raccoon hill

The Many Deaths of Weed

(a.k.a Many Ways to Get Rid of Weed)

Ah, Weed…who doesn’t know about him? Since this is Halloween, now this is a chance to have our way in disposing, humiliating, and pwning this little puppy in many different ways. This little Weedy shall die in many ways like Kenny McCormick of South Park. 

And don’t worry about it, Weed will fully revive after Halloween!

1. Since the Spirits of Ohu Soldiers had appeared before in the anime and manga, try summoning up the spirits of the Badass Villains from GNG and GDW as well as Demons from Hell to kill Weed.

2.  Weed has won a prize and is sent to Silent Hill or Raccoon City where there are lots of zombies and monsters.

3. Weed dies from watching the Cursed Tape of the Ring. 

4. Weed dies of chocolate poisoning after receiving them from Trick O Treating. 

5. Weed tries to fight Hougen or Viktor without using a Battouga. You should figure out how it ends…. 

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