Okay I don’t know if anyone noticed but there are two tapestries that only show up completely for a millisecond during the episode “Into the Wand” We learn alot about 4 queens of Mewni including Moon. But there appears to be two more behind Star when she is reading about Eclipsa. As you can see one looks to be a ballerina with rabbits on her checks. While the other looks greek and has goat horns and a cup. And the ballerina is the tapestry right next to Star’s. I wonder if our bunny ballerina queen was the first queen? Anyways theories on who these two are?


fire sequences from 1.09, 1.17 & Red’s 1.22   The last one is Red’s recall from 1.22

in 1.09 Liz is alone. in 1.17 the camera is on Liz’s the entire time she is remembering. And in 1.22 the camera is all on Red as he remembers..

Note there are the same scenes, in different order:

  • an adult walking with the rabbit hanging from the right hand
  • the doll, first fine, then on fire, falling over
  • the  table with the lamp, the second rabbit and the clock. Also the drawing
  • a shelf with a shoe, the rabbit, maybe a ballerina shoe?
  • Christmas ornaments on fire.

Remember that it is not reality, is a show that is filmed and so the restrictions of that must be accounted for when assembling puzzle pieces. So this is the first filming of fire sequences to have them to start bringing the fire into perspective.