Actual things the Agorians shouted at Ratchet

(Agorians when Ratchet is about to enter portal to Battleplex)

- Haha, what is it? Feeding time?
- Where do you think your going?!
- Hey Shaun! Look! Its your mom! Hahaha
- We’re gonna snap you in half…
- Hey Halfpipe! You must be lost!
- You’ve got to be kiddin me!
- Look what we have here fellas! A lombax!
- Go in! I dare ya!
- He’s a wee little fella, ain’t he?
- Get a load of this guy!
- Dead lombax walking!
- Have a deathwish do ya? Heh heh
- He must be here on a school trip
- Playground’s back were you came from!
- What is it? A rat? A fox? Some kind of space possum?!

Ratchet & Clank 30 Day Challenge (Day 7)

7. Favorite Villain

Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. This is a tough one because I have no fucking idea who my favorite villain is. I mean Doctor Nefarious is hilarious and all that, but I don’t think he’s my favorite. You know who is? It’s Alister Azimuth.

Alister Azimuth is my favorite Ratchet & Clank villain. You know why? Alister was a hero. I mean, we all saw it coming. But still. Alister was a man (Lombax?) who was just trying to do what he thought was best for the Lombaxes, which meant letting Tachyon have access to their stuff so he could help improve it. But then when Tachyon betrayed the Lombaxes and killed them and exiled them to another dimension, Alister was left behind because he was now the shame of the entire Lombax race. And so he lives his life out in the Polaris Galaxy, alone. Until Ratchet comes along and he figures out that Ratchet’s best friend is God’s son. Immediately Alister starts planning on how he’s going to use the Great Clock to reverse time and fix his own mistakes, rather than moving on and helping Ratchet understand who he is and helping to find the Lombaxes together. Once Ratchet is reunited with Clank and Clank informs the two of the dangers of using the Clock for that kind of reason, Alister shuts off all contact with the duo until we get to the final scenes, where we finally realize that Alister has become corrupt with power he doesn’t even have yet. He’s willing to kill anyone who stands in his way, including the only other Lombax he knows that remains in this dimension. And then after the final boss, we see Alister finally realize his mistakes and he finally comes to terms with what he’s done. So instead of fighting Ratchet, who’s trying and failing to put the time lever thingy back in its place, he sacrifices his own life to make everything right again, and effectively dies a hero. Alister Azimuth’s character arc is amazing, and that’s why he’s my favorite villain in the series. - Lane the Lombax

  • Listen

So, I decided i really like this song - It’s a song from Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time, when you’re traveling through the Vela Sector and your radio is set to Deep Space Jams. It’s got the MEANEST bassline - EVER. And it’s for a game!

So, I’m tabbing it out :3 Done about a minute already, and it’s pretty perfect.

If any of you bassists out there would like a tux guitar or guitar pro, or pdf file of what I’ve done so far - and when I finish. Just ask.

And at 3 minutes through the song - Dat Slap Bass :p