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Black Lives Matter is held to such a ridiculously high standard. If anyone who is REMOTELY associated with BLM commits an act of violence, white people use it as an excuse to smear the name of the entire movement.

Cops can murder unarmed Black people and many white folks still jump to defend the police force.

This is racism. This is white supremacy culture.


sasha is so fucking stunning


Survey finds 55% of white Republicans think blacks face poverty due to lack of motivation

  • It would appear white Republicans are about twice as racist as white Democrats.
  • At least according to data from General Social Survey conducted and analyzed by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, the Washington Post reported. 
  • “The GSS found that across several categories, the gap between white Republicans and Democrats, when it comes to racism against black people, was wider in 2016 than any year since the survey began including the questions.”
  • Some of the more shocking results include the proportion of respondents who believe black people are more likely to live in poverty due to their lack of willpower and motivation: 55% of white Republicans and 26% of white Democrats. Read more. (3/31/17, 6:44 PM)