raccoon steal cat food


In case you are sad today, here’s a raccoon stealing cat food from our porch. 

anonymous asked:

Anti-ornithomorphism blog this is BIRDSCIENTIST and your know of humans leaves me a-flutter. Today question!: Humans LOVE cat-animals, keep dangerous predator cat as pet (not for guard, I read, just for pet!), watch cat-animal images on big light boxes in nest-wall homes, seem content. As birdscientist I try to know: why humans indicate happy (flesh mouth corners turn up!) when panda and also put cat in house to share food, but angry (many noise, stomp) when trash panda raccoon shares their (1)

(2) food next to their nest, not even in house? why do human do the thing?

Ah, you have accurately observed the apparently-paradoxial familial-esque relationship between humans and feline co-residents. Humans are very picky about which animals they seem to like for completely arbitrary reasons. Some animals, like pandas, appear to be a favorite simply for appearance and not for their ability to have a functional purpose. Others, with similar aspects - like raccoons, who share the traits of masked faces and big eyes - are hated on sight! Maybe it has to do with how often they interact with them, since few humans ever see real pandas but have often unpleasant exposures and biased media towards trash pandas. 

The human attachment to keeping the animal called ‘cat’ as a pet is a strange one that most scientists can still not fathom. They’re intentionally keeping dangerous predators in their home, facilitating the deaths of birdkind! And yet, they seem to be able to overlook all their faults and are, as you stated, obsessed with videos of them. It might be something about their faces, or their known ability to manipulate humans through purposefully targeted vocal communication. 

You’re correct that the upward turn of a human’s mouth often means it seems to be happy, as seen in the presence of cats. Humans get loud and stomp when animals like raccoons come to share in the cat’s food as a way of equalizing their predator damage. Our best guess is that they are mad that raccoons want to take food as ‘stealing’ from cats - maybe cat brainwashing to prevent stolen resources? We’re still learning more as we observe the human-cat domesticity arrangements. 


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Here’s a raccoon stealing cat food because I want you all to be happy