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Not to offend anyone but I don't really care for the new gay flag I prefer the old one because it meant ANYONE could love ANYONE. It didn't specify race or gender. It was meant for all.

And by ‘all’, you mean white male.

There’s a reason why the flag was designed. The default lgbt+ pride flag stands for the current lgbt+ movement, which is very much commodified to be for the face of the lgbt+ community - which are white, cis men.

- Fae

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I have a lot of sympathies towards green anarchism but I'm still not entirely sure how you can oppose "civilization" as a concept. As far as I can tell there's never been any consistent understanding of what makes a civilization in human history, and that makes centering one's politics around it hard for me to grasp.

no one opposes civilization “as a concept” we oppose civilization as a very specific set of social relations. one of the definitions i like using the most is Bellamy’s definition of a civilization from an anti-civ AMA on reddit a while back:

By civilization, I mean a way of life characterized by the growth and maintenance of cities, with a city defined as an area of permanent human shelter with a dense and large population. By being permanent, a city’s population cannot move in synchronization with local ecological cycles, meaning it has to subsist in spite of them. By being a dense population, a city’s inhabitants exceed the carrying capacity of their landbase, meaning they must import nutrients from a surrounding rural area typically characterized by agriculture. By being a large population, city people exceed Dunbar’s Number and exist among strangers, whom they treat as abstract persons, not kin.

Psychically, civilized persons routinely self-alienate their life activity, taking aspects of their lives, powers, and phenomenality and treating them as somehow alien or Absolute; they then reify this entity (e.g., deities, nation-states, race, gender, caste, the economy, commodities, social roles, the division of labor, the patriarchal family, etc.) and submit to it as somehow superior or inevitable. People commonly believe themselves as largely unable to create their own lives on their terms in free association with others because of thinking and acting in these highly reified manners while surrounded by strangers. In this way, all civilization involves a high degree of (often subconscious or semi-conscious) voluntary submission to authority.

Materially, to varying degrees, civilized persons are dispossessed of the means to create their lives on their own terms (through State-sanctioned private property, through deskilling and loss of knowledge via a forced division of labor and compulsory education, through despoliation of land, and so on). Numerous features of the world (nonhuman organisms, land, water, minerals) are ideologically recreated as state/private property and infrastructure, meaning people become dependent on these civilized institutions for subsistence (food, water, shelter, medicine, etc.).

Thus, through self-alienation and dispossession acting in concert, civilized persons are reduced to a highly dependent relationship with the abstract and infrastructural institutions of civilization. This situation, I contend, deserves the label slavery, with the recognition that this slavery has existed in highly diverse, qualitatively distinct forms across civilized history (chattel, debt, wage/salary, indentured servitude, concubinage, prisoner of war, religious/ceremonial, eunuch, royal cadre, etc.). By slavery, I am roughly using sociologist and historian of slavery Orlando Patterson’s definition of “the permanent, violent domination of natally alienated and generally dishonored persons” but broadening it beyond his use to include modern wage/salary slavery.

Meanwhile, the practice of agriculture as subsistence, which we can define later if need be, means a continual despoliation of the land, entailing a constant need to expand alongside an advancing wave of habitat destruction. With industry, this pattern accelerates. Civilization therefore incontrovertibly entails ecocide, though some cases are of course much worse than others. Moreover, socially, the need to perpetually expand (especially with a rising population) inevitably brings civilized peoples into conflict with other peoples (civilized or not) who occupy land into which they are expanding, typically resulting in war, genocide, assimilation, and enslavement.

Thus, I see civilization as born in dispossession and reification, maintaining itself through slavery, and entailing war and ecocide. As someone who values individual freedom and joy, kinship and love among humans, intimacy with the beautiful nonhuman world, and psychic peace and clarity, I am an anti-civilization anarchist. I believe a thoroughgoing and unflinching anarchist critique necessarily points to the necessity of abandoning the civilized way of life.

One thing I’ve been trying to articulate for a long time, and I still haven’t quite nailed it, is the idea that oppression is all-reaching but not all-powerful.

Oppressive ideologies manifest in, and influence, literally everything. There is not a single context in which race, age, ability status, gender, etc., are not in some way relevant. But there is such a thing as more relevant and less relevant, because oppressive ideologies are not the one, singular influence on our behaviors.

Take the post I reblogged today for example. There are lots of reasons that a person might have Y headcanon or have X as a favorite character. “Because they’re racist, obviously,” is one possible explanation, but not the only one.

Also, just because something is symptomatic of oppression, doesn’t mean that attacking the symptom is actually going to fix the problem. The idea that “everything is connected” and that little actions inevitable add up to big harms is a popular one in social justice circles. There is definitely some truth to it, but I think it’s easy to lose a sense of scale in this mindset. I also think people sometimes conflate actual microaggressions with innocuous side effects of oppression that don’t actually harm anyone.

Take BDSM and patriarchy, for example. If a straight guy has a kink for being violent toward women in bed, I don’t doubt that this probably came about (at least in part) as a result of our pervasive misogynist culture. But that doesn’t mean he’s doing anything wrong by acting out his fantasies with another consenting adult.

If literally everything that happened (whether partially or wholly) as a result of oppression was inherently wrong – regardless of whether anyone is being harmed or put at risk as a result – then literally everything would be morally wrong.

TL;DR: Oppression influences everything, but it influences some things more than others. Also, just because something is the result of oppression, doesn’t mean that it’s inherently bad.

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on the topic of shitty leftists, there are definitely a lot of "the only oppression is class oppression" types out there. they completely fail to acknowledge how one's gender, race, or ability or whatever else could impact their economic situation, dismissing it as "identity politics."


Hey Tumblr, please stop separating people from their race, color, gender, and religions. Please understand we’re all human, and what we do as humans shouldn’t be defined by what color, gender, and race we are. Stop focusing on these tiny things that only make up (at most) 15% of us. That’s called judgment. And judgement will only separate us more.

We’re humans.

The way we were born does NOT define how good or bad we are. Let our actions determine that. And when our actions do define this, don’t assume everyone of that color/race/gender/religion behaves in a similar way. That’s called ignorance.

It is apparently a Terrible Thing if you make a post even mildly critical of a ship and tag it with the name of that ship. People who support the ship will go after you. This has happened 4 times to me now in varying degrees of politeness. And it doesn’t even have to be a serious critique, once I made a lighthearted joke about a ship and someone got snippy in the comments?

Because apparently seeing someone look crosseyed at your OTP is offensive and upsetting?

Maybe this is too radical of a suggestion, but when I’m on the internet and I see something that upsets me, I just scroll down so I don’t have to look at it any more?

Maybe some of us are taking things a little too seriously?

Whatever. I don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong. I’m not insulting anyone’s gender, orientation, race, religion, or ethnic group. I’m tagging things with relevant information. I don’t see why I should change.

If net neutrality is taken away, what will happen to all of the Fandoms. How will we survive to be a community if our only way of communication is taken from us. Some people, such as myself, strive through social media being able to talk to people on the other side of the world making friends every where regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion or political beliefs and now that could be taken. Since 2003 it has been a human right to have access to the internet and now that is going to become inevitably a dictatorship the fricken internet is going to be a dictatorship I’ll just let that sink in…


 NAME: Rayfa Ejinn
TRIBE: Ejinn
AGE: 19
RACE: Xaela
 GENDER: Female
 BIRTHPLACE: Steppes, Great River
OCCUPATIONS: Teacher, Alchemist
HOBBIES: Crafting curious potions and trying them on her friends. Studying. Big book worm.
IC CLASS: Scholar.
LOCATION: Currently Kugane, as she has just arrived from Eorzea.
LANGUAGES: Common, very, very broken xaelan.


 HAIR: Black with blonde highlights.
EYES: Lilac.
HEIGHT: Tall for a xaelan woman (which is still smol).
BUILD: Normal weight, very slightly toned from occasional swimming..
COMMON ACCESSORIES: Books. Always books.


Kind, tries to help where she can, honest, caring, loving and very smart.
NEGATIVE: Obsessive, Easily taken advantage of, often crosses borders with her experiments (on people)
LIKES: Libraries, reading, alchemy, cute men, swimming.
 DISLIKES: Cold weather, her boyfriend’s teasing, arrogance, disrespectful students, not being taken serious because of her age.
TRAITS AND TENDENCIES: Chaotic, can’t think on her feet, easily embarrassed, awkward all around, prefers small groups, often sticks her nose into things that are none of her business, loves matchmaking
GOALS: Acquiring more knowledge, finding a place to live with her new family
PERSONALITY: Rayfa is as bubbly as one can get, her tendency to blurt out things often making her feel awkward - even more so when she then proceeds to try to cover up her honesty with obvious lies. She’s a big lover of books and spreading knowledge, which she will do if so asked. She has a hard time leaving things alone, so if she feels something is wrong or someone needs help she will annoy them until they will let her (or threaten her). Generally, though, she’s very empathetic and easy to get along with.
BRIEF BACKSTORY: Rayfa was a sickly child, not being able to keep up with her tribe as they traveled on she got left behind by her parents. Lucky for her a pair of scholars that had paid visit to the Azim Steppe found her and decided to adopt her. Her childhood she spent with her hyuran family on Sharlayan, where she finished her studies but a few summers ago. After her travels she decided to be a self-proclaimed teacher and searched for a student worthy of her knowledge, which she found in the half-hyuran ishgardian Ombreaux Lunaire. After some trials and tribulations the odd duo found a home in the patchwork tribe of her best friend’s xaelan wife.


Stop attacking other people for looking different than the character they’re dressed up as! We need to be nice and accept one another! ‘Cause in the end, we’re all just a bunch of nerds, looking to have fun, right?

Just a reminder that I’m an Adult™ and if that makes you feel uncomfortable feel free to:

  • unfollow me
  • ask me to unfollow you
  • block me

I won’t get mad or anything. It’s important to make sure you feel comfortable and secure.

passive aggressive reminder that more than two genders and transgender people have existed for millennia

reminder that colonialism forced native societies to revert back to their gender assigned at birth or be killed

reminder that there has been Mahu in Hawai’i until it was forcefully taken and colonized by white america

reminder that there were Hijra in South Asia until britain colonized it and forced every Hijra person into concentration camps the same time the german holocaust was happening

reminder that We’Wha was lhamana who served as an Ambassador to the Zuni people in 1886 to Grover Cleveland and was arrested for witch craft

reminder that in ancient Egypt there were people who were transgender and Egyptologists say that it was just people who were “buried wrong”

reminder that there are thousands of societies and cultures lost because of white colonization and we will never hear their stories

reminder that when this isnt taught in school it erases the history of people of color and queer people 


Star Trek + Social Commentary (context in the captions)


Why We Need To Talk About White Feminism

Have you ever wondered what White Feminism is? Are you vaguely familiar with the term, but still unclear on what it actually means – and how it affects you?

WATCH the full video to give you a brief, basic introduction to White Feminism, and explain why we need to start talking about it more.