raccoon humping

Apparently Rick and Morty has joined SpongeBob and American Dad in the cartoon parody genre of porno. I get ones of 1960s Batman Adam West show (Tori Black was sexy as Catwoman) or other famous shit but cartoons are freaky. Guy dressed up as Roger the Alien getting his dick sucked through the ugly suit. I’m sorry, if you’re beating off to that shit you’re nuts. They look like living nightmares you have on too much LSD while staring at the TV in a roach infested motel room. You’re too afraid of silence so you keep it on. You can’t go outside for fear you’ll freak out get the cops on your ass. Not that it ever happened to me. Just reminds me of that fucking scene. A animated Hell of the gunk in the bottom of your brain. A chick dressed as Princess Leia is fine but the whole getting a woman dressed as a Rocket raccoon or ET getting humped… You’re demented, my friend