rabbit's doodles

Another messy sketch of one of @cynphonium‘s oc’s.


don’t mind me just doodling trash

featuring shark husband, two random Zora based on a rabbit fish and a frilled shark, and a really rough idea for my new garbage LoZ-‘sona who seems to be some kind of Poe maybe??? idk if we can have the Poe Collector and Wizzro looking like they do, then I can have this one 

these were actually not scanned but photographed with my phone camera and then messed with to resemble scans, so they’re not as clear as usual

rabbitpietale  asked:

Could you draw someone on enforced bed rest (sick)?

@rabbitpietale, Frisk came down with something and everyone came by the house to check in on them and give them some comfort and smiles through their sick day.

This is part request response and part get well wishes card for you, Rabbit. I hope you feel better soon.
Thank you for your request!✨