rabbits and fire


Bunnies coming to town

wip, guilty desire would be bunny hasubando

Earth does such things
to itself: furrowing, cracking apart, bursting
into flame. It rips openings in itself, which it struggles
(or not) to skin over. The moon
doesn’t care about its own
craters and bruises. Only we can regret
the perishing of the burned place.
Only we could call it a wound.
—  Margaret Atwood, Morning in the Burned House: A Fire Place
How you can help save a bunny.

Spring is the season where we start to see the ads with adorable little bunnies in the run up to Easter.  Some people think that a bunny would make a great gift for their child on Easter morning.  Sadly, bunnies tend to be considered as “starter pets” and because they’re cute, they must love being picked up and cuddled like a puppy or kitten would–nothing could be further from the truth.

Bunnies are prey animals and they need to trust you before they’re comfortable being pet or handled (most bunnies never like being picked up because it’s hard-wired into them that being picked up is the last thing that happens before being eaten by a predator).  Little ones don’t understand why the cute bunny doesn’t want to be held and cuddled or why the bunny scratched or bit at them while trying to run away.

If the bunny was bought as a well-meaning Easter gift, this is usually the time when people set their now fired Easter bunny free.  Those bunnies end up either killed by predators because they can’t camouflage themselves like wild bunnies can or the lucky ones end up in the local animal shelter.  Each year, shelters are inundated with fired Easter bunnies shortly after the holiday because people weren’t prepared to have a bunny as a pet.
I don’t normally ask this, but please help spread the word to anyone you know with kids who may think that buying a bunny for Easter is a good idea and tell them it isn’t.  A pet that can easily live 10 years with proper care isn’t an impulse purchase.
Thank you.    

32 Reasons Why I Will Never Have a Perfect Boyfriend

1) Jace Wayland.

2) Will Herondale.

3) Jem Carstairs

4). Jebediah Holt.

5) Cole Holland.

6) Frosty (Aston Martin).

7) Bronx.

8) Justin Silverstone.

9) Gavin.

10) River Marks.

11) Chance.

12) Griffin King.

13) Samuel Morgan.

14) Jasper Renn.

15) Jack Dandy.

16) Prince Kai.

17) Ze'ev Kesley.

18) Carswell Thorne.

19) Jacin Clay.

20) Marcus Valerius Lux (Ignifex).

21) Armand Vareilles.

22) Fitzwilliam Darcy.

23) Jon Snow.

24) Robb Stark.

25) Gendry Waters.

26) Tobias Eaton.

27) Percy Jackson.

28) Ethan Wate.

29) Maxon Shreave.

30) Aspen Leger.

31) Carter Woodwork.

32) Kile Woodwork.