Drawing 18 for 30dayfever (ye i’m still doing it good job me A+)

Yo so I noticed I use a lot of brown in my pictures but that’s understandable right I mean brown come on that’s a really nice color

But ye I like other colors too believe it or not and sometimes I actually use them and BOOM here ya go here’s colors

light(ish) colors

which are a pain to work with

Anywho a while back i was asking for prompts and rabbitoctopus  suggested a piggyback race type thing so that’s where like half of this comes from
Thanks for the prompt you’re a bab v u v


rabbitoctopus requested

“Rabbit sleeping, and Spine about to prank him.”

For a while I got stuck on this (which is why it too me so long, sorry) ‘cause I couldn’t think ofa suitable prank. Eventually though I decided upon the good old-fashioned whipped cream and feather trick: spray whipped cream on sleeping persons hand, tickle their nose with a feather, and wait for them to scratch it. Presto, faceful of whipped cream!

I hope you enjoy it, rabbitoctopus! I also included a little bonus drawing at the end 'cause I felt bad for making you wait so long…

  1.  lunidoll said: .-. I wont forget you. So thats at least one person, and I KNOW that there are others out that wont ever forget you…also CAKE HELLSYES! BAKING yess
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everyone is so nice…. I’m sorry for being a debbie downer. Thanks guys. Things have been rough but just like this cake, I am delicious and strong. I think thats what i"m going for… idk… i have cake now.