raccoon nook

What really happens when moving to town...
  • New Mayor: This town looks so pretty, I think I want to live here!
  • New Mayor: -fills out forms at town hall-
  • Isabelle: Oh! It looks like you need a place to live. Please go on ahead to Nook Homes.
  • New Mayor: Hi! I'm the new mayor of this town, I was told I needed to come speak with you about getting a new house?
  • Tom Nook: Yes, yes! Do you know where you want to live?
  • New Mayor: Yep!
  • Tom Nook: Well that will make it easier!
  • -placing new home plot-
  • New Mayor: Ah, perfect!
  • Tom Nook: For now you probably need a place to rest, huh. I'll give you this tent and throw in a mailbox.
  • -back at the office-
  • Tom Nook: I'll just need a piddling fee of 10,000 bells to upgrade to a house. Yes, yes.
  • New Mayor: Hmm, ok! That's a reasonable price.
  • Tom Nook: Now sign right here please.
  • New Mayor: -signs then reads through contract- Hey! Wait a minute! It says I agree to be your bell slave for all eternity! Wtf is this raccoon?!
  • Tom Nook: Welcome to town bitches, everything you think you own... is actually mine, plus you owe me every penny until your 7.5 million bell home is paid off. Oh ho, but that's not all! Your position of mayor... Is unpaid, in fact you pay us just to work here. Why do you think Tortimer left? Even on that so called "Retirement Island" he's still working. Once you move here... you.. can... never... leave... -fire in eyes-
  • So basically, Tom Nook is the Pimp and we are all his bitches lol!