Drawing 18 for 30dayfever (ye i’m still doing it good job me A+)

Yo so I noticed I use a lot of brown in my pictures but that’s understandable right I mean brown come on that’s a really nice color

But ye I like other colors too believe it or not and sometimes I actually use them and BOOM here ya go here’s colors

light(ish) colors

which are a pain to work with

Anywho a while back i was asking for prompts and rabbitoctopus  suggested a piggyback race type thing so that’s where like half of this comes from
Thanks for the prompt you’re a bab v u v


rabbitoctopus requested

“Rabbit sleeping, and Spine about to prank him.”

For a while I got stuck on this (which is why it too me so long, sorry) ‘cause I couldn’t think ofa suitable prank. Eventually though I decided upon the good old-fashioned whipped cream and feather trick: spray whipped cream on sleeping persons hand, tickle their nose with a feather, and wait for them to scratch it. Presto, faceful of whipped cream!

I hope you enjoy it, rabbitoctopus! I also included a little bonus drawing at the end 'cause I felt bad for making you wait so long…

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1. Birthday? May 1st

2. Sign? Taurus

3. Height? 5′6″

4. Sexual orientation: Bisexual or Pansexual… not quite sure

5. Favorite Color? Pink! Or Green!

6. Average hours of sleep you get? :I 12

7. Lucky number? who has a lucky number? I guess 6?

8. Last thing you googled? When I’m a walking I strut my stuff and I’m so strung out. I’m high as a kite and I just might stop to check you out. Let me go on. (was trying to find the song name)

9. What word comes to my mind? mmmmmmm

10. Place? uhhh Central Park

11. Number of blankets you sleep with? 0-2. Depending on how hot or cold it is

12. Favorite fictional character? Can I pick my own? If not I always love Kuja from FF9. But I <3 my Smokes Brass

13. Favorite famous person? Right now its probably Arin Hanson. :/

14. Celebrity crush? Danny Sexbang, Tom Hardy

15. Favorite book? I’ve read so few of them. I hope comics count, cause then I’d have to say Batman: Year One.

16. Dream trip? I WANT TO GO TO SOMEPLACE WITH BEAUTIFUL BRIGHT BLUE WATER! Where I can scuba dive or just, sit in it.

17. What are you wearing right now? I literally look like a lifeguard. I’ve got on baggy red shorts and a white tank top that says “Go with the Waves”… I fuckin’ live in New York City. YOU DON’T WANT THE WAVES.

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  1.  lunidoll said: .-. I wont forget you. So thats at least one person, and I KNOW that there are others out that wont ever forget you…also CAKE HELLSYES! BAKING yess
  2.  pockyandsugar said: Shut your mouth. You are an awesome person who I’m lucky to call my friend!!!
  3.  jazzpancakes said: aw bby - n- how could i ever forget you?
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  5.  prototype-paprika said: sshhhhhh you r perfect n cute n huggable n i luv u and you are wotrh anyones time and all that and.. spein gif loves you a lot, spein gif hugs you yes.



everyone is so nice…. I’m sorry for being a debbie downer. Thanks guys. Things have been rough but just like this cake, I am delicious and strong. I think thats what i"m going for… idk… i have cake now.