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All teams that are in the Resident Evil saga, from the classic to the newest.

Umbrella Corporation.

  • Hunk
  • William Birkin
  • Albert Wesker 

S.T.A.R.S.( Special Tactics and Rescue Service.)

  • Barry Burton 
  • Chris Redfield 
  • Jill Valentine 

R.P.D (  Raccoon Police Department.   ) 

  • Kevin Ryman
  • Marvin Branagh
  • Leon Scott Kennedy

F.B.C ( Federal Bioterrorism Commission.)

  • Morgan Lansdale 
  • Jessica Sherawat 
  • Raymond Vester


  • Excella Gionne
  • Albert Wesker
  • Ricardo Irving

Terra Save.

  • Moira Burton 
  • Claire Redfield 
  • Gina Foley

B.S.A.A( Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance.)

  • Jill Valentine 
  • Chris Redfield 
  • Barry Burton 

D.S.O ( Division of Security Operations.)

  • Sherry  Birkin
  • Leon Scott Kennedy 
  • Helena Harper 

La Vita Nuova.

  • Jake Muller

Neo Umbrella Corp.

  • Carla Radames
  • Alex Wesker
  • Derek Simmons
Wesker’s Report I

My name is Albert Wesker.

I aspired to become a leading researcher at Umbrella Inc., A pharmaceutical enterprise who covertly conducts Bio Organic Weapons, better known as B.O.W., for development. But at the Research Center situated in Raccoon City, I met a brilliant and talented researcher who made me decide to take a different path - William Birkin.

In time, I shifted my position to S.T.A.R.S., a special forces unit of the Raccoon Police Department. Umbrella, for crisis management reasons of their illegal Bio Organic Weapons development, had many of its people working in the police department.

I became the leader of S.T.A.R.S. and conducted all sorts of intelligence activities for Umbrella. As I continued to serve, I devised my own plans and waited for the right moment to execute them.

Then at last, opportunity knocked.

1998 - July - 7.24

The freak murder incidents that had occurred in the forest near the mansion started it all. The mansion was Umbrella’s secret B.O.W. laboratory and it was clear that the in development t-Virus was the cause of the murder.

Initially, Umbrella instructed me secretively to keep S.T.A.R.S. out of the case, but with the heightened emotions of the citizens, S.T.A.R.S. had no choice but to move in.

That was when my next order was given. Dispatch S.T.A.R.S. to the mansion, dispose of them, then report the situation to headquarters so that their combat with the B.O.W. could be used for data analysis, allowing Umbrella a comprehensive portrait of the B.O.W.s’ combat abilities.

From the two S.T.A.R.S. teams, I first pitched in the Bravo Team. As expected, the top elite of S.T.A.R.S. gave all they had and became useful sample data. Then following, I geared up the Alpha Team to “search and rescue” the lost Bravo Team. The members of the Alpha Team also proved their worth and as expected, many died.

There were five survivors from the initial eleven S.T.A.R.S. members. From the Alpha Team were Chris Redfield; Jill Valentine, and Barry Burton. And from the Bravo Team were Rebecca Chambers and Enrico Marini.

It was time to begin executing my plans. In the midst of the whole affair, I could take Umbrella’s ultimate Bio Organic Weapon, the Tyrant, and join forces with an opposing corporation of Umbrella. To buy into that opposing corporation, I would need the actual combat data of the Tyrant.

The surviving privileged members of S.T.A.R.S. were just the perfect bait. I decided to have one of them play the Judas and draw them to the Tyrant.

That Judas was Barry.

Barry was the strong truth and justice kind, and cherished his family more than anything. His type is easy to manipulate. I simply took that most important thing away from him. My only miscalculation was the high potential of Chris and Jill. But with the family man Barry playing the Judas, the scheme went as planned.

Then the winds turned unexpectedly.

I had to eliminate Enrico, who found out what was behind it all. I used Barry to get to him. After I successfully got rid of that nuisance, I awaited the sample specimen that Barry would bring to me in the Tyrant’s room.

I injected the virus I obtained from Birkin in advance. If I made Umbrella believe I was dead, it made it far more convenient to sell myself to the opposing corporation. According to Birkin, the virus had profound effects. It would put my body in a state of temporary “death”. It would then bring me back to life with super human powers. Therefore, I unleashed an awesome Tyrant from its slumber and let it attack me.

As my consciousness faded away, I was certain that the whole scheme would end in success.

Never did I imagine that S.T.A.R.S. could slay the evil creation. I lost the Tyrant and the plan I devised which cost me my humanity ended in failure. Now, anyone or anything that stood in my way would be terminated. It’s been that way for a long time, and it always will be. At all costs, I had to make S.T.A.R.S. pay.


Two months had passed since the mansion incident. To regain everything that I had lost in my new organization, I joined hands with Ada Wong, a female agent who was also sent to spy on Umbrella.

I knew in my bones that the key developer was William Birkin, but what he didn’t know was that Umbrella did not play games… with anyone. Eventually, Birkin would be assassinated, and the G-virus would be in the hands of Umbrella.

But the salvage team led by HUNK was ahead of us. By the time they got to Birkin, he’d already injected himself with the G-virus… he became his own creation, and decimated them.

Soon after, the T-virus carried by rats spread throughout Raccoon City, and Umbrella faced its worst scenario.


The good citizens became zombies, and the city had headed for its devastating fate. Humans were no match against zombies.

In the chaos, Umbrella Europe applied a new type B.O.W., called “Nemesis”. The Nemesis would hunt down and destroy the surviving member of S.T.A.R.S., Jill. It became imperative that our organization would also obtain the Nemesis data.


To cover up the whole affair, Umbrella jettisoned a Tyrant to take care of Leon and Claire, who were trying to unveil their secrets.

Then, a new revelation: Birkin used to hide the findings of his studies in his daughter Sherry’s pendant. It was very possible that the G-virus was there. While Umbrella was busy with their cover up, we had to capture Sherry before they did. I sent Ada undercover to seek the location of Sherry. I, the “dead man” on the other hand, had to work in the shadows.

A spy’s obligation and priority is in the mission, to carry out the mission like a machine without any emotional interference.

But through her interaction and involvement with Leon S. Kennedy, there’d been an affection growing inside her.

My instincts sensed danger, something had to be done, quickly. My instincts did not disappoint me. Even though Ada almost had her hands on the G-virus, which Leon had acquired from Sherry, that affection of hers drove her to her death. But she was still of some use. I had to save her life. My people hurried to retrieve the G-virus that Leon threw away. But HUNK, the only survivor of Umbrella’s salvage team, was there before us.


Our only option left was to bring back Birkin, the monster, as the sample specimen and have him finish off Leon and Claire in order to obtain his combat data. Although Birkin lost the battle to Leon and Claire, we succeeded in gathering samples of the G-virus from his dead body.


In the morning, the government bombed Raccoon City in an attempt to stop for the viral outbreak. This was, of course, their feigned reason.

Later, Claire left for Europe to find her lost brother Chris, and Leon joined forces with an underground anti-Umbrella organization.

Sherry is safe in our hands. I would never underestimate Birkin.

There’s something about this little girl…

Rabid Raccoon

Officers respond to a report of raccoon jumping at the homeowner. When they arrive it is flopping around, sick. They call animal control and trap it in a trash can. A little later they close it no report. So I asked them what happened….this is via message.

Officer 1: “No comment! Ask Officer 2.”
Me: “What happened?”
Officer 2: “Animal control took it. Ask Officer 1 what he did.”
Officer 1: “I ran away.”
Me: “No you did not.”
Officer 1: “I’m not ashamed. That thing was huge like a German Shepherd.”
Me: “Did he really run away?”
Officer 2: “Fast and far. Screamed, ran, and hid in the complainant’s house.”
Me: “Did you scream?”
Officer 1: “I ran over and knocked and very manly yelled ‘Open the door!’ It was intense.”


So uh, yeah, apparently this exists. A RESIDENT EVIL SHOOTEM UP. And only in Japan you’ll see cool stuff like this, smh:

“If you’ve ever wanted to take part in a zombie apocalypse, but without your brain being eaten, look no further. It’s right here in Universal Studios Japan.”

Today in Osaka, Universal Studios Japan rolled out its latest attraction, Resident Evil The Real. Here’s an inside look at the attraction, which is open for a limited time only. P

As previously mentioned, Resident Evil The Real (aka “Biohazard The Real”) is a live-action shooting attraction at USJ that uses the same practice shooting system used by police and military. Each visitor is equipped with a 700 gram “model gun” that only has thirty virtual bullets. The goal is to shoot the zombies and other creatures, eradicating the virus contagion.

The attraction is divided into two stages. The first stage has two different routes: The Raccoon City Police Department route and the hospital route. Groups of eight go through each course, shooting zombies and other monsters along the way. Clear the first stage, and you can continue to the second, which is set in the Umbrella Research Center, for the final showdown.

This makes “The Walking Dead "Universal studios attraction look like a stroll through the The Grove in Glendale, Ca.

One ticket to Japan, please, and thank you.

Source: http://www.tickld.com/x/so-apparently-this-exists-someone-take-me-to-japan-right-now


Leon Scott Kennedy is an American agent for the Division of Security Operations (D.S.O.). Formerly, Leon was a police officer with the Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D.) for only one day, and was later recruited as an agent for the U.S. Federal Government after the incident in Raccoon City.


Biohazard ASCII Controller (Resident Evil Dedicated Controller)

More Biohazard/Resident Evil
More Peripherals/Controllers

This asymmetrical PlayStation controller is made specifically for Biohazard fans. With your left hand gripping the handle of a knife and your right hand on that of a gun - it is no wonder this thing is endorsed by the Raccoon City Police Department.

Jokes aside, this controller feels great in your hands. It actually holds better than a ps1 controller…and I have held that thing most of my life….

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Biohazard: The Beginning (The True Story Behind Biohazard book)

This book came as a limited and numbered pre-order bonus with Biohazard - Sega Saturn and an even more limited version retitled as “Resident Evil - The Book” which only featured the short novel from the original.

I have scanned in all of the artworks from the original book and have put it all back together here. :)

CHAPTER 1: Midnight Call
CHAPTER 2: Raccoon Police
CHAPTER 3: Special Forces Unit - S.T.A.R.S.
CHAPTER 4: Billy’s Disappearance
CHAPTER 5: Uneasiness
CHAPTER 6: Mountain Cabin
CHAPTER 7: S.T.A.R.S. Move Out