♥ Happy Valentine’s day ♥

This kind of routine makes the Commander smile, so yes, it’s actually to be done every day of the year and not only on this special day :3

~ Happy Valentine’s day to all Destiel shippers out there! ~

Angels didn’t sulk, Castiel was sure of it. Or at least, he had been sure of it, until this morning. Until he found himself dejectedly sipping his coffee in the bunker’s kitchen, using Sam’s laptop to look for an interesting case to distract him from this ridiculous… Well, sulking.

February 14th. It shouldn’t make a difference, of course. It was a silly human tradition, Castiel shouldn’t even care about it in the first place. Even though Sam had encouraged him during their talk yesterday. Had almost convinced Castiel to go for it and do something for Dean, something to finally show Dean how he felt.

But Castiel had chickened out, and decided that he wouldn’t -couldn’t- do it. Surely Sam had it all wrong; Dean didn’t see Castiel that way, there was no chance, and he’d merely make a fool of himself. Not to mention, things would get tense and uncomfortable around the bunker.

With a heavy sigh, Castiel closed the laptop, not even lucky in finding a case to take his mind off of whatever wild random Valentine’s day dates that Dean without a doubt had planned for today.

He put down his empty mug, already planning to go for a drive to clear his head, when someone suddenly coughed pointedly. Castiel turned his head at the sound, tilting it and meeting green eyes and a flustered face.

“Dean? Is something wrong?” He asked, slowly getting up from his seat.

“No.” Dean replied right away, making a sound that could either be a huff or a laugh. “Just wanna say… The card is giving me cavities from just looking at it, but yeah, me too.”

Castiel frowned at his favorite human, puzzled, at which Dean rolled his eyes and dangled something in front of him, clearly a Valentine’s themed card. On it were flowers, bees, and the rather cheesy line ‘I want to BEE yours’.

Written in one of the corners was Castiel’s name, the hand writing much like Castiel’s, but not quite identical. There was no way that Dean could’ve known that though.

“Dean, I…” Castiel started, about to betray his main and only suspect; Sam Winchester.

But Sam was saved when Dean cut Castiel off with a swift kiss, gentle but sure, right on the lips. Castiel blinked in wonder when Dean pulled back, smiling sheepishly and rubbing the back of his neck.

“Look man, I get it, I know we need to talk about this…” Dean muttered, his eyes never leaving Castiel’s. “But I just… I’ve waited a long time, hell, so have you. Would it kill us to have some fun today and leave the serious crap for tomorrow?”

Castiel answered him with a kiss of his own, a feeling of pure bliss knocking the breath out of both of them. They could talk later, the angel decided as their kiss deepened, Dean’s hands finding their way into Castiel’s hair. For now, this was enough. Castiel made a mental note to thank Sam tomorrow.


Sneakily peeking through the kitchen door, Sam Winchester breathed a relieved “finally”.

So he’d cheated a little to at last escape that never ending tension between his older brother and their guardian angel; could anyone really blame him after seven years? He shrugged, giving himself a well-deserved pat on the shoulder, whistling a tune as he headed to his room to get ready for his lunch date with Eileen.


All I need to know is if there might be some future for us, some possibility of…                                                         I do not know what.