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Make Everything Alright (Loki X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Loki X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Anger issues, one swear word.

Request: It’s late at night In the female readers home and Loki gets super angry about something, like, REALLY ANGRY and almost leaves to go do something rash but then the reader pads sleepily out of the bedroom and asks what’s wrong and his anger just melts away. Is that an okay plot line thingamabob?

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Loki had been dragged out by Thor and the other avengers to have a few drinks. You had decided not to go and stayed home, leaving the poor demigod to look after himself.

However it was bound to go wrong. The Avengers teased him the entire night, leaving him out, and generally joking about his failures, and not once did Thor think to stand up for him- he was probably the worse one. They knew he was trying to change and be a better person, so them excluding him just made him feel like shit.

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Representation and Why It Matters

Earlier I stumbled upon a post on Reddit that I knew wasn’t going to make me happy, but I was curious nonetheless. It was about Todd Chavez coming out as asexual on Netflix’s Bojack Horseman.
The OP listed a few reasons, as to why, in their opinion, that was a mistake. To sum up the major points, according to OP, the asexuality puts a barrier between fans and the character and making him asexual ruins the character for most people, because they can’t relate.

But what about the asexual people? When I see a TV show, watch a movie or read a book, even if I talk to my friends or family - I can’t relate to roughly 99% of the whole human race. The chances of running into a fellow asexual person are so slim that fictional characters that are asexual are the most comfort most of us can have. Yet, the list of asexual characters isn’t exactly long, either. Why does it hurt you to extend that list a little?
There is never going to be a fictional character that you can 100% relate to, but there is often some aspect that you can relate to a lot and that is what you should be focusing on instead.
So saying that you don’t want others to get representation because you can’t relate to is selfish, careless and harmful.

Not everybody has their sexuality figured out yet. Because asexuality is a relatively new term with little research to it, most of us first heard the term rather late in life. And if a form of media decides to include it, supporting the representation and distribution of the orientation, that may lead to people finally having a word to describe what they’re feeling. 

Or maybe someone came out to their friend, who doesn’t believe them, only to end up watching a TV show where the orientation gets represented. Representation is mostly for the people that are being represented to not feel alone or confused or broken. But it’s also there for the others to create a chance for them to be educated, understand and be tolerant in a way they couldn’t in real life. After all, don’t you get to know fictional characters more honestly and in depth than most people you meet in real life? 

Representation matters. But maybe it will help you understand that asexuality isn’t such a foreign concept. And then, if you give it a chance, asexuality won’t be the number one thing that you can’t relate to in a show about an alcoholic horse that was in a sitcom in the 90s and now doesn’t have his life together.

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Can I ask for RFA+V +Unknown finding out MC is into street racing?


  • sweet vanilla bean doesn’t know about this
  • he thinks it’s just. people having some good natured fun in the streets!!
  • haha that’s nice MC it sounds like some lighthearted fun!!
  • wait it’s ILLEGAL?
  • he’s on the line between concern and curiosity
  • on one hand, seeing MC all fired up about participating in a race or going to watch one? he adores it
  • thinking it’s actually illegal? fear
  • still, he sometimes watches races with MC- he’s a bit jittery because he has always been a pretty obedient lawful person- but seeing the passion in MC’s eyes is just his cue to stop worrying about it


  • most people would look at Jaehee and think 
  • this woman would never do anything illegal haha
  • y’know usually that would be correct
  • but just, the idea of street racing? she can’t deny it picks her interest
  • of course, with how her life was, she’d never really go out of her way to look into it-
  • but with MC?
  • she learns so much about the activity, the precautions, the modifications- MC is more than happy to teach
  • and watching races, even more if MC is participating, is always such an experience
  • on one hand, she knows deep down she should be worrying, but it’s just… she has to let loose at least one, yknow


  • he’s actually done a small bit of racing in dubiously legal ways!
  • when he was a teenager, of course
  • when MC mentions their passion for street racing, he starts remembering his teen years
  • ah… the biker gang… the races…. fun times….
  • he expresses some worry, sure, but he won’t rain on MC’s parade
  • especially not when he remembers how much adrenaline that used to bring him (even if he only raced a couple of times before leaving it)
  • talking with MC about the topic makes him imagine how MC would look if they dressed up as he did in his teen-rebel years


  • listen. jumin and the law? he follows it. he’s a good citizen
  • when he wants to
  • he knows it’s not ok and he would probably never do it, but he’s always had an interest for things that were not ok
  • dark magic, the dark alleyways, how the city’s underbelly functions…
  • so his only concern when MC mentions how they’re into street racing is the chance of an accident
  • he can’t be caught watching a street race- the tabloids would go insane- so MC has the time of their life trying on wigs and medical masks on Jumin to hide his identity
  • he’s always so supportive of MC’s hobbies, and even if he knows street racing isn’t the most legal thing ever, he’ll be damned if he doesn’t buy MC a new car for their racing, or at least some modifications they’ve mentioned


  • cars?
  • cars…
  • cars.
  • like he probably wouldn’t do racing himself because he’d be scared to damage his babies
  • but when MC says they’re into street racing, he just leans in and smiles
  • he’s begging MC to take him to watch a race
  • imagine!! all those!!! cars!!! holy crap dude!!!
  • who is he to care about the legality of street racing that’s like, vanilla in levels of illegality for this hackerman


  • he lends an ear to MC to understand the basics of street racing
  • MC doesn’t know what his opinion is as they talk, because he just nods and doesn’t show any signs of agreeing or disagreeing
  • but after MC’s done talking, he looks straight at their eyes
  • and asks for them to tell them about his personal experiences in street racing
  • after talking for a good two hours, both of them decide that maybe it’ll be easier if he attends a race
  • MC makes sure to not participate and be at a distance in case Saeran wants to leave, but when they turn to ask if he’s ok before the race starts, his eyes are glued to the cars
  • MC is surprised at how into it he is, and he asks to attend to more races 


  • as an artist, he knows there’s a certain beauty to street racing that’s hard to explain
  • the secrecy… the blurred lights, the blanketing night, the people placing bets on cars…
  • personally, he’s never been too big into street racing, but seeing MC’s interest, he goes along
  • instead of focusing on the logistics of it, he asks questions he’s truly interested in
  • has MC raced? how did they get into street racing? for how long? how was their first race?
  • MC is bombarded with all these questions on the topic- involving them too- as V keeps asking, eager to get to know more about MC

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Could you do one of the writing one-shot thingys where Prince gets upset about him not being able to find a princess or his true love, and Anxiety comes to the rescue to comfort Prince. If you could do this, it would really make my day!!!<3

Okay okay okay. I know what you are asking for, but I’m going to teak it a bit. You gave me a great idea and I’m going to run with it. So if you see where I’m going with this idea, send in more ideas for thing Anxiety can do for Prince.


“I have no purpose!” exclaimed Prince, throwing himself on the couch.
“Who told him?” Logic joked, and Anxiety had to bite back a snicker. Prince threw Logic a dirty look.
“There is no one to save. I have no princess. I have no love. I have no purpose.” Prince sighed dramatically.

“Now that’s not true. You just haven’t found her yet. That’s not a problem.” Morality urged, with a wink.
“Statically, you still have about 30-40 years before you would be too old to go on a quest.” Logic provided, setting a hand on Prince’s shoulder. Anxiety quietly walked out of the room, nothing he could say would help Prince any. And he desperately wanted to help Prince.

But what was the likelihood of Prince finding some girl to save? Or even some girl who would love him? Even someone to love him? Not that he was impossible to love, but what was the likeliness of love in general? Did love even exist or was it just a made up emotion?
Anxiety knew love like he knew heartbreak. Because who could ever love him? No one. It had to be make believe. A trick his mind played on him.

How else could he be in love with Prince? How else could he feel the need to cheer him up? How else could he feel the need to make Prince be happy again like he felt the need to breathe?

It had to be make believe.

But that didn’t stop Anxiety from finding Valerie. It didn’t stop him from setting up this elaborate hoax to prove to Prince he was worth something.
Because regardless of if it was real or not, he still felt it. Like a twisting knife in his chest. Anything was preferable than Prince being unhappy. So he plotted.

At dinner the next night, Prince was still moping.
“I heard about a girl who needs rescuing.” Anxiety casually remarked.
Prince perked up, “A maiden in need of a prince to save her?”
“Yeah, too bad you would mess it up.” Anxiety sneered.

“I would never mess it up!” Prince exclaimed, his heart racing. A chance to prove himself. Finally. “I will find her and save her!”
“Prince! At least wait until it’s morning!” Logic said, but the other was too determined to notice such insignificant details as the darkness of the night.
“Run along and save your princess so you’ll stop moaning about it.” Anxiety said.

Prince was gone in a flash. Logic turned on Anxiety.
“Why did you egg him on? He’ll get lost!”
“The gloom is supposed to be my job. Not his. If he kept it up, he would be taking my spot.” Anxiety smirked, before leaving the table.

Anxiety and Valerie had left an obvious trail for Prince to follow. There was a monster to defeat and a princess to save. They made up a fantastical story to complete the tragic tale.
All that was left was for Prince to complete the “quest”. And that would be easy enough for even him to do.

Anxiety could feel the knife in his chest twist a little more when he thought of the princess Prince was always wanting to save. A girl. Not him. Because he didn’t matter. He could never be Prince’s dream. He would never be good enough.

The next afternoon Prince got back with a glowing tale of monsters and villains and the beautiful princess waiting at the end. Alas, he was regretful to find out the princess had another betrothed, but she would forever be grateful to him and promised to give him any help he would ever need.

“There, Anxiety, told you I wouldn’t mess it up!” Prince gloated, “All the princesses will be begging for me to save them.” Anxiety felt his smile fall. All the princesses. Yes. Princesses. He would do well not to forget that.
“You might have won this time, but your luck won’t hold out.” Anxiety replied, and he quickly left the room, lest he give something away. Valerie had done her part. Now it was time for him to do his.

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I challenge you to sex-repulsed asexual racetrack higgins thanks ily

Not a personal headcanon of mine, but I always like a challenge :)

Race realised very quickly that he should have said something sooner. He hadn’t imagined that things would escalate so fast on the first date, but Spot did everything fast and with passion so it only made sense he took relationships the same way. The kissing was nice, even when they moved to Spot’s bed, and Race didn’t particularly want to stop it so he bit his tongue and hoped Spot would say stop before he had to. No such luck.

When Spot pushed him back and crawled up over him, Race had to draw the line.

“No,” he gasped, pushing back on Spot’s shoulders and wriggling away until his back touched the headboard and there was enough distance between them that he could start to breathe a little easier.

Spot blinked, confused as to why the attractive man underneath him had suddenly disapparated. It was clear from the way Race was holding himself, all tension and agitation, that Spot getting closer wasn’t going to help things so he fought back the urge to solve the problem physically like he usually would. Instead of reaching out to rest his hand on Race’s shoulder he sat back on his hands and used his words like he’d been told to all his life – this seemed like a good moment to start taking that advice.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked, concerned. He didn’t think he had. While he hadn’t been treating Race like he was made of glass, he hadn’t exactly been rough.

Race shook his head, relaxing a little. Spot was willing to talk, which hopefully meant he was also willing to listen.

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“I didn’t do this for you. I did this for her, I did this for all the people who thought they wouldn’t live to see tomorrow.”

“And for that I thank you. You’ve given the human race a fighting chance.”

“Fuck you.”

Worth It

Race was tracing circles on Spot’s shoulder and usually he’d have lasted three seconds before knocking him away and getting dressed, but this was different. This was the last time. Because Race was engaged and whilst cheating on his fiancé was apparently fine, cheating on his wife was not.

Spot wasn’t sure how this whole thing had happened. They’d been together without actually being together for so long that he’d mostly just assumed Race’s threat no longer stood. In Race’s defence, it was a second-hand threat - his mum had told him if he was still single aged 25, she was setting him up with a good Catholic girl, a friend of the family, and he was going to marry her. And Race had agreed because he thought if he had that long Spot would finally come around and admit that he was in love and he wanted to stay, but not even six years was enough time. So Race’s mum had threatened and then Race had threatened and Spot couldn’t do it. They just weren’t words he said. They’d never even officially been dating, not that Spot had been so much as looking anywhere else, and he just couldn’t say something that sounded so permanent. And now he was losing the best person in the world, but he still couldn’t say it. Every time he tried his tongue tied itself in knots, so Race was getting married in three days.

“I can’t believe you’re going to do this,” Spot mumbled, letting himself wriggle closer into Race’s arms. He pretended Emily didn’t exist, like she probably wasn’t looking at the ring Race had put on her finger and finalising wedding plans. He didn’t like the fact he was involved in this girl being cheated on, but he wasn’t going to give up his last time sleeping with the guy he couldn’t say he loved but really, really did.

Race pulled away from Spot, ceasing all physical contact. It was very obvious he’d put his foot in it but, besides a painful realisation Race might never touch him again, Spot realised he had nothing to lose.

“You shouldn’t do it,” he said confidently.

Race just glared. “Well I hardly have a reason not to, do I?” he challenged. It was yet another chance for Spot to get this whole thing called off and he still just shrugged like it was no big deal, even though he was begging Race to hear the answer he was screaming in his head instead. But Race ignored the internal protests and the pleading in Spot’s eyes and turned over, a silent indication for Spot to get dressed, collect up his things, and go.

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Scandal pt 2 (F)

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REQUESTED: part two to scandal. READ PART ONE HERE

Reader (you) x Youngjae

Word Count: 984

Warnings: none :)

note: SORRY FOR THE REALLY LONG WAIT, ANON! BUT HERE IT IS! i’m sorry if it’s really bad because i honestly can’t think of anything else and I wrote this on the bus. i really hope you like it, tho! happy reading and take care! -admin

You sat in front of the TV, watching different idol groups perform their song on Music Bank. Your group members scattered around you, either sleeping, on their phones or talking to one another. But you just sat there, without saying a word. It was like this at dorm as well. You sat in the living room, flipping through the channels on the TV, without any meaning at all. You just felt empty inside. At first you thought you were just hungry but, no, it was the feeling of Youngjae leaving your side.

You still couldn’t believe that Youngjae didn’t even believe you. You told him everything, gave him all of your love and trusted him. But he still didn’t trust you. After months of waiting for him to talk to you, you finally heard his voice through his songs. It was like he was speaking to you but it was through his music instead of face to face. And in return, you wrote songs that replied to his messages but according to your group member, Youngjae never listened to the album. You knew you had to move on but no matter how hard you tried, you always felt half empty.

“Coming up next is GOT7!” You heard the MC say through the TV. FInally snapping back to reality, you stood up from the floor and moved to a different location, somewhere far from the TV. Standing in the corner, you distracted yourself by warming up your voice until someone abruptly barged into the change room.

“Is he here?” Jackson asked, as he worriedly stood by the door frame.

“Who?” One of your members spoke up as we all stared at Jackson, stopping our actions.

“Youngjae. He hasn’t come back from the bathroom yet and I assume he didn’t even go to the bathroom.” Jackson sighed, running his fingers through his hair.

“How long has he been gone for?” You suddenly asked, getting worried about Youngjae yourself.

“For about an hour and a half.” Jackson stated. You stood there, thinking of different things Youngjae could do if he was stressed. Then suddenly remembering, you ran up to Jackson and told him where you was going. The only place where Youngjae would go if he was stressed was the rooftop. And you was the only person who knew that.

You tried my best to keep calm as you quickly walked past people crowded in the hallway. Finally finding the elevator, you pushed the button and waited patiently for the door to open. After what seemed like hours, you stepped into the elevator and pressed the very top button. You closed my eyes and took several deep breaths as you prepared yourself to face Youngjae. It’s been months since you’ve last saw him and it was hard to greet him. Soon, the elevator came to a stop and you stepped out quietly.

You saw him there, just like you predicted. He was standing close to the edge, looking off the distance. Taking in a deep breath, you started to walk towards him, your slight heels clicking on the surface of the rooftop. As you approached him, you could tell from his figure that he was crying.

“Youngjae.” You breathed put, hoping he would turn around to look at you. But he remained still, like your voice didn’t even affect him at all.

Sighing to yourself, to stepped forward and placed a hand on his shoulder, “Youngjae, please.”

“Why are you here?” You heard Youngjae softly whispered under his breath.

“Look,” You sighed, “I know you don’t want me here but your members are looking for you.”

“I can’t go perform.” Youngjae cried, burying his head to his hands.

“Don’t listen to them, Youngjae.” You tried to sooth him. In the past, Youngjae would always tell you about his problems and mainly it came from the hate he received from his singing. He was always insecure about his singing when he received hate. And you were always there to remind him that he was a great vocalist and to ignore the haters that brought him down.

“Ignore them,” You said, “They’re just jealous because you’re a much better singer than them. With the songs you make, look how successful you are. You should be proud of yourself rather than mourning here and leaving your members to worry. I’m proud of you.”

Youngjae turned his face to look at you and smiled, “Thank you, (Y/N). You don’t know how much I’ve missed those words.”

You stood there, looking at him, with the awkward tension in the air. You didn’t know what to say. You planned in your head what you were going to say to Youngjae if you were to ever meet him again. After months of mourning, here he was in front of you. But you remained silent.

“Young-” You finally broke the silence but was interrupted by Youngjae’s voice.

“I was wrong,” He started as he brushed your hair behind your ear, “I shouldn’t have believed the rumours. It just ruined our relationship. You don’t know how much I’ve missed you and your words. I wanted to talk to you when I was feeling stressed but I was scared you might push me away. I’m so sorry, (Y/N).”

You watched as Youngjae broke down in tears in front of you. To think how much this boy has gone through broke your heart. Youngjae was kind-hearted and someone who really cared for other people. And these nasty rumours were what put him down.

You grabbed Youngjae’s waist and pulled him close to you. He wrapped his arms around your body and rested his head on your shoulder. For awhile, you two remained still, embracing each other. The feeling of him by your side made your heart race. Was this a chance to start over again?

“I’m here now.” You whispered. “And I’m not going anywhere else.”



Please love me part two

Before you confessed your feelings you were always there for damon. Anytime he needed to rant or just a hug you were the first person he went to. You hadn’t left your house in a week except to go to school. You thought maybe the healthy cure of a break up would maybe cure what you were feeling, but this was no normal break up. This was your heart ripping to pieces. This was a whole new level of heartbreak. You weren’t stupid enough to shut away the pain with the humanity switch. Doing that would provide a harder way to get over Damon Salvatore. You would just be pushing away the feelings. Closing an open door that would burst at the seams no matter how many times you turned it off. No you had to let yourself feel. Your cell phone came on on the cushion next to you, and for the first time since Damon left, you answered the phone.
“Hey y/n! I’ve been trying to call you for a week!”
“Sorry Scotty. Is something wrong? Where is my cousin?”
“Have you been crying? I think I can smell your depression from here.”
“Thanks Scott really. Don’t worry about it okay?”
“I think you should come home. We need your help. He needs your help.”
Would leaving mystic falls be such a bad thing?
“Making sure my room isn’t to Dusty. See you soon wolfboy.”
Your heart was racing at the chance to get to see those who truly cared about you. The more you thought about it the better you felt. So you took a shower, drained away all your doubts about leaving, and started packing. You left out a cute pair of shorts and a t-shirt for you to wear, because before you leave you had to say goodbye. There was only one person you wanted to say bye to. You hated the grill. You had hated it ever since you came to mystic falls, but that’s the only place these human teenagers hung out in this pathetic town. Your eyes found Damon immediately. His arm was wrapped around Elena’s waist and they were laughing with each other. You felt like turning around and running, but you didn’t.
“Hey Matty. Can you get me a drink?”
“Sure what do you want?”
“Surprise me. Today is a good day. Where is ty?”
Matt pointed his eyes in the direction of the pool table and after he placed my drink on the table I made my way over towards it.
“Lockwolf I’ve got a surprise for you. Meet me at the house?”
You left the grill without even glancing in the direction​ of the older Salvatore. Yes you wanted to say goodbye to him but you couldn’t. Tyler pulled into your driveway and just walked straight into your house.
“What is this are you leaving?”
“After what happened with Damon. Scott called and he needs my help so I thought why not? Originally I was bringing you here to say a heartfelt goodbye, but I thought fuck it. Come with me.”
“A road trip with my favorite person to my favorite place? Hell yeah I’ll come with you!”
A girlish squeal let it self out and you through your arms around klaus’s hybrid.

Damon’s P.O.V

He missed her. He finally got the girl but he was missing a different one. He hadn’t seen her since he broke her heart and left her there whispering to someone who was already gone. He couldn’t help but feel like he didn’t only break her heart. That he broke her. My eyes connected to her body as soon as she walked into the crowded grill. A look of disgust on her face. I remembered how much she complained about how it was a stupid place for a hang out. She looked fine to anyone else but I knew her. The dark circles under her eyes were prominent to him but so was the fake smile. Elena had said something to him about going to find Caroline and he nodded his head and the love of his life walked away. He watched y/n leave the bar towards the Lockwood boy and he was confused. He didn’t even know they were friends. That’s when he realized he didn’t know anything about her. He never asked. He had just used her. His attention directed to a different conversation as y/n and Tyler left. He couldn’t help but remember what she could do with her hips and the way she could move.
“Did you see y/n?”
“Yeah I saw her. Man she looks awful. All the talk going on about how neither of the Salvatore brothers wanted her is gold. Hell I couldn’t blame them I wouldn’t want her either.”
Damon’s eyes narrowed at the teenage boys that were running their mouths. Did she really have to put up with this everyday since he left her crying? And how in the hell had anyone found out about us? I jumped from the bar stool and made my way to the Gilbert boy and Matt.
“I should kill you both.”
“Why what did we do?”
“Y/n. You see that group of boys over there?”
“Yeah we know them from school…”
“Funny. Cause they were just running their pathetic little mouths about y/n and me and how they didn’t blame me for leaving her, because she looks so terrible. So I should kill you for telling people.”
“Hey man you’re the one who left her not us.”
He turned to walk away but threw his fist into Matt’s face. Elena scurried over to the blonde boy and glared at me.
“What the hell Damon? You can’t just go around hitting people!”
“He deserved it. I don’t need this Elena.”
He felt the need to find the y/h/c e/c girl. So he did. He walked right into her house, but stopped in his tracks. No. She didn’t. I don’t understand. The house was empty. The bed he had slept on was empty without sheets. His eyes roamed everywhere in the bare room and something white caught his attention on the floor. He picked it up and it read his name in her danity handwriting.
Dear Damon,
You were my epic love and I’m not sure when I’ll ever stop loving you. Elena is your epic love and I’m really happy that you got to be with yours. I don’t know if you can tell but I’m a little bitter. I want to be happy for you. I do. But I can’t help but wish you were happy with me. I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you want you wanted or what you needed. Honestly I have no idea why I’m even writing this. Why would you care if my presence is missing? It’s not like you’ll ever read this stupid letter. I couldn’t take it anymore D. You didn’t hear what all those people at school said. It was bad. Several times I thought about shutting it off, but I didn’t. That would make me even weaker than I am now. I guess I’m writing this to try and help myself a little out of hope that you might see it. That some part of you feels for me. I’m gone. I left back home. Mystic falls just isn’t for me no matter how much I try and make it to be. I love you so much Damon Salvatore. Maybe while I’m gone I can find someone that loves me back this time
All my love,
Y/n y/l/n

You and Tyler arrived in your home town a couple days later.
“Can you track his scent?”
“So now you talk to me?”
“Hey! Your the one who made me cry Lockwood!”
“Y/n you have to talk about it sooner or later. Just tell me what happened?”
“I told Damon that I was in love with him, and he said he didn’t feel the same. Surprise, surprise.”
“There is more so tell me the rest.”
“Damon was fighting with Elena a lot and it was the night of the mikealson ball when I told him I’d rather have him a little than not at all. So when he was upset he’d come and sleep with me.”
“So your telling me you let Damon Salvatore someone who doesn’t even love you take your virginity and use you to make himself feel better.”
At Tyler’s words you burst in to tears the second time that day.
“I thought it would make me feel better, but then he told me he loved me and I knew.”
“You knew what y/n?”
“I knew he wasn’t thinking about my feelings at all. He wasn’t even thinking about me. The love he has for Elena is written clear on his face. He lied to me. He might have said I love you to me and that’s what I wanted to hear, but I didn’t want to hear it unless he meant it and the first time he said it I couldn’t pretend that he really did.”
“He doesn’t deserve you. You are amazing, kind, gorgeous. Damon Salvatore doesn’t deserve someone as precious as you.”
“Let’s just go find Scott.”

Scott was inside of a burnt house in the middle of the woods. Even though you were still upset you decided to have a little fun. You used your vampire speed to confuse the pack inside. Eventually you rested your speeding and stood next to Scott. Everyone was startled by you and moved back a little but the older werewolves flashed their canines and the argent Hunter held up his gun.
“Relax boys I’m here to help.”
“Y/n! You about gave them a heart attack.”
Scott wrapped me into a hug and that’s when I noticed his presence missing.
“Where is stiles?”
“That’s why I called you. Stiles as been possessed. By something called a notgitusne.”
“Alright so what do you know about this evil thing?”
“Nothing really. I mean we know what it is. We know that it is old. We know that it feeds off chaos but we don’t know how to stop it.”
You shared a look with Tyler.
“We can help.”
You pulled out your phone a dialed the number of your favorite original.
“Y/n love what do I owe the pleasure of talking to my favorite vampire in mystic falls?”
“Hello nik. I was wondering have you ever heard of a nogitsune?”
“What have you stupid kids got yourself in to? I leave and you guys are already suffering!”
“I’m not in mystic falls anymore. I had a tragic run in with your least favorite vampire in mystic falls so I left. Now I’m helping out a friend.”
“Do I need to kill that Salvatore? I will gladly rip his heart out. I’m sure Elijah and kol would be happy to help as well.”
A smile spread on your face and you laughed into the phone.
“So the nogitsune. Can you do me a favor and help a girl out?”
“I can hear the whispering of those teenagers in the background. Put me on speaker and I’ll help you out but only cause I like you sweetheart.”

Although Scott was complaining about Klaus he still had helped you defeat the evil spirt that possessed your cousin. You were happy to help but you still couldn’t stop thinking about Damon. You just wanted to be over him already. You felt drained. You knew the nogitsune fed off the chaos that echoed through your body and despite the vampire strength you still felt weak.
“Y/n are you okay?”
“Where is Tyler?”
“Back at the house. Here I’ll carry you. You don’t look so good.”
Derek lifted you into his arms. Bridal style.
“He fed off you a lot. What has you feeling all that chaos y/n?”
“I made a horrible mistake Derek. I fell in love with someone who didn’t love me back. Then I let him use me to make himself feel better.”
The werewolf smoothed back my hair from my face and placed a light kiss on my forehead.
“You’ll find someone that loves you back and you’ll forget all about the one who hurt you.”
“I don’t think I will der. It’s hurts so bad and I don’t know why anyone would want someone so broken.”
“I can think of one person who would want someone so broken.”

SU Episode Ask Meme (Updated Version!)
  • Gem Glow: What's a product you love that got discontinued?
  • Laser Light Cannon: Have you ever misplaced something you really needed?
  • Cheeseburger Backpack: What's your most prized possession?
  • Together Breakfast: What's your favorite food?
  • Frybo: Regardless of your actual age, do you feel more like a child or an adult?
  • Cat Fingers: Tell a story about a time when you tried something new...and it didn't go well.
  • Bubble Buddies: How did you meet your best friend?
  • Serious Steven: Are you more serious or silly?
  • Tiger Millionaire: If you had a secret alter ego, what would it be?
  • Steven's Lion: What was your first pet?
  • Arcade Mania: What's your favorite video game of all time?
  • Giant Woman: What's the coolest thing you've ever personally witnessed?
  • So Many Birthdays: Tell us about the best birthday party you've ever had.
  • Lars And The Cool Kids: Do you have trouble making friends?
  • Onion Trade: What's one of your fondest memories?
  • Steven The Sword Fighter: Have you ever personally witnessed something terrifying?
  • Lion 2 - The Movie: What's your favorite movie?
  • Beach Party: Have you been banned from anywhere, at any point?
  • Rose's Room: When you need to be alone, where do you go?
  • Coach Steven: Where do you think your strength lies?
  • Joking Victim: What are your thoughts on revenge?
  • Steven And The Stevens: What's your favorite band?
  • Monster Buddies: Have you ever lost a pet?
  • An Indirect Kiss: How good (or bad) is your eyesight?
  • Mirror Gem: Have you ever felt trapped?
  • Ocean Gem: Do you still live in the area you grew up in?
  • House Guest: Have you ever hurt someone you love by accident?
  • Space Race: Given the chance, would you take a trip to space?
  • Secret Team: Have you ever had to lie about something serious?
  • Island Adventure: What's your favorite vacation destination?
  • Keep Beach City Weird!: Are there any conspiracy theories you're intrigued by?
  • Fusion Cuisine: What's the most awkward situation you've ever been in?
  • Garnet's Universe: What's your favorite anime?
  • Watermelon Steven: What's your favorite plant?
  • Lion 3 - Straight To Video: Is there someone you wish you'd gotten to meet before they died?
  • Alone Together: Do you like to dance?
  • Warp Tour: Have you ever had trouble getting people to believe you about something?
  • The Test: What's a class you have (or had) a lot of difficulty with?
  • Future Vision: If you were offered the ability to see the future, would you take it?
  • On The Run: Have you ever felt guilty over something that wasn't your fault?
  • Horror Club: Do you like scary movies?
  • Winter Forecast: How do you feel about snow?
  • Maximum Capacity: Have you ever gotten so caught up in something frivolous that you neglected something important?
  • Marble Madness: Do you ask a lot of questions?
  • Rose's Scabbard: Is there anyone you've lost that you still miss?
  • Open Book: What's a ship that everyone else seems to love, but you don't care for?
  • Shirt Club: Are you an artistic type?
  • Say Uncle: Tell us about the weirdest day of your life.
  • Story For Steven: How did your parents meet?
  • The Message: Do you feel like people don't appreciate your efforts very much?
  • Political Power: What do you usually do during power outages?
  • The Return: Have you ever knowingly put yourself in danger in order to help someone else?
  • Jail Break: Do you consider yourself to be more rash or more patient?
  • Full Disclosure: Have you ever tried to avoid telling a loved one about something important?
  • Joy Ride: What do you like to do when you're hanging out with your friends?
  • Love Letters: Have you ever been rejected by a crush?
  • Reformed: Do you feel insecure about yourself?
  • Sworn To The Sword: Have you ever been willing to die for someone?
  • Rising Tides/Crashing Skies: Do you prefer for things to be boring but safe, or interesting but dangerous?
  • Keeping It Together: Tell us about a time when you managed to keep yourself together in a rough situation.
  • We Need To Talk: Have you ever worried that someone you love doesn't respect you?
  • Chille Tid: Tell us about a weird dream you've had.
  • Cry For Help: Has anyone ever betrayed your trust?
  • Keystone Motel: Do you forgive easily?
  • Onion Friend: Who can you talk to about anything?
  • Historical Friction: Have you ever performed on stage?
  • Friend Ship: Do you ever feel lesser than your friends/loved ones?
  • Nightmare Hospital: Have you ever felt you needed to hide things from your parents?
  • Sadie's Song: Do you feel at ease in the spotlight?
  • Catch And Release: How tall are you?
  • When It Rains: Do you have any phobias?
  • Back To The Barn: Has anyone ever been cruel to you because of some aspect of your identity?
  • Too Far: How would you describe your sense of humor?
  • The Answer: Are you in love with anyone?
  • Steven's Birthday: Do you think you look younger than you are?
  • It Could've Been Great: Have you ever said something that nearly jeopardized a friendship?
  • Message Received: Do you feel that you sometimes have trouble communicating?
  • Log Date 7-15-2: What's a TV show you could binge-watch for hours?
  • Super Watermelon Island: What's the scariest dream you've ever had?
  • Gem Drill: Do you consider yourself a peaceful person?
  • Same Old World: Do you feel at home in your current living situation?
  • Barn Mates: Have you ever had a roommate you really clashed with?
  • Hit The Diamond: Are you easily fooled?
  • Steven Floats: What never fails to cheer you up?
  • Drop Beat Dad: Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
  • Mr. Greg: If you received a sudden windfall, what would you do with the money?
  • Too Short To Ride: What's your favorite amusement park attraction?
  • The New Lars: Do you think people like you for who you really are?
  • Beach City Drift: Have you ever been in a drag race?
  • Restaurant Wars: What's your favorite restaurant?
  • Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service: Have people ever taken advantage of your kindness?
  • Monster Reunion: If you could be reunited with one person from your past, who would it be?
  • Alone At Sea: Have you ever been in a bad relationship?
  • Gem Hunt: Do you tend to prepare heavily for things, or do you just wing it?
  • Crack The Whip: Do (or did) you tend to study hard in school?
  • Steven Vs. Amethyst: Do you feel like you don't live up to other people's expectations?
  • Bismuth: Have you ever had to do something drastic out of self-defense?
  • Beta: Where were you born?
  • Earthlings: In what ways do you differ most from your relatives?
  • Back To The Moon: If you could shapeshift into anything for a day, what would it be?
  • Bubbled: Have you ever come close to dying?
Masterlist Updated and Organized!

Harrison Wells

Brass Tacks - Imagine the Flash is having some legal issues and our dear Harry sees your advertisement and has experience with you on his earth…but things are not the same…

Contract - Imagine getting into an argument with Harry about your contract with Star Labs and it turns against you

Clear - Eobard needs to blow off some steam, he ends up in your diner (EoWells)

Assurance- Sequel to Distraction

Assurance - 2

Assurance - 3

Assurance - 4

Assurance - 5

Assurance - 6

Distraction -  Harrison Wells ‘I walked into work this morning and found you shirtless on my desk, how much have you had to drink?(Complete)

Distraction - 2

Distraction - 3

Distraction - 4

Distraction - 5

Distraction - 6

Distraction - 7

Distraction - 8

Distraction - 9

Distraction - 10

Distraction - 11

Distraction - 12

Distraction - 13

Distraction - 14

Distraction - 15

Distraction - 16

Distraction - 17

Distraction - 18

Distraction - 19

Distraction - 20

Distraction - 21

Distraction - 22

Kalt - Imagine being Harrison Wells’ secretary. Everyday you simply move around him and his frigid demeanor. What happens when you catch his eye?(Hiatus)

Kalt - 2

Kalt - 3

Love Is Not A Factor - Imagine fancying the good Dr. Wells and show him in little ways. He never notices, until one day… (Discontinued, I started Distraction at the same time and my direction melded together.)

Love Is Not A Factor - 2

Love Is Not A Factor - 3

Connection -Request for a one Dr. Wells~ the reader becomes a famous, well renowned singer in the future and Wells considers her a classic singer that he really admires. He meets her in Barry’s time, and she turns out to be one of Barry and Iris’s best friends; oh, and a meta. He can’t resist her voice and starts to fall for her, too.

Connection - 2 (Complete)

Mick Rory

Slow Burn - Imagine Mick coming to find you after not seeing you for a year. Something you both promised to do on the anniversary of your meeting one another.

A Little Late - Imagine Mick showing up at your wedding reception…

Barry Allen

Beck and Call -  Barry Allen/Reader Imagine Barry being excited that he’s almost a daddy!

5 Seconds… - Imagine the Flash saving you and giving you a pep talk.

All To Myself - Request: Hello! I absolutely love your writing! I was wondering if you could write a story were the reader gets super turned on whenever barry gets possessive (because it’s so out of character) so they flirt with other people sometimes to bring out Barry’s jealous nature. Thank you for your amazing work!

Race You to Midnight - Sequel to Break, Barry Allen/Reader. After an accident one year ago that brought you back into Barry’s life, your work and your life took you from him again. Will fate let you back in? Or have you lost all your chances?

Race You to Midnight - 2

Race You to Midnight - 3

Race You to Midnight - 4

Race You to Midnight - 5

Race You to Midnight - 6

Race You to Midnight - 7

Race You to Midnight - 8

Race You to Midnight - 9

Rave You to Midnight - 10

Race You to Midnight - 11

Race You to Midnight - 12

Race You to Midnight - 13

Race You to Midnight - 14

Race You to Midnight - 15

Race You to Midnight - 16

Race You to Midnight - 17

Race You to Midnight - Snapshot

Fracture - Imagine being Barry Allen’s daughter and never really understanding why he doesn’t want you to explore the abilities you inherited from him…Until you meet him and he’s ‘not’ your father…(Time travel, bad description I know…)

Fracture - 2

Fracture - 3

Fracture - 4

Fracture - 5

Fracture - 6

Fracture - 7

Fracture - 8

Sweet Thorns - Request: The Reader is also a superhero and works with Barry and Captain Cold and her fall for each other? (Barry/Reader) ( One Shot)

Night Life - Request: the reader is a burlesque dancer/singer and Barry’s girlfriend but he doesn’t know what she does. So one day he and the team follow her the the club she works at and he’s in awe of her because she’s usually really innocent. (One Shot)

Break - Request: I was wondering if I could make a request for the lovely Barry Allen. One where the reader has been kidnapped and by the time Flash comes she’s just barely hanging on and so she tells Flash her last wish is for him to find her best friend Barry and to tell him she loved him and she wants him to be happy and Barry like rips off his mask begging her to stay awake and to just hold on.

Break - 2

Break - 3

Break - 4

Break - 5

Break - 6

Break - 7

Break - 8

Break - 9

Break - 10

Break - 11

Break - 12

Break - 13

Free Fall - Request: Reader is from Earth 2 and she gets to Earth 1 for whatever reason, and when she meets Barry she freaks out because she was best friends with E2 Barry… Who just so happens to be a famous singer! (Because Grant Gustin has pipes and they need to be appreciated!)

Free Fall - 2

Free Fall - 3

Free Fall - 4

Free Fall - 5

Free Fall - 6

Free Fall - 7

Free Fall - 8

Free Fall - 9

Free Fall - 10

Free Fall - 11

Free Fall - 12

Free Fall - 13

Free Fall - 14

Free Fall - 15

Free Fall - 16

Free Fall - 17

Free Fall - 18

Free Fall - 19

Leonard Snart

Forgive Me - Imagine it’s your birthday and your dearest as ditched you…what could Leonard Snart be doing on your special day?

Turn Down the Heat  - You’re the engineer and technician for the Wave Runner. While doing maintenance the ship takes off and you end up working with Rip Hunter’s new crew. One Leonard Snart seems to have an interest in you and you can’t help but feel drawn to him.

Turn Down the Heat - 2

Turn Down the Heat - 3

Turn Down the Heat - 4

Turn Down the Heat - 5

Turn Down the Heat - 6

Turn Down the Heat - 7

Turn Down the Heat - 8

Turn Down the Heat - 9

Turn Down the Heat - 10

Turn Down the Heat - 11

Turn Down the Heat - 12

Turn Down the Heat - 13

Turn Down the Heat - 14

Turn Down the Heat - 15

Turn Down the Heat - 16

Turn Down the Heat - 17

Turn Down the Heat - 18

Turn Down the Heat - 19

Turn Down the Heat - 20

Turn Down the Heat - 21

Turn Down the Heat - 22

Turn Down the Heat - 23

Turn Down the Heat - 24

Turn Down the Heat - 25

Turn Down the Heat - 26

Turn down the Heat - 27

Turn Down the Heat - 28

Turn Down the Heat - 29

Turn Down the Heat - 30

Turn Down the Heat - 31

Christmas Snart - I intend to do a couple more of these, I hope at least! Thanks for the request!

Cisco Ramon

These Little Words... - Fran"Cisco" Reverb Ramon/Reader

These Little Words… - 2

These Little Words… - 3

McSniffles - Imagine Cisco taking care of you when you’re sick…

Spectre - Imagine a vigilante has moved into Central City ‘cleaning’ up the city and preventing further crime lords from moving, but their methods are a little…out of Team Flash’s style. Will they agree to disagree? Or will a certain engineer help them find a different path?

Spectre - 2

Spectre - 3

Spectre - 4

Spectre - 5

Spectre - 6

Spectre - 7

Spectre - 8

The Flash

Vulpes - Request: Could you do a team flash imagine were the reader is like 17 and she is trying to defeat zoom she’s kind of like black widow but they call her the fox because of her clever personality and her hair looks like a foxes fur and the team want her help and they end up really liking her( her eyes glow orange when she fights and her suit is orange red white and black) sorry if it’s too difficult

Vulpes - 2

Vulpes - 3

Vulpes - 4

Vulpes - 5

Vulpes - 6 (Final)