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I'm a white rights activist

It’s not that I hate every other race but my own, it’s just that my entire skin burns when I see or even think of any other race doing anything. If they just eat a meal somewhere that pisses me off. Only white people should be doing anything.

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What are the main cast ethnicity?

If I listed the ethnicity of every character it’d take forever, so here’s the main cast grid with it written on them. I just put what they would say they are if you asked them. 

I’m really careful with doing anything regarding race/ethnicity because I don’t want to fuck up and do something wrong but this is as plain as I can make it?

They live in a small, racist town in mid America so this ain’t great for people like Liam. The rest of the grid has plenty more from around the world that haven’t been listed here including Egyptian (Caleb’s dad) and Cuban (Trip the middle school teacher) so… living as a POC in Deersmouth can be difficult. 

Hi, I’m REALLY mad right now at this stupid website so please bear with me.

 A certain artist (based in the Philippines might I add) recently made a J.CO (Indonesian donut restaurant chain) gijinka recently, and people accused them of whitewashing their gijinka because the character’s skin was too bright.

I, as an Indonesian, am seriously offended. 

Not by the gijinka, 

but by the masses of people who are being offended ON MY BEHALF FOR THE WRONG REASONS.

 The most insulting thing about this whole situation is that this website fucking auto-assumes that all brightly colored characters have been whitewashed and that this is always a bad thing and racist because of how things are in the West.


Indonesia is not the United States.
Indonesia is not a country in Europe.
Indonesia is a multicultural society in Asia made up mostly of Southeast Asians, Melanesians, and East Asians.
You can NOT apply the same exact sensitivities and narrative to Indonesia as you can in the West.

 …Let me give you a quick rundown:

 Racism in Indonesia is not always about about a white skinned race oppressing a darker skinned race. If anything, it’s more to do with Xenophobia and Religion.

 Following up on that, here’s the shocker:
 The DISCRIMINATED MINORITY in Indonesia has a lighter skin color than the PRIVILEGED MAJORITY.

 East Asians, mostly Chinese, who generally have brighter skin tones than your regular Southeast Asian person, are regular targets of hate speech, discrimination, racism, and even a 1998 genocide that still strikes fear and opens up old wounds in their hearts upon mention.


 Indonesia has serious racial problems, but you can NOT automatically assume everything as from a western country perspective.

 To do so is seriously, seriously racist.

 The intention was “right” from your perspective, but please. Do your research, and don’t automatically always assume that light skin is whitewashing. You’re touching on a VERY sensitive and often radically different subject depending on which nation you are talking about.

 It’s INSULTING to your fellow PoCs.

 I feel insulted. I feel like this website just made a unanimous decision for me because I’m either too “uneducated” “uninformed”, “tolerant” or WHATEVER the fuck you think of Indonesians to feel offended for myself. This website made me think that the Indonesian restaurant chain CAN ONLY be run by Southeast Asians when there are hundreds, if not thousands of East Asian J.CO employees whose lives and stories, and struggle against discrimination you’ve just invalidated just because of your westernized view of racism.





Ricky Whittle by Austin Anderton for DA MAN Magazine, June 2015

I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so I love to get my blood pumping by cliff jumping. I’m a qualified skydiver, so I enjoy jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and I also have a racing license and used to race Formula 3. Anything involving speed and thrills, I’m in. I like taking rides on my Harley Davidson through the valleys: You can’t beat riding along the California coastline, Mother Nature is an artist and it’s a beautiful sight at sunset.

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I didn't realize I wasn't "straight" until around 19 basically

Sweet!! That’s cool! It’s not a race or anything, you should never get done with getting to know yourself!

“to be a witch” falsehoods

there are a lot of misconceptions going around lately on what someone needs to be a witch, i just want to clear some up. 

you do not need:

fancy tools - or any tools at all, really. all you need is yourself and your intent. sure, tools that fit your aesthetic are nice, but you don’t need them. if you have the ability to buy and you want to, there’s no stopping you, but please don’t feel like you have to go out and buy yourself an etsy broom or a cauldron. and don’t stress yourself out over making one either! they are but trappings.

appearance - in witchy aesthetic photos, it’s usually a slim, white girl with long hair. and that lack of a more diverse representation can give the impression that you need to look and be a certain way, but please know it is untrue. it does not matter what your race, weight, hair, or anything looks like. 

aesthetic - you don’t need to dress “like a witch”. a witch can look like anything. if you want to indulge in the black cat, black clothes look, fine, but you don’t need to confine yourself to it if it’s not your thing, you can look like whatever you want to. 

gender - there are some in the community that will fight tooth and nail to make it seem you have to be a cis female to call yourself a witch. don’t listen to those terfs. anyone can be a witch, regardless of gender. male, non-binary, agender, trans, demi, etc. 

black cat - you don’t need a black cat. you don’t need to have a familiar either. those are unique relations that should not be forced to happen

dark, mystical attitude - you don’t need to suddenly start talking like chaucer or put effort into having an air of mystery. you don’t need to be holier than thou, or act like you know it all. witchcraft is a journey that takes time to learn. 

cursing - no, you don’t need to curse. but you don’t need to shame someone for cursing either.

on a spiritual path - witchcraft does not have to be spiritual! you can practice magic without having to worry about being “spiritual enough”, because each craft is unique and deeply personal, you don’t need to force it to be something that you’re not invested in.

religious -  there are many witches that wonder where the power comes from if they don’t call upon a god. the power can come from you. you do not need to devote yourself to a god 

wiccan - wicca is not the only way to do witchcraft, it is only one way of practicing magic. there are many people who think the only way to do witchcraft is to be wiccan, but they are misinformed. if you do not want to work with wiccan influences or traditions, you do not have to. 

initiated - some practices, some traditions, initiation is needed. however, to be a witch in general, you don’t need to go through any ritual to prove yourself one. be wary of those who insist you do, they are often trying to take advantage of new witches. 

straight/cis - some traditions you’ll encounter have homophobic roots/influences. while it is discouraging, you dont have to listen to those, or you can work with others to rework phobic traditions

a “natural” witch -  some people will claim to have “witch’s blood” or “the flame”, meaning witchcraft has been in their families for generations. this does not make them superior or more of a witch than you. anyone who wants to be a witch can, no matter their birth circumstances. 

labelled - a lot of witches label their craft, “herb witch”, “space witch”, “storm witch” etc. you can be as many as you want, or none if it pleases you. you do not need to label your craft however. some people can’t put their craft in a box.

td;lr, you do need:

  • to want to be a witch
  • your intent
  • that’s it! happy casting!

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Hey, so I've got a comment for the whole "black Hermione" conversation. I'm totally down for headcanon/opinion/whatever, so no offense meant, but it occurred to me that if this was reversed people would have a different reaction. Like, if a character everyone knew to be black was reimagined as white in the interest of increasing diversity. I'm kinda playing devils advocate with this, but what do you think? Would people still think it's an okay thing to do? My guess is no, but what do you think?

see here’s the thing

something like 95% of all characters in popular movies, books, tv shows, videogames, comicbooks, etc etc etc… are white. there is no way there could be a “reimagining of a black character as white in the interest of increasing diversity”. in the current state of the world, that’s actually impossible.

also, reimagining a person of colour as white in fiction happens all the time, and most of the general public doesn’t give a single shit about it. for example, katniss everdeen (portrayed by jennifer lawrence in the movies) was specifically described as non-white. tilda swinton, a white actress, played the ancient one in doctor strange, despite that the character is decidedly non-white in the comicbooks! ghost in the shell. prince of persia. stonewall. pretty much any hollywood movie base on an anime!

furthermore, hermione granger being perceived as black isn’t a “reimagining”. JK Rowling herself has said that hermione can 100% be read as black. this isn’t people taking a white character and changing her race - hermione does not have a canon race. fuck, if anything, she’s canonically black because the cursed child is a direct sequel to the last Harry Potter book, whilst the movies are mere adaptations.

even if hermione was originally white in the books, are we (white people) really losing anything by her being “““reimagined”“” as black? we already have almost every other fictional character, why can’t black people have a few of ours?

It’s totally fine if you’re projecting one of your identities onto a character. Orientation, gender identity, disability, race, mental illness, anything at all. It’s beautiful that you’re seeing a character, relating to them and assigning them some of your own struggles so the characters helps you carry them. 

It’s amazing if your headcanon has a strong support in canon and is almost official. The creators love you and encourage you to see things this way, you’re valued and loved. 

It’s amazing if your headcanon isn’t implied by canon, but could still be true. You’re expanding on the universe you love, you’re growing as a person and you’re contributing to fandom in a meaningful way.

It’s amazing if your headcanon contradicts canon. You’re creating an alternate universe where what you imagine could be true, you’re a content creator now, you’re beautiful and imaginative. 

Don’t be afraid to relate to characters and give them characteristics that are yours. You’re not hurting anyone, you might even find people to bond with who share your headcanon, and it might help you deal with your own struggles. You’re doing great.

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ur post about fic & racism in the supergirl fandom really got me thinking (especially about my own biases so thank you) but also like, how there’s this incredibly pervasive but subtle new form of racism I haven’t seen b4 in other fandoms? Like on one hand u have this loud condemnation of how racist monel is & how he was a slave owner blabh blah but no corresponding attention given to the existing Black characters. 1/4

I get wlw not wanting to write m/f fic but a lot of the fandom doesn’t reblog (or make) any of the gifsets, they don’t meta for him they don’t call for more screen time for Mehcad. Same for M’gann. SO many posts talking about how awful monel is compare him to Lena and strangely don’t mention the Black female character who also came from an oppressive society to become a hero? And there are like, idk, 4 people? Who write or post wlw fic with M’gann in it? 2/4

Same with Maggie. A huge segment of fandom decided Floriana is white (even tho hollywood clearly won’t cast her in roles for white women) so they use that as an excuse to exclusively stan the very light skinned white wlw. And the way it carries over to the characters, like, okay Flo is white? but Maggie is absolutely treated like a woc in how parts of fandom aggressively ignore her & find ways to demonize her character while overtly supporting lighter skinned characters ¾

And that same part of the fandom doesn’t ever seem to create content for Lucy or Vasquez either. IDK this isn’t something u can probably explore with stats but ur post really got me thinking and it just feels really gross now bc I see all these posts condemning racism but there’s still this extreme perpetuation of privileging white characters at the same time? & I haven’t seen this particular trend in fandom b4 4/4

Oh, anon, this made my day. I have a bunch of notes waiting in a doc to address the whole Mon-El thing with regard to the racist undertones and the rhetoric used by the show to frame his storyline, and I will do my best to write it before the season comes back again, because I genuinely think they tried to aim high and just … missed completely. (But I make no promises because my thesis defense is on Tuesday.)

To your first point re: fandom attitudes – I was surprised in the early half of S2 when so many people came out of the woodwork making posts in the main tag like “wait, why did they get rid of Kara/James??” because, oh right, nobody acted like they cared for almost twelve straight months. If y’all were so okay with this ship, where were you to acknowledge its social significance when it was canon? Where are you now? Why hasn’t there been an outpouring of tweets week after week at the execs and the writers for sidelining an interracial couple in favor of what we’re getting, especially since the storyline literally handwaved away human trafficking and slavery as minor plot points?

Not only that, when there’s unrealized potential for a non-canon ship there is typically an outpouring of fic in response, and while there’s been a statistically significant amount of new Karolsen fic in S2 because it’s pretty easy to top zero percent, the writing there is not keeping pace with any of the other dude-involved pairings. 

And you’re right, anon: it is not possible to prove anything with stats. HOWEVER, thanks to the addition of these new characters for S2, I *am* at the point now where it’s possible to see correlation between character race and fan engagement with different pairing choices. And the bias is there, whether it’s in the het pairings, the femslash, or even the m/m pairings. The whole reason I started tracking fic outputs in the first place was that any attempt to have this conversation last year devolved into yelling and finger-pointing because “you have no proof!” that racial bias is a thing. Except, yanno, all the POC who live with it daily saying that it’s a thing. Well, congratulations y’all: your choices leave digital footprints behind that are pretty easy to follow and chart for everyone to see.

This isn’t actually a new problem, by the way – racism and preferencing of white pairing happens a lot, in almost every fandom. The only difference maybe is that I’ve experimented with quantifying it, which is not something that people usually do when they study fandoms or fan behavior.

It pains me to no end that M’gann has been so overlooked, because her story has just as many dark character beats to it as Lena’s, if not more, plus the added bonus of her sharing a sense of “otherness” with Kara in a way that few other people can. And there is no way the disinterest in that pairing isn’t about race, because there are a whole bunch of ships from S1 between white women who’d never even met each other in canon that have more romantic fics than M’gann/anyone.

And the nonsense about Floriana, which I’ll remind everyone again was started by a white girl, had a demonstrable chilling effect on interest in Sanvers as a pairing. Like. I can actually show that on paper. And you’re absolutely right with what you said above, which bears repeating: Maggie is absolutely treated like a woc in how parts of fandom aggressively ignore her & find ways to demonize her character.

There’s also a treatment of Floriana herself that reminds me uncomfortably of how people went out of their way to demonize Naya Rivera’s personal life whenever she reminded the world she was black instead of just “very tan.” And a lot of the rhetoric people are using to talk about Floriana’s racial heritage is almost verbatim the same as what you’ll find on white supremacist discussion boards about Italian people. I’d love to think this is an accident, but I’ve made some people pretty angry for pointing this out in the past, so I suspect it’s at least partially deliberate.

Lucy was another case that drove me insane, for two reasons:

  1. The vast majority of femslash fans flat-out ignored her as a romantic choice even though there were a whole lot of good reasons to ship her with either Kara or Alex, and a whole lot less negative reasons not to. (And it’s not like Supercat was already dominating the scene before Lucy’s character was introduced. That ship only became popular after the movie Carol came out during the winter hiatus of S1.)
  2. People had the same fight last year about whether or not Lucy counted as a WOC and ultimately insisted that the answer was no. But then people kept on ignoring her anyway like somehow dubiously legal boss/employee relationships, potential treason, and incest were more logical bases for attraction.

Also, to the people who have been like “oh yay we could’ve had Dichen as Maggie, a real WOC” like somehow this would have made the fandom love her more – you’re full of shit. If you mean that, why has there been so little fic about Dichen as Roulette? Like, last year there were a whole bunch of shipfics featuring Livewire. There was Kara/Siobhan. And yet … no dark scenarios of Supergirl/Roulette? No Alex ones? There were even a bucketload of those for each Danvers sister + Max Lord, and this fandom isn’t even that into dudes. You’re telling me no one is interested in this kind of hero/villain dynamic with the Asian chick and somehow that’s not also about race?

tl;dr I suspect that a decent chunk of this problem is the result of subconscious bias, but some of it’s not. And what’s really sad about it is that, for all the talk on Tumblr about representation being important, we’re really doing no better as media producers than Hollywood when it comes to race. If anything, we might actually be doing worse.

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Do you have to have been a client in therapy in order to know that you want to go to school to become a therapist? I was talking about career goals with a friend, and she said she thought it was "weird" that I would want to be a therapist even though I have never been in therapy myself. Is this something grad schools and professors would frown upon? Do they expect people to have been through therapy before they choose this career path?

Yeah, it’s frowned upon to be a therapist and never been in therapy. You can wait til you are in graduate school but many programs’ applications want you to be able to speak to your experiences in therapy. It’s fine to have the desire and not have had therapy but if you really want to pursue it - it’s important to go for at least a bit. You need a lot of good self-knowledge to be a good therapist. Counter-transference and your own shit is going to come up for you, even if you think it won’t (I saw this in grad school for sure with the one person without any therapist experience). If you get all the way through graduate school and still haven’t ever been in therapy, you will get some side eye from other therapists for sure. 

If you haven’t ever been if therapy, you don’t know what’s it’s like to be on the other side: to know how much power and influence a therapist can wield; how hard it is to trust this random stranger with a degree to whom you pay money; what it feels like when questions are asked too hard or too quickly or just right; what it feels like when you are in a good grove and it’s shitty and hard and wonderful all the time; or what it’s like to feel like you might be dependant on a therapist and it scaring the fuck out of you; what good attunement in therapy feels like; what bad attunement in therapy feels like; what makes you feel safe in therapy and why that is; what happens when you are really fucking pissed at your therapist and how a good therapist handles it, or what a bad therapist does to not handle it; what a bad fit feels like with a good therapist; what a shit therapist feels like; what feels like support and what feels like dismissal, how it is to tolerate when someone else is dragging you through your own emotions. 

All that stuff is in addition to the self-knowledge you need to be good at this - what pisses you off and what to do about it - and not even the big things! I fucking hate spit and didn’t know it until I started but I knew how to tolerate other stuff so I was able to apply that to a spitting situation. What shit you are carrying from your own trauma(s) or Trauma(s). What stuff you are carrying from your family of origin. Having a defined sense of self so that you don’t get wrapped up in your clients. Because some clients won’t get better and some don’t need your help; some will but that’s not up to us. What triggers you? A client who liked very much casually referred to me as a dyke in a joking way when the client was not any flavor of lbgtq and I had an enormous reaction to it but I knew why, I could process that if I expressed this to the client it would be harmful, was able to set a boundary around language in session and then cry in my car with on the phone with another queer therapist. It wasn’t about the client at all. It was my shit. But because of therapy - I knew it. I safely set a good, non-shaming boundary and we moved on to some amazing work. But without doing my own work - that wouldn’t have been the outcome. Or it would have taken a lot of mess to get there. You need choice around your actions in the room and unless you really look at it and have someone from the outside look at with it - those issues can be hard to see. Looking at why you want to do this. Looking at what this means to you.  Where are your boundaries? What’s flexible and what’s not? Can you tolerate others being dependant on you. Can you tolerate people getting mad or being attracted to you? What happens if you race/disability/gender/religion/fatness come into the room in a mean or an aggressive way? Because it might. It probably will. What your culture, racial, class-based, gender based, religious and familial biases are. It’s frustrating to see clinicians who don’t do their own work to expect marginalized populations to do their work for them or to make them “feel okay” about issues around race, class, disability, gender or sexuality. And this happens a lot. You will have feelings about all these things and dealing with them in the room with client can be extremely harmful

Please don’t let this discourage you from pursuing this career. For all I know you are in high school and have a lot of time. But seriously. If you and all the other therapists/therapists to be take nothing else from this blog - Do your own before you start seeing clients. Go therapy. Even if it’s just for a little while - I know it can be expensive and there are barriers to entry but include it in the price of admission to this profession. 

Something That Needs to be Addressed

Hey guys!

I don’t like making anyone feel sad or feel like crap because I don’t like that being done to me. This post is for anyone dealing with the immigration ban. For anyone dealing with the impending Anti-LGBT discrimination approved executive order being put into place. Or anyone that Shitty Trump chooses to point his baby finger at. You have a home here. You have friends and family here. If you want to vent, by all means do so. I know that Trump is making it a living hell for a lot of people. But that doesn’t exist here. Regardless of race, creed, sexuality, or anything else people choose to hate for no reason, this blog is a safe space. And though I may never meet any of you IRL, I want you to know I love you and to stay safe in this chaotic world.

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 pairing: min yoongi x reader
• genre/warnings: smut, masturbation with a twist, non-penetrative sex toy usage 
• words: 4,851
→ summary: in which you’re unsure if you’ve ever received an orgasm and when you finally pluck up the courage to use the vibrator you bought that one day on a whim, Yoongi barges through the door…
• note. sometimes I should never be left alone with my thoughts…

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Richard Ramirez Interview Excerpt
Richard Ramirez Interview Excerpt

“I believe in the, in the evil in human nature. This is a wicked, wicked world, and in a wicked world wicked people are born. I’m not gonna blame society, my race, or people, or anything. It is up to the individual like myself to keep on knocking on whatever door they want to get into. As far as Satan is concerned, I believe in a malevolent being whose description eludes me, but I have felt powers that are evil.”