Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, here’s the Crash games that the country got on home consoles. They basically got all of ‘em, barring Crash of the Titans and Mind Over Mutant; Tag Team Racing was both the last home console Crash and the last Western-made Crash they got (the last Crash they got overall was the Dimps-developed Crash Boom Bang! for the DS, first released there as Crash Bandicoot Festival)

A thing to note about the Wrath of Cortex covers is that the Xbox/GameCube versions feature different artwork from the PS2 original, as you can see; the only difference between both those versions’ coverarts is that the Xbox one features the old Konami logo instead, being released earlier. And yes, Japanese GameCube owners got WoC as late as December of 2003; they ended up getting Nitro Kart first, rather than the other way around as it was in the West.

Another thing to note is that Japan will end up getting N.Sane Trilogy, albeit in early August, and published by Sony themselves rather than by Activision. If it’ll feature the same changes and additions the original PS1 versions got back in Japan, we don’t know (remastered Crash Bandicoot music vid plz Sony), although the cover will have a slightly redesigned Crash on it, so that’s neat.

(taken from the Japanese PlayStation site)

Part 2 will cover the handheld installments (read: the GBA games)

highlights of nogla’s stream

(I had to leave for a bit bc of dinner but this is what I got)

  • he got a noise complaint halfway through from the guy next door and he’s been quiet the whole time except when he screamed once about red shells
  • nogla’s internet went out during the beginning but then he streamed for nearly 5-6 hours. what a champ.
  • tyler was there earlier but he left and brian joined and then brock
  • delirious jumped in halfway through and yelled “YOU GUYS SUCK” and then left immediately 
  • someone asked nogla if anyone has seen delirious’ face and he replied “I’m pretty sure only cartoonz has”
  • apparently evan only plays pc and sometimes ps4…bruh
  • nogla turned the mario kart races to only shells and it was CHAOS
  • brock won a race against everyone and screamed because he was very excited
  • nogla had to go bathroom and brian went to get a beer so it was just brock on the stream and then jaclyn took over really quick and knocked brian off the course and he screamed “SCREW YOU BITCH” and apparently that’s the first time they’ve ever met and brock replied “wow I can’t wait for you to meet my daughter”
  • nogla got a lot of donations and some of them donated just to shit talk brian and compliment brock and honestly…same
  • they recorded a mario kart video earlier today and apparently anthony lost his MIND
  • someone in the chat just asked ‘where did delirious come from?’ AND NOGLA RESPONDED ‘oh he’s from Carolina’ nogla you sweetheart that’s not what they meant

nogla treats his subs well and that was a fantastic stream


I was thinking about Marvel’s promise to create several games over the next few years. ‘Spider-man’ and ‘Avengers’ games have already been announced so for fun here are some general ideas for other games. Feel free to add your own in the comments!

THE PUNISHER - Shooter game. Adult. Can switch between 1st and 3rd person. Manoeuvre through predetermined storyline. Can discover and collect new guns and weapons as you play, as well as ammo and health packs. Inspired by ‘Doom’ and ‘Call of Duty’. Can steal vehicles and kill at will like in ‘Grand Theft Auto’. When you get seen committing crimes, police come after you, choose to run or fight. Some missions are shoot ‘em up, some are stealthy.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY - Action platformer game with third person shooter elements. Cartoonish graphics. For all ages. Inspired by ‘Ratchet and Clank’. Must travel to visually different planets throughout the galaxy and explore, completing missions on the way and finding objects. Collect “units” throughout the worlds which can be spent on weapon and spaceship upgrades. Play as different characters for different missions. Fights swarms of colorful aliens on each planet such as the Brood and the Chitauri. Levels can include spaceship racing, breaking out of the Kyln, and shoot ‘em up levels in the Milano where you must shoot your way through waves of enemy spaceships. Lots of mini games and puzzles to open doors.

DAREDEVIL - Action-adventure partially inspired by the ‘Arkham’ game series. Set in open-world Hell’s Kitchen where you can explore freely. Talking to different people around Hell’s Kitchen unlocks different quests and you can chose what order to do them in and when (like Skyrim). Melee combat, can grapple up buildings, and can run and jump and balance around the city. Can use Daredevil’s superhuman senses power to identify new passages and get clues. Lots of puzzles and mystery solving. Iconic characters appear such as Elektra, Black Cat, Bullseye, and Kingpin. Can unlock new costumes as you play.

MARVEL RACING - Inspired by Mario Kart. Different “Kart” for each Marvel character. Unlock new tracks and new characters. Multi-player. Each character has their own trick to help them win - Captain America can throw his shield like a turtle shell, Hawkeye can shoot a homing arrow to blow up the person in 1st place, Spider-man can leave webs behind that you get stuck in, Thor can strike you with lightning etc. Other characters can include Ironman, Black Widow, Black Panther etc.

DOCTOR STRANGE - Magic Fantasy RPG. Manoeuvre Doctor Strange through a world filled with monsters and magic. Each “level” is set in a visually different dimension which you can explore as you see fit. Collect new spells and magical weapons and items as you play by doing different things. Spells level up the more you use them. Spells include attacks, healing, blocking, summoning monsters, teleporting, turning invisible, freezing time etc. Can unlock perks to upgrade spells to stronger versions (Inspired by Skyrim Mage perks). Level bosses include Dormammu, Baron Mordo, Clea, Kaecillius, Blackout, Nightmare, Shuma Gorath, Mindless Ones and more.

CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS - A new Marvel fighter game without the Capcom characters, only Marvel characters. Inspired by Tekken and Street Fighter. To rival DC’s ‘Injustice’ game series. Follows original ‘Contest of Champions’ story from the comics. Very wide range of playable characters from Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Champions, Inhumans, Young Avengers and more, each with unique moves and abilities. Great graphics.

BLACK WIDOW - Stealth game. Must complete missions for Shield of all different types including racing, stealing, infiltration, rescuing, assassination, sabotage. Make moral decisions throughout the game such as choosing whether to save others characters lives or not. Missions can be set in cities, deserts, jungles, sewers, mountains. Melee attacks and 3rd person shooter. Can electric shock people and use lots of cool gadgets. Can ride and shoot from vehicles including cars, bikes, tanks, and helicopters.

BLADE - Survival horror game. Adult. Genuinely scary with jump moments and gore. Inspired by ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Silent Hill’ game series. Predetermined storyline with exploration, puzzle solving, and combat. Lots of side quests. Fight through the game against hordes of vampires and other monsters. Mainly melee fighting with stakes and silver sword but also has 3rd person shooter handguns with limited silver bullets. Ammo and stakes are one use only so must find more as you play.