raccoon of the dead

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Raccoon muscle/bone structure studies? Thanks!

I couldn’t find ANYTHING about musculature, and even skeletons were hard to find. So here’s a labelled raccoon skeleton, and some paintovers that I did that show where the bones and joints actually are.

KEEP IN MIND I’m not actually an art student and y’all see how inaccurate I draw my raccoons so this is a good starting guide but not gospel lmao

Things to keep in mind: Slanted skull, loooong hands and feet, lots of stored fat (especially on back), poofy fur makes them appear larger, back legs are Very Bendy



One of the most common skulls for a new Vulture to find is a raccoon.
And the most common mistake I see new Vultures make is tooth placement.
We all have trouble when we first start out, and its good to have mistakes to learn from and grow. But I was putting this old raccoon together and figured some pictures of the dentition might help someone :)
I know I looked for good reference pictures of raccoon teeth when I was starting.
Pro tip- listen to the tooth. If it doesn’t want to fit in the hole, it probably doesn’t go in that hole lol.
Pay special attention to the front teeth. The curvy ones go in the top, the straight ones go in the bottom. They start with the wider ones on the outside and the more narrow ones in the middle.
If you get stuck, just go with “trial and error”. Set that pesky tooth off to the side until you figure it out.
Have fun and be patient with yourself 💚

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Yondu, are you own a box with pictures and others Peter baby stuff? (for blackmail material off course)

Yondu: Boy owes me four billion units. He’s lucky I didn’t plaster his baby pics across the fuckin’ galaxy!

It may sound weird but I hate the fact that roadkill and other dead things just get sent to the dump and incinerated. It seems like such a waste of nutrients that could feed the local wildlife and plants. 

I get that roadkill can attract animals to the road but its not that hard to just move a dead animal a few yards to the side. Same with whales on beaches. 

“but its a public safety hazard!!!”  If you managed to kill yourself with a dead raccoon that’s just natural selection…


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