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Just spent like 5 minutes watching a child run around my local McDonalds yelling “I’M ROCKET RACCOON!” And then if that wasn’t enough, he then jumped from multiple chairs yelling “I’M MARY POPPINS YA’LL!” I just…

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#1 tactic emotional abusers will use to get you to comply to their wishes is threatening suicide or self harm, don’t fall for it

If you notice whenever you get real with a person who is treating you like shit, and they immediately shrivel up into this pathetic ball of self loathing so that somehow you’re the one comforting them, they are an emotional abuser.

don’t fall for it

Having her real name revealed like this doesn’t make Zarya look cool, it makes Sombra look incompetent. 

BUT, as a fanfiction writer I live to fix this kinda bullshit, so:

Sombra created and obsessively maintains six alternate “real” histories and “real” names. Each one is guarded and protected in varying degrees of severity, and if any of them are compromised she’ll drop everything and act as though her actual identity has been compromised, maybe even sabotaging herself to give it more credibility. 

This maintains the illusion and protects her real identity, since no one will be trying to hunt for something they think they have already found.