Okay I don’t know if anyone noticed but there are two tapestries that only show up completely for a millisecond during the episode “Into the Wand” We learn alot about 4 queens of Mewni including Moon. But there appears to be two more behind Star when she is reading about Eclipsa. As you can see one looks to be a ballerina with rabbits on her checks. While the other looks greek and has goat horns and a cup. And the ballerina is the tapestry right next to Star’s. I wonder if our bunny ballerina queen was the first queen? Anyways theories on who these two are?


I think she’s finished. I’m calling her finished. Putting the pen down and calling it done. I might do more with the background later.. but she’s done for now.

I give to you Ballerina Rabbit, inspired by the amazing mightythesaurusrex

Rabbit © Steam Powered Giraffe, LLC

artwork © alyxxtheartist

PaintTool Sai

Wacom Intuos5

(I forgot to keep track of the hours… probably like 7-10)