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@ American people 

I have a question. 

From where i stand, it seems like in your country, race and identity are manipulated in order to foster division within the working class. Which could explain why America has not transitioned into a social democracy yet, because subjects like socialized healthcare, employment security, public services, ecology etc transcend race and identity, and since they do, they’re not considered a priority contrary to race and identity-related problems. 

Since the working class is divided, since there is a lot of hostility between some of its members, and a hostility that is encouraged by today’s activists of every political leaning, then it can’t unite, can’t define priorities and in fine can’t achieve progress on the social field.

So I was wondering if my perception was correct or not, and I’d be interested to hear about your perception and analyses :)

I would just like everyone to know that Mike Pence supports gay conversion therapy and says that he will stop funding HIV medication and put the money into gay conversion therapy. I’m not the biggest fan of Hillary, but if you don’t vote or if you vote third party, people will die. POC will die when they are deported and segregated. Gay people will die when conversion therapy is funded. Women will die when Roe v. Wade is overturned. The only group protected is rich, white men.

Please, please vote Hillary. For my sake and everyone else’s. I’m terrified.


This is so sad! Michael was never white. He had the skin disorder Vitiligo but, he was most certainly still a black man and, he was proud of it.. Why are they disrespecting Michael Jackson with a white man playing him (and they make up job is horrific) when Michael Jackson himself said it will be the most horrific thing to do. He was black so use a black actor. Geez!!! They wont use a black actor for Elvis. So don’t disrespect the king!!


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