Can we please admire Touka’s strength after Ayato left? She literally raised him, he was way younger than her when Arata left. She took care of him, carried him on her back so he wouldn’t have to walk, probably hunted some humans for him to eat because he was too little to even kill a fly. She held him during chilly nights when there was no bed and forced on a smile to make him feel safe even if she was breaking inside. She was his older sister but at the same time she fulfilled the role of a mother, and that’s something impossible to forget. I also had to take care of my nieces many times and although I know they’re not my children, I know they’re like little siblings more than my very own kids, but sometimes it feels like it. Touka looked a lot like Hikari so imagine how it is for Ayato to look at her, even if he was very young when his mom died. To have all those memories of her taking care of him, working her ass off so he would have a place to sleep, something to eat, someone to hold, a smile when he missed daddy… Touka was extremely brave to let him go and still carry on with her life with a smile. I wouldn’t be able to keep going knowing that he’s out there, on his own, alone, and not needing her at all. What shocks me the most is that Kaneki also left, Hinami too, and she never said: “I had enough of this shit, always waiting for people who leave me behind, I had enough with Ayato, I’m not gonna do this anymore”… she never did that, she had faith that he would come back, and I think a part of her always knew that Ayato would come back to her as well. I just have so much respect for Touka as a person, she went through a lot of shit, and she still tried to move on and keep studying and not give up in life. She’s an inspiration.