top animals i want to be instead of a miserable person

1. dog
2. raccoon
3. grizzly bear
4. cat
5. a really cool parrot

thanks for reading this list. fingers crossed i will come back as a shiba inu

Spirit Animals


Billy went and made one of those “What is Your Patronus” quizzes, which is all well and good. Of course it isn’t actually accurate, just a little way to waste time by answering about 75 extremely random questions.

Unfortunately, all the time I spent answering those questions was a complete waste of time, because Billy snuck in a little line of code to auto-lock your result to a very specific answer if you enter ‘Jonathan’ as your name at the beginning of the quiz.

Regardless of how I answer, I am forever destined to have a Patronus of ‘Really Dirty Raccoon with Little IT Experience’.

anonymous asked:

I absolutely LOVE your chara, I find the braces thing funny and I like to imagine before they got the Braces they had a really big tooth gap and they had a real bad lisp

hehe, thank you!! although i doubt that a tooth gap could cause a lisp, this is still a very cute idea!!!

also gosh,,chara with a lisp is now one of my headcanons, love that idea :’0

Oh please don’t.

You dicks are all going to work whether you want to or not.

Everyone is sick or peeing now.

…. all because of disgusting af Parker.  xD


Except you.  Whenever I see people coughing now I just re-up their shit.  They’re fine like wine.

And yes that is a fly.  :[  TS3′s special little photobombers.