The story of Pickles

So I just realised I haven’t yet fully spoken about Pickles. 

If you’ve followed this blog since I set it up, you’ll know that I rescued Pickles in may of this year, Somebody on a local Facebook group put a message which read ‘free rabbit with hutch and run to collector’  

After enquiring with the person, I discovered that ‘Suarez’ The lionhead was approx 2 years old, but the family no longer wished to keep him as they were ‘moving house and don’t have time for him’.  On further questioning the boy (it was a young teenager probably about the age of 15) told me that Suarez ‘eats toast every day’  and is ‘friendly’. he sent me a photo, but from what I could gather this bun didn’t look very happy at all.  

I arranged to go and collect him that night, but when I got there I was shocked at the living conditions he was in. 

The family had moved his hutch to the front of the house (I guess so strangers didn’t have to go into the garden?) and the first thing I saw was an awful, homemade hutch that was far too small for a rabbit of his size. It had a completely flat roof so no rain could run off it, the bars were jagged, and only the tiny bed compartment opened, meaning that you couldn’t get to the bun if he decided to go into the ‘daytime’ mesh area.    The next thing I registered was that this rabbit had NOTHING.  No bedding AT ALL , no food dish, no toys, just a completely empty hutch with a wooden floor. The ‘run’ they had mentioned was nowhere in sight. The only indication that he’d had anything to eat were a few mouldy crusts of bread from what I can only assume was the ‘toast’ that the boy had told me about.    

When I knocked on the door to tell the family i was there, a burly man opened, and simply said ‘there it is, take it’  and threw me a carrier bag that was half full with dusty, damp old hay. no food, no other accessories. He slammed the door in our faces and left us to it.  

When I got him home, I immediately set about filling the hutch with bedding, fresh hay (I threw the stuff he gave me in the bin), proper rabbit pellets and a few new toys. He was so frightened, wouldn’t go near my hand at all, and was extremely thin- his spine was clearly visible and his head looked far too big for his body.  Over the next few months I renamed him,  bought him a brand new hutch which is like a mansion, got him checked over by a vet, worked on trying to get him to put on weight. He snapped up every bit of food I could give him, and as a result of being so bored and frustrated at his previous home, it became apparent that he had developed a habit of constantly drinking from his bottle just to occupy himself. 

The first time he saw a lawn he was so amazed. And as he got used to freedom he began to binky and play. These days he runs alongside Bertie on the lawn, they follow each other and lie next to each other. He is beginning to finally like being petted, although only on his own terms.  I still can’t pick him up.   It’s a slow road but his personality is slowly shining through and he’s turning into a wonderful little gentleman who is very sassy at times. 

we love you pickles! 



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