So to sum up what’s roughly in the Danganronpa 3 Anthology…(no translation…or order)

  • Bandai and Gozu do pop often in the Future Side, perhaps in compensation for their limited screen time.
  • Gozu is such a dad.
  • Ryouta (the real one) doesn’t show up much, but the imposter does. Probably in accordance to the former’s antisocial habits.
  • There’s a story dedicated to Kuzuryuu finding Peko after the latter ditched class.
  • A story about Souda trying to impress Sonia with a robotic rabbit
  • A typical day that ends in Souda getting into a compromising position.
  • Naegi and crew got lost on the way to the Tower, and try to survive on some island. That’s where the bear and sharks come from.
  • Seiko trips and a chunk of the FF suffers their own version aphrodisiac scene.
  • BEEFY KOMARU (and komaru appearance shenanigans.) one toko
  • Hajime is upset about losing constantly to Nanami.
  • But he does get to go to a festival with class 77
  • Teruteru really likes hanging around
  • Gundham mistakes Nekomaru as a cat, and tries to appease him.
  • Yukizome catches Souda, Komaeda, and Kuzuryuu looking at a questionable magazine.
  • Souda’s dream wedding with Sonia! (in a daydream)
  • Fuyuhiko is tired of everyone’s crud, but he’s still very shocked at some of the events.
  • Twogami breaks into Mikan’s house, because she cried for help.
  • Chiaki introduces Hiyoko to the magic of VR…which oddly features Mikan. Trying to fix their relationship??
  • A day in the life of Ibuki. (comic, not 4koma)
  • BISHOUNEN for several characters
  • Monomi failing to be hip
  • The realization of what happens if you eat too many of Ruruka’s sweets
  • Trying to modify Naegi…but Aoi and Kirigiri do not approve.
  • Nagito’s “funeral” is noted multiple times, and his luck does screw Souda over.
  • Tengan is a weird grandpa. Who also crushes on Bandai???
  • Chisa is still an energetic person all around.
  • SUDDENLY TINY BANDAIS. (and a few mini Gozus)
  • Some Izuru being too stoic. But he likes the hamster.
  • Ruruka trying really hard. And bonding with Izayoi.
  • Chisa being an interpreter for Seiko??
  • Monoca is perpetually frustrated
  • Aoi fondly remembers Sakura.
  • Juuzou has bonding issues.
  • And finally, Mukuro expanding her singing genres…during the first mutual killing.

You’re Something Extraordinary 

1. Love Like You + Nothing Like You - Rebecca Sugar 2). Still - Daughter  3). The Witcher 3 OST - Priscilla’s Song 4). Can’t Help Falling In Love With You - Twenty One Pilots 5). The Gambler Fun 6). Patron Saint of Pretty Faces - Small Wonder 7). The Storm - Elenowen 8). Rhinestone Eyes - Gorillaz 9). Bind Us All - FESTIVAL 10). So This Is Love - Ilene Woods & Mike Douglas 11). I See the Light - Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi 12). Wolf & I - Oh Land 13). Lean On - (Featuring MØ & DJ Snake) Major Lazer 14). Run Daughter 15). The Oil Slick Frightened Rabbit

A constaco mix, listen here (x).

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