raccoon police department

Chris Redfield, from the anti-bioterrorism organisation BSAA, rushes into a mysterious mansion known to be the base for a weapons trafficker following a lead. While searching the premises, he encounters Glenn Arias — a wanted international criminal. When Chris witnesses a horrific discovery, Arias escapes.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Chambers, former member of the Raccoon Police Department’s special forces ’S.T.A.R.S.’, now university professor, begins actively researching an incident where ‘the dead resurrect into something more sinister.’ Through her investigation it’s discovered that a new virus is involved, and she successfully develops a cure for it. Shortly after, her laboratory is attacked, and her life put in grave danger. Fortunately for her, Chris and the BSAA arrive and she narrowly escapes from death.

After the raid, Chris and Rebecca turn to the aid of Leon S. Kennedy — an agent from the DSO under direct control from the President of the United States when he reveals he has information on both incidents and the person behind it.

It’s a successful reunion for Chris and Leon.

When they realise that Arias is the man behind the incidents, and his ultimate goal is a global bioterror attack, they along with Rebecca head for New York to stop him and save the world

—  BIOHAZARD: Vendetta Official Synopsis (Translated)

All teams that are in the Resident Evil saga, from the classic to the newest.

Umbrella Corporation.

  • Hunk
  • William Birkin
  • Albert Wesker 

S.T.A.R.S.( Special Tactics and Rescue Service.)

  • Barry Burton 
  • Chris Redfield 
  • Jill Valentine 

R.P.D (  Raccoon Police Department.   ) 

  • Kevin Ryman
  • Marvin Branagh
  • Leon Scott Kennedy

F.B.C ( Federal Bioterrorism Commission.)

  • Morgan Lansdale 
  • Jessica Sherawat 
  • Raymond Vester


  • Excella Gionne
  • Albert Wesker
  • Ricardo Irving

Terra Save.

  • Moira Burton 
  • Claire Redfield 
  • Gina Foley

B.S.A.A( Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance.)

  • Jill Valentine 
  • Chris Redfield 
  • Barry Burton 

D.S.O ( Division of Security Operations.)

  • Sherry  Birkin
  • Leon Scott Kennedy 
  • Helena Harper 

La Vita Nuova.

  • Jake Muller

Neo Umbrella Corp.

  • Carla Radames
  • Alex Wesker
  • Derek Simmons
Rabid Raccoon

Officers respond to a report of raccoon jumping at the homeowner. When they arrive it is flopping around, sick. They call animal control and trap it in a trash can. A little later they close it no report. So I asked them what happened….this is via message.

Officer 1: “No comment! Ask Officer 2.”
Me: “What happened?”
Officer 2: “Animal control took it. Ask Officer 1 what he did.”
Officer 1: “I ran away.”
Me: “No you did not.”
Officer 1: “I’m not ashamed. That thing was huge like a German Shepherd.”
Me: “Did he really run away?”
Officer 2: “Fast and far. Screamed, ran, and hid in the complainant’s house.”
Me: “Did you scream?”
Officer 1: “I ran over and knocked and very manly yelled ‘Open the door!’ It was intense.”

Game: Resident Evil 2

It is possible to spot the entrance gate to the Raccoon City Police Department that Jill uses in Resident Evil 3. In order to see it, the player must run up against the wall where it is hidden after killing all the zombies in the front plaza of the police station. Several zombies can be seen outside of the gate, though the player cannot interact with the gate itself.