One of Katto’s many creations Rabbitman who fights off against Godzilla

During the interview’s I was able to out all information concerning Masahiko Katto the films and the relationship between directors Katto and Nakajima. 

Apparently, to poke fun at how long the film was taking to make. Mr. Katto decided to create a spoof of Wolfman vs. Godzilla; even using the same title cards and similar locations, calling the film “Rabbitman vs. Godzilla.” This was actually shown at a lot of fan film events in Japan during the late 80’s

Rabbitman transformation sequence, where his hunger for carrots begins!

This movie is HILARIOUS! I can’t explain to you but every time I see the seen above I actually lose it. It’s so perfect, if a director is going to have a spoof of his work, this is the way to go. Luckily, I was given a full copy of this film, and Mr. Katto spoke a lot more on the subject in the Kaiju Gaiden interview, which will be featured in the documentary.

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