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Mae Whitman is the best at voicing beautiful tough girls.

Shanti (the jungle book 2)
Tinkerbell (tinkerbell movies)
Katara (ATLA)
April O'Neil (TMNT 2012)
Heather (Dragons race to the edge)
Plaxum (Voltron)


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space pirates + space usagi (maybe leosagi) :)

(canon will probably blow my characterization out of the water, but fuck it.)

This was just unfair, now. Completely totally unfair.

Usagi’s nose twitched again as he laughed, and dammnit, why was that such a cute laugh, and he leaned forwards to grin at Leo. “I cannot believe one of your crew members would willingly lay with a male Stuyrrid, did he not know about the mutual flesh consumption post copulation?”

“Casey, uh, did not,” Leo said, forcing his eyes to stay away from Usagi’s nose. “But he sure does now. He nearly lost some, hah, very important parts during that experience.”

That got another round of deep chuckles from Usagi, and even with the noise of the tavern around them, Leo could nearly feel it. It made Usagi’s whiskers shake, and his long ears twitch. Leo wanted to know if Usagi’s ears were as soft as they seemed.

They’d only been talking for a half hour. How was he already so far gone? And he’d only recently come to terms with his attraction to male gendered beings. This was nearly a complete blindside.

Not fair, not fair at all.

“So…” Usagi said, moving his mug to the side to reach across the table. Leo froze as the other outlaw’s white furred hand brushed his scaly finger tips. Usagi gave Leo a sly smile. “How long was it again, until you have to return to your ship?”

His hand- which was somehow both soft, yet calloused- closed around Leo’s, and Leo gulped at the suddenly heated look Usagi was giving him.

Oh boy.

“As long as you need,” Leo replied, forcing himself to remain calm, and attempting to imitate the mercenary’s tone of voice.

Usagi cracked a smile, and wow why were bunny teeth suddenly that cute, and he seemed more than pleased by Leo’s answer.

“Then let’s say we go find a room, shall we?” Usagi asked with an inviting grin.

Leo’s heart jumped a bit, and he managed a short nod. “I’d say we should.”

He told himself his family could wait a few hours, because even if they couldn’t, no way he could walk away from this now. Not with the chance to feel Usagi’s fur up close and personal, and maybe even probably kiss him a little, a lot, hanging in the balance.

Did space mercenaries have cell phone numbers? Leo hoped they did. Oh he so hoped they did.

It just hit me what an extraordinary feat the 2012 title was. No win until the fourth race, then no podium until the ninth, simply because of reliability issues. At one point a 40 point gap between Fernando and Seb, and instead of calling it a day and giving in, this 25 year old boy stood proud and won four races in a row, just to be knocked down again in Abu Dhabi. The race there was simply a show of his skills, starting from the pitlane and driving with a damaged wing until a wing change became necessary, then again driving from the back to a podium finish. Brazil, a complete disaster. Heavily damaged car that required delicate driving, at the back of the grid again and when he finally caught up, the conditions worsened and they made a wrong call with the tyres, followed by a disastrous slow second pit stop where tyres weren’t ready and that man still drove his heart out and carried the car across the finish line to become a triple Word Champion. Amazing