Wiecie jak to jest, kiedy ma się 18 lat. Wydaje ci się, że wiesz wszystko, a w rzeczywistości gówno wiesz. Bycie 20-latkiem jest jak gra komputerowa, w której pominąłeś tutorial. Biegasz tylko bez sensu, nie wiesz co robić, nie masz żadnej porządnej broni, ani dobrego pancerza.
—  Pokolenie Ikea
First Child with Grayson would include

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•Him, like His brother, being terrified to hold them for the first time in fear that he might “Break them”

•Gray, helping you out, every single night taking care of them

•When the baby can’t sleep, Grayson takes over, and holds them the entire night, often falling asleep himself with the baby in his arms.

•”Y/n, go back to sleep baby! I got them.”

• Him, being spotted playing video games with the baby in his arms

•Him, getting one of those baby chest straps, and taking them everywhere he goes, in fear something might happen if he isn’t there to protect them

•Spoiling the baby

•Dressing up in silly outfits, just to make them laugh, even if he looks stupid

•Playing the “Air plane” game with the baby

•Tea parties

•Him, being the “stricter” parent not wanting anything to happen to the child

•Taking them to the zoo, so they could see their favorite animal in person

•Family disney trips, and all three of you dressing as disney characters 

•Watching whatever movie they wanted to watch, on repeat.

•Him, dressing up as their favorite cartoon character to make them happy

•The three of you cuddling all of the time

•Him, being the best, loving father ever

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