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Sunday Mornings

The rain was ceaseless; the pelts of rain hit the apartment window, splattering against the glass. The dark, brooding clouds lay low in the sky. Cars zoomed along the street below, dragging the fallen leaves in their tires. People walked briskly below, racing to seek coverage from the relentless weather. 

Tom’s slow, steady breath matched yours. His chest pressed against your back; his muscular arms wrapped around your waist. The fabric of his soft, gray sweatpants gently touched your bare legs. The mingled body heat from under the blanket kept both of you warm from the brisk autumn air. 

Shifting your position to face Tom, you scanned his features. His face rested against the pillow; his hair strewn in opposing directions. His eyelashes long and dark. You watched as his mouth subtly moved as he took in each breath. 

Reaching out a hand to brush stray hairs out of his face, you whispered: “Let’s just stay inside today? Do nothing?… Sound good, darling?” 

Tom’s eyes slowly opened to your voice; his brown eyes warm. 

“Sounds perfect,” he replied, his voice raspy and low. He reached up his hand, gently stroking your cheek. He mumbled, “I love you,” into your hair and kissed your forehead. Tom pulled you closer into his chest, subtly asking for more sleep. 

The rain continued to rhythmically drum against the window, drawing you back into peaceful sleep.

(A/N: Today was a very rainy day and thought this would be perfect! Prompted as well by @tomshollandss)

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Short fic (if it's not too much trouble..) of Strip's reaction to seeing Lightning's wreck?? I feel like he'd be super worried tbh.


Watching the next generation racers take over the circuit left Strip feeling conflicted. The turnover rate looked a lot like what he’d experienced when he’d started racing, so in a way, he understood what all the hype was about. But at the same time, Cal had just been forced into retirement to save his name a few weeks ago, even though he wasn’t ready to stop racing. And it hurt to see Cal hurting and down on himself.

He wasn’t at the track that day. He had no real reason to be there without Cal, and so decided to take the rest of that season off and spend time at home. Lynda was at his side, and together they were watching the live broadcast of the race.

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The all-new TUDOR United SportsCar Championship begins this weekend with the 52nd Annual Rolex 24 at Daytona. BMW Team RLL will line up with two Z4 GTLM machines to compete against the best of the sports car racing world. Coverage begins at 2PM on Sat., Jan. 25th, on FOXSports 1 and continues on FOX Sports 2 at 4pm. Tune in FOX Sports 1 starting at 7AM on Sunday, Jan. 26th, for the finish. 


Tonight’s gonna be Seb’s final race with the team he has so fondly became attached to over the years. An appreciation message “Danke Seb” can be spotted at the Red Bull garage, behind the smiling faces, surely there’s a feeling of detachment, a finality, the end of an era in the Red Bull’s vault, and yet there’s job to be done, another Grand Prix race to endure so everyone is within the height of their own professionalism when facing the cameras. 

If there was no encounter between us and that Red Bull guy we met during the F1 race coverage i would still be hating Seb, i guess but after all the stories we heard, there was no way we could continue disliking him for always winning. Discipline wise, he’s so much like his icon, Schumacher. He wants to feel the car as a part of him, thus naming them with female names, to give and gain respect in return. This year he lost that feeling with Suzy, because it took 5 people to just change his brake disc and all that stuff which made him felt that he no longer had any control over the car or his destiny for the 2014 season.

Seb was the only driver who paid a visit to the Pirelli’s tyre company, he wanted to know everything about the tyres, how they worked in each and every condition, how they will work, and all that stuff.

During Valentines he treated all the female employees to dinner, i think all of them got flowers from him as well. At first i thought that the dude was just praising Seb since they were both from the same company but my senior editor said, no… Seb was the kind of driver who wanted the most out of the driving experience, he was the drivers’ driver, he gave his everything in every races. Media hype made him look like the young assassin who cut off his competitors with his prissy tantrums, but that was never the case, he pushed because he knew he could win and he proved that he could. 

He won his first title in 2010, a streak that will continue until 2013, now he moves on, and perhaps we will move on with him. It’s emotional, coz it is indeed the end of an era, some say Seb doesn’t know what he has signed up for given the bumpy ride Ferrari has gone through this year.

But i believe he must have discussed this with Kimi and Kimi being his best mate would have not allowed him to take a step forward if it was to destruct his best friend. 

So tonight, would be the actual turn over in F1 history. Fernando’s last race with Ferrari, Seb’s last race with Red Bull and who knows who will be driving for McLaren next season. We will see…

Danke Seb! March on champion!

The Times goes on to describe the neighborhood as being “blighted suburb known for drug trafficking and gun violence,” so it’s very like that this mass shooting will not have the same national resonance that other mass shootings have had, but that is not About Race because nothing ever is About Race. But one thing it does have in common with all other mass shootings is the availability of firearms. In fact, “blighted suburbs known for drug trafficking and gun violence” are to the gun merchants whose interests the NRA primarily represents what prime beachfront views are to real estate salesmen in California. They are blood-stained sales territories, hot leads for the salesfolk. Order today. Operators are standing by.