bugsofjade asked:

15, 23, 40, and 60 for Amaya because may as well put your kickass healer-bunbun in the spotlight :3


15: What makes your OC angry?

ANYBODY MESSING WITH HER CHARGES OH MY GOD MAMA BUN I find it hilarious that a tiny mother rabbit is fiercely protective of a palace of warriors but she’s scary okay ALSO when her instructions aren’t followed if you miss a dose or a session with her someone better be dead or ascended 

23: Whats your OCs biggest secret?

This one doesn’t come up in the Bound canon much if it ever does but back when husband 2 died leaving her with a daughter from the first husband and two newborns she kinda turned to alcohol for a pretty long time and didn’t cope very well with the combination of grief and postpartum. She left the Palace for about half a year and just sort of wallowed in grief and liquor at her sister in laws house the whole time. Then her replacement healer was called away for a family emergency and someone up at the Palace became deathly ill. She climbed those stairs only half sober in a horrific storm and tried her best to help. The patient barely survived, Amaya moved back to the Palace the next night, and spent the next few months refusing to leave her room unless a patient was too ill/hurt to make it there. In the time since then (approximately two years) she hasn’t touched a drop, and she refuses to judge anybody she’s called to treat for symptoms related to addiction.

The only people who know about this are her SIL, Shifu, and Monkey, who found her in the village and helped her get to the Palace that night.

40: What is the craziest thing your OC has done?

Amaya intimidates Tigress and Shifu on a near weekly basis she raises the bar by existing BUT I’d say probably the time Shifu had a severe fever and refused to leave the Hall of Warriors until his meditation session was done. She was pregnant at the time, adamant that he needed to get his temperature down, and not very happy about his sass.

So she pushed his ass into the Moon Pool.

60: Does your OC enjoy nature?

She has a healthy respect for it, considering most of her medicinal arsenal is derived from nature. She has been known to get pissy when a storm is making travel difficult though.

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Video shows a snake capturing a baby rabbit, only to be vanquished by a fierce mother rabbit who performs several backflips and goes all “Neo/Matrix” on the reptile according to Tamron Hall, who reports from the Orange Room.

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