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Birkenhead Park by Tony
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floral spot in the park red on green.


Poly Nation by Tony
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Pollination is the process by which pollen is transferred to the female reproductive organs of a plant, thereby enabling fertilization to take place. Like all living organisms, seed plants have a single major purpose: to pass their genetic information on to the next generation.


David Wilson made my morning. Watch this, it will only cheer you up. 

Except, it’s not really, is it?

From the Race for Life website…

’Under the Gender Recognition Act 2004 we are happy to accept entries from individuals who possess a female birth certificate or gender recognition certificate. However, as Race for Life is a female-only event we have a promise and responsibility to our female supporters to ensure our Race for Life events are represented by women only. Therefore, if you do not have either a gender recognition certificate or a female birth certificate, we are afraid you will not be able to participate in Race for Life.’

Now, a bit of history…

The Race for Life was originally conceived to raise funds for ovarian and breast cancers - cancers which predominantly, but not exclusively effect women. However, now all funds raised go to Cancer Research UK, helping to fund the treatment of all cancers. The need for a gender-split, which was always based on very shoddy reasoning, is now gone completely.

What Race for Life are saying is ‘We don’t care what your gender is. Nope, I know we say we do, but we don’t. As long as you’ve got a vagina in your pants, you can run with us. And please wear lots of pink because GIRLS LIEK PINK.’