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Kinda seems like a one sided conversation, doesn’t it? I’m tired of “conversations on race” whenever another innocent, unarmed black person is executed by the police. They’re as perfunctory as they are repetitive.

We need justice, not another hollow conversation that doesn’t change anything and does nothing to prevent the next shooting.

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Watch: This video of Black parents talking to their kids about police brutality will break your heart

Though this shouldn’t have to be the case, teaching their children to deal with the police is often a lesson that Black parents have to instill in their children at an early age. A heartbreaking new video released on Monday shows just what those conversations can look like. 

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Baylor University suspends fraternity after “Cinco de Drinko” bash with sombreros, maid outfits

  • The racist Cinco de Mayo antics have begun early this year.
  • Baylor University’s chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity was temporarily suspended on Monday pending investigations by the university and the fraternity’s national organization, the Dallas Morning News reported.
  • Photos circulating on Twitter showed partygoers wearing sombreros and serapes while DJing, drinking and dancing at the “Cinco de Drinko” party.
  • According to the Waco Tribune-Herald, students reported that partygoers also dressed as construction workers and chanted “build that wall.”
  • On Monday, hundreds of students voiced their disapproval of the party with an on-campus protest, according to the Baylor Lariat, a campus newspaper. The protest was called “Love Thy Neighbor.”  Read more (5/2/17)

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Black Lives Matter is held to such a ridiculously high standard. If anyone who is REMOTELY associated with BLM commits an act of violence, white people use it as an excuse to smear the name of the entire movement.

Cops can murder unarmed Black people and many white folks still jump to defend the police force.

This is racism. This is white supremacy culture.

NASA scientist Sidd Bikkannavar says he was forced to unlock phone at airport

  • Before it was temporarily halted by federal judges, President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban affected thousands of people worldwide. While much of the focus has rightly been on the refugees and immigrants whose lives were affected by the ban, it’s also affected U.S. citizens — including a NASA scientist.
  • Sidd Bikkannavar, who works in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol on Jan. 30 upon returning to the United States from Santiago, Chile, the Verge reported.  Read more.

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This white woman’s shocking account of police brutality reveals the importance of the #BlackLivesMatter movement

Molly Suzanna shared a story on Facebook that she had never told before: when she was 19, she ran a red light while crying, then was pulled over and forcefully removed and beaten by a police officer. She explains in the letter that she believes her situation would have been even worse had she been black — and she ends the letter with an important call to action.