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anonymous asked:

do the cats and buns get along?

yeah, pretty well.

I kept them separate for a year, but tbh it works better to free range them? the cats don’t seem to stress them - I’ll walk into my room & find cats + buns snoozing together in a beam of sunlight. still, if I move somewhere with more space (think that’ll be in May) I plan on separating them again, just to be safe.

I haven’t shared my buns much on this blog bc I know this is a controversial arrangement. 

Can we all just take a minute and appreciate what a masterpiece Who Framed Roger Rabbit is?

If you need convincing just look up some behind the scenes videos or just google the phrase “bump the lamp” to see the meticulous artistry that is poured into every corner of this film.

What I want to know is: did Disney animate the Looney Tunes characters too or was that handled by their crew. If Disney did I imagine they had access to the character bibles and that’s awesome. And if anyone knows for sure please tell me I’m curious.