TWEWY2 Updates -November Remix-

Greetings, Players!

Your mission for today is to read me ramble even more about a game that surely does not exist, the New 7 Days Project!

As always, we’re here to talk about how it totally does exist, and today’s remix is pretty good.

You’ll remember in this hot track’s original release in March, Jose Alamo first heard that ideas for New 7 Days / TWEWY2 were being pulled back out of the dusty cancellation room, and how it was likely originally intended for the 7th Anniversary as pretty much everyone on earth could tell from the lack of subtlety about it. 

While there wasn’t a ton to say at the time, he simply said that “Square are looking into bringing TWEWY back” and really that’s all we needed. There was a lot of doubt and that’s completely fine. That’s normal for us.

Now for today.

This morning a rather detailed list of insider info spread across a few different sources from different companies was compiled and released by a different leaker. They are, as with the previous post I was willing to trust, rather decently confirmed to be legit (as a very specific example, they leaked the insanely out-of-nowhere Ninja Turtles reveal in Injustice 2, that happened just yesterday)

This list, of course, includes The World Ends with You 2 mentioned by sources in Square Enix.

There is an immediate note to make, just on doubt clearing. Even if you’re iffy on either one of these two people, we now have two different people completely independently being told about TWEWY2 being worked on.  More people being able to hear and talk about this is an exponential boost in likelihood that something is going on.

Now this time we actually get something more concrete too. It is specifically mentioned that TWEWY2 is being developed as an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. That’s awesome and lines up with both Nintendo’s push for bigger titles moving from 3DS to Switch and is supported by the fact that Square Enix are already committed to learning and using the Switch with Project Octopath Traveler.

“But when will we see it, Rabla!?” I hear you say, knowing full well you’ve been looping that recording for several years now and not actually opening your mouths.

I have two ideas, neither are concrete but are just kind of circumstance and would line up well with existing facts.

Option A is “Somewhere” in 2017 (yes, this year)
Why? - It’s the 10th Anniversary, and as I’ve talked about before this is the time to do it. If they’re completely locked down into developing this then it’s possible we could get a short teaser and official reveal before the year ends, even if its not gameplay footage. Where would it be? Jump Festa springs to mind, Square like that event. This year’s Jump Festa runs on the 16th and 17th of December.

Option B is the supposed Nintendo Direct in January 2018.
Why? - As it turns out, a lot of different leaks include mention of this being a thing. It seems to be lined up with a lot of the big Switch reveals, so it’s possible TWEWY2 could make it into that timeslot.

Again, both of these options assume they are at a point where they could show something, so don’t be shocked if TWEWY2 misses both events. We might not see it until TGS next year for all I know.

And that, everyone, is all for today. Please keep believing as the TWEWY2 Hype Train keeps rolling along with no actual stops in sight. Thanks for tuning into today’s mix.

Keep the Dream Alive, Players.

You may have noticed TWEWY2 doesn’t exist yet


Today we need to touch on a rare but real issue that effects humans in their daily lives.

Sometimes, and I know this is hard to believe, people on the internet can be wrong.

For example, a large group of people may be looking forward to fun antics on a certain day, and to check that day they…

Generally, this works out pretty well, so this is the date that a bunch of people use for said event. I was one of those people.

But then if you look for more than five seconds you can run into 

Which says it’s tomorrow, not today! That’s crazy! But that’s from Square Enix’s product listing archive, so I think it may just actually be the correct date.

So, what does this mean?

It means it’s perfectly normal that we don’t have TWEWY2 announced for the Switch and iOS Tablets simutaneous worldwide launch accompanied with two new music albums, a concert and of course a high-budget anime adaption! 

Because these will CLEARLY be announced tomorrow, not today.


“but rabla its the 25th cuz im a murrican so whats the matter anyway”

“look at a japanese clock you twat your timezone sucks”