As a Babysitter Sanny would love to try out his newest magic tricks to ‘wow’ the child. It first started out when he tried the good old ‘pulling a coin out from behind your ear’ trick and the moment he saw the girls eyes widen in shock he knew he had to try all the others on her. Now hes even teaching her how to do magic tricks to show off to mamman when he gets home (he even got her a cape and hat).

I am the army child..

I was born into this life..

It is who I am..

The only thing I have kept with me is a rabbit. He is a small token of my youth. He is the one thing that I have treasured and has seen all the places I have seen. 

When asked if I would change how I was brought up, whether I would have been better off staying in one place all my life. My response is always the same. “I don’t know any different than this life. I wouldn’t change it because it has made me who I am today. It has matured me, made me stronger, made me value education and it has given me friends who (without this life) I wouldn’t have had the luxury to meet.” 

I am proud to say that my father was in the forces, he protected not just our family but everyones families, he had courage (which i try to have even a piece of) to go out and sacrifice his lifestyle so that I could have a good education. So that we would all be safe to have our everyday lives. I take nothing for granted because this life has taught me nothing is guaranteed. I could wake up on day and my father could be leaving for a few months… for a year. Would he come back? We wouldn’t know. It taught me from a young age the value of everything. To maybe have a few close friends than a hundred that know everything about you life just because they grew up in your neighbourhood.”

I am part of an exclusive club. A group so to speak. We are army children. We were the strange new kids appearing in your classes in the middle of the year. We were the ones you made up peculiar stories about. We grew up seeing the world, we were there for each other like our own little community because we all understood what our parents did for a living. When parents were posted away, we were the ones that rallied to each other to get through it. “Normal” children would never understand that. There was no exclusion because you had just moved in. You were all going through the same process. 

I AM an army child.

And I wouldn’t change it for the world.


This is very very nit picky and we should watch it some time.

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hi ! what's your favorite song + why

hey! hmmmm,,, well at the moment it’s probably my backwards walk by frightened rabbit bc i just rlly love the lyrics and it’s super inspiring for me! thx for the ask

Here we go.
Down this rabbit hole
Of, How are you?
What are you up to?
And the dreaded
Tell me about yourself.
And I can’t
Because there are stories inside of me
Only I can see
Only I can touch

with a gentle hand
you pull me open
curled up inside my spine
you find me
you make me brave
you make me sensitive
no, that was all me
and you figured it out
right around day three
when jesus rose
and begged a “forgive me”
in the time he was gone
i had already lost count
of the times i wondered why                                                                         i wasnt good enough                    

From ( x ) - @thepillboxrevolver

The hiss of the several shower heads filled the stone steam shower, filling it with steam as the hot water ran over him and the massaging heads drummed water down hard on his muscles. Joker tried to remember to relax and not let them get so tense but it was just so damn hard. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against the stone as he scrubbed the soapy loofa across his chest, it had been a long day. A long week. So long, in fact, that he hadn’t realized he drifted off until hands snaked around his waist and jolted him awake. How long had he been asleep standing there, seconds? A minute? Fleeting sleep at its best was often a habit of Jokers. Ten second reboot. With a sharp inhaled breath he brought one hand to one of the hands around him, it had to be Harley. They were the only ones home.

“Hey looney-tune,” He hummed.

Stepping quietly into the glass box, Harley rested her cheek against his spine, arms snaking around his midsection. She didn’t startle when he did, smiling lightly and gently k i s s i n g  his shoulderblade. Work must have been getting to him - now, when she asked him to come to bed in the evenings, it wasn’t just for her own good. Yawning softly against his back, she allowed the hot water to slide down her pale skin, soaking her from head to toe.

     “Y’been in here for a while, J. I was worried.”

rabbit-hearted-boy replied to your post “is there a reason other than “griffin had a baby” that monster factory…”

Griffin and Justin also mentioned in the first Spore video that they’ve been running out of good games with character customisation so that also might be why it hasn’t updated in a while?? Hopefully we get a new Monster Factory soon though!

ugh that’s true. i was hoping there would be a different reason… i dont want them to have to stop just because there aren’t any good games left :( i wonder if they would ever consider going back and make a new character in a game they’ve already done? i’m sure it would be just as funny tbh i don’t see them running out of jokes to make in some of these games


Jam of the Day #85

This is a bit of a slow, smooth, sorta-psychedelic song. Very much late 1960s type stuff, and it’s probably one of the most famous Jefferson Airplane songs. Reminds me a little bit of some of the slower Doors songs. I like it, and I hope you do too.

Band: Jefferson Airplane Genre: Folk/Psychedelic/Acid Rock Song: White Rabbit