L'archeterie au service de la lutherie !

C'est en fabriquant un archet qu'il m'est venu une idée très simple. En effet les rabots d'archetiers ont la particularité d'avoir des lames avec un biseau presque à la perpendiculaire de la semelle. La lame agit un plus comme un ratissoir qu'un outils tranchant. C'est idéal pour travailler les bois dur et offre un rendu très fin brut d'outils. Ayant une deuxième lame pour mon rabot j'ai donc appliquer la même technique d'affutage que les archetiers. J'utilise cette lame lorsque je doit raboter une touche ou faire un sillet, ça fonctionne à la perfection et se désaffute bien moins vite qu'une lame à biseau traditionnel. De plus ça évite de faire des éclats en cas de contre-fil !


Rabot Towers | Pieter Lozie | Via

Rabot Towers, an abandoned public housing project in Ghent, Belgium. When the first stage of demolition removed the building’s exterior walls, the former blight became an unexpected beauty. The three-tower complex once accommodated around 840 residents. However, with the building no longer fit for occupation and an overhaul deemed too expensive, the project is now slated for demolition.

Archie Sonic friends cleaning the van


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Rabot Tourist Cabin, Okstindan, Norway by JVA | via

The Rabot Tourist Cabin is one of many DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association) lodging facilities throughout Norway. It is located at 1200 meters above sea level, close to the glacier at Okstindan in northern Norway. The site is spectacular and the mountains and glaciers are in close proximity. The weather can be extremely harsh and the structure is constructed for heavy winds and storm.

A secondary rescue hut is placed 50 meters away from the main cabin as a safe shelter in case of destruction of the main cabin. The site inaccessible by road and is only reachable on foot or on skis. The cabin is named after the French glaciologist and geographer Charles Rabot who thoroughly explored the mountain areas in the province of Nordland. It is planned and built with local materials and with great local commitment.

The main cabin is an eye catching yet neutral volume in the landscape with a diagonal programmatic and spatial concept. The behavior of snow and heavy winds at the site, have generated the simple shape of the cabin, without protruding elements. The shape of the two chimneys mimic the topography of the mountain tops and acts as protecting structures to avoid the use of tension cables.

Photography: Svein Arne Brygfjeld, Jan Inge Larsen, Einar Aslaksen

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i have a theory about the fnaf  kids that who posses the rabots and their gender

the robots that has kid in them are chica ,foxy ,freddy,golden freddy(fredbear),puppet

and toy animatronics cant have soul in them because the incident happened during fnaf 2 , stuffing kids into toy ones can cause some problems

and the kids gender are:

freddy: its a girl because his laugh is a girl laugh and he goes to girls wc

chica:girl because i think they one of the girls would be stuffed into while the other girl gets stuffed into a boy because there are no girls in the crew than chica

golden freddy:boy and he is the crying child (and for me crying child looks like a little boy because of the minigame happiest day )and he doesnt posses the suit but he forms as golden freddy when he attacks you thats why its like a ghostand i think that because he was killed when the fredbear’s diner was still open  so he become sad and angry and he went to haunt the pizzaria

puppet :girl and she is the reason for her friends to be dead, she wanted to have a party with friends but the purple guy killed them ,and because of that she felt so sad and she paid them back by giving life to them and trying to take revenge with the crying kid

bonnie: i think itts a boy because ithink they all would be equal the crew has two girl and two boys and other there arent from the crew are girl and boy

foxy:same like bonnie i think him as a boy too