rabbit trick

Live Life Golden Part 8

Jungkook x reader

Warnings: strong language

Words: 2994

He was a graduate of the elite class, inherited billions from his father, and lived the life of an international playboy. (y/n) came into his life and made him question it all.

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10 Things About Me

Tagged by @bigsleevescollects Yours was so interesting!! Thank you for tagging me 💕

1. I’m a very spiritual person, it is probably one of the biggest reasons I still enjoy existing. Since I was a child I have always been into the magical/mystical world. I was 6 and I asked my grandma to take me to the library to study magic.( not card tricks or rabbits) although I do love Magic the Gathering.
2. I have been practicing to be compassionate to all living things. This includes insects! I had this mosquito in my room one day (I live near New Orleans LA) and it kept bothering me and never left so I named him Joseph, I know it was male because male mosquitos never bite and he never did. There was a mosquito hawk in my room and honestly I was like okay it’s up to the universe if Joseph makes in and Joseph. Fought. Off. The. Mosquito. Hawk. 👏🏻👏🏻
Joseph became my friend I found him very endearing. Two fleeting lives existing together he was lovely. One day I found Joseph mortally wounded and I cradled him in my fingers and laid him to rest in a abalone shell with a bed of violets. I have not yet moved him.
3. I have recently given up beef to pursue the Hindu religion as I have noticed one day after reading in depth to their beliefs and it honestly fit like a glove. My friends and family think it’s funny but I have always had very different beliefs than my peers and I relish that. I think cows are beautiful angels now. The only living things I eat as of now are chicken and turkey.
4. I have never felt good enough really at anything and I am very self critical. Compliments make me cry from joy. I cry a lot, if I find something beautiful and worth living for I always cry and it’s a beautiful trait that I relish. I have very bad depression at times so when I find a reason to be content and enjoy the life, I take it to heart.
5. Things I find beautiful and endearing, all flowers, all animals, powerful women, gemstones of all types, grandmothers, kind children, warm hugs, real friends, random gifts, Steven universe, particularly Garnet and Lapis.
6. I particularly appreciate when others are gentle to me, as no one has acted gently to me in,words and actions, since my grandmother passed. And Death is just another part of this world and that’s okay! So instead of seeking out compassion I’m hoping to spread it to everyone.
7. My love for art, fashion, aesthetics, makeup, hair, and all things beautiful takes a huge for front of my life. I am an artist firstly but my art has lately been set towards hair and makeup!
I’m in an amazing salon with amazing opportunities and at times it is very stressful but I am very thankful for where I am not only in my craft but in life. I hope to do makeup and hair in runways one day and I am constantly pushing for that goal!
8. My favorite state in America was California. I went in July of 2016 and it was life changing. My eyes are set on Los Angeles within at least the next 15 years! Although I’m sure New York would be a more opportune city for Runways but Los Angeles is where my heart is!
9. I have an amazing boy friend I feel like I’ve met my soulmate. The scene “we already love you” from Steven Universe where Sapphire and Ruby reunite and they are so happy to see each other makes my cry every single time. And honestly when I’m with him I feel like Garnet and I am so very thankful. He’s 6'1" platinum blonde, a double major in Physics and Vocal performance. He’s tall blonde smart as a whip can sing and is a total cutie pie.
10. I’m very thankful for being tagged in this, as a child no one really ever listened to what I had to say so I always feel the need to raise my voice or repeat myself to feel heard. So when someone shows interest in me I’m truly flattered. 😭💕✨

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Crybaby Snitch

For my third trick, silly rabbit:
Sadly, I turn man against man.
Someone tampered with my book
The Mastery of Love.
I only know this because
I read the first few pages several times
And thought I was crazy.
“You misunderstand the man.
We want you.”
Later in the book I read
To stop apologizing.
Something like do not push in chairs
For people. Do not be so babylike
To put it plainly.
I am Artemis, and I
Was invited to the forest.
Two police officers
Escorted me upstairs.
It was a man with tattoos
And one with a mustache;
I commented on it again.
His buddy with the tattoos on his arm
Said, “She remembers.”
My head was foggy–sleep deprived
And hungry; had been crying.
They asked if I finished my book,
And I said, “Yes.” They asked,
“Did you understand it?”
I said, “I think so.”
They said, “Did you really
Understand it?”
This was sketchy to me.
I told them, “I have to read things
Twice sometimes to understand.”
I was scared of going upstairs;
I did not know what they meant.
I thought nothing of it
Until I left the hospital:
I pinned a pin that said,
“Don’t tell anyone, Artemis.”
It was a picture of a girl on the moon.
The only reason I am saying this is:
No nerds allowed in the forest.
You do not own the forest;
Always into facial hair and tattoos,
You both proved
Those are not sexy if all you do
Is hate. I am polite,
And I am not sorry about it.
Instead of tampering
With my book,
Someone should have read it:
I have all sorts of magic
In my heart–I create
Enough love for all of us.
I do not need yours.
Now I am your crybaby snitch.
Congratulations: You did it.

Touka the Rabbit and Kachikachi Mountain

Earlier, I made a post on how Touka’s rabbit mask was based on an in-universe popular character series, and how the character’s name was Kachikachi. This would ring alarm bells for anyone who knows the Japanese folktale of the rabbit, the tanuki, and Kachikachi Mountain. Warnings for cannibalism, torture, and cute animals doing terrible things.

This is my own summary of the tale based on what I remember! There are regional differences and official English translations may exist.

The Tale of Kachikachi Mountain (かちかち山)

Once upon a time there was an old couple who lived in a farm on the mountains. Every day they would go out into the fields and plant seeds and crops, but there was a malicious Tanuki (raccoon dog) who would chant songs for bad crops and dig up and eat whatever the couple had planted.

The Old Man finally had enough, and succeeded in catching the Tanuki in a trap. He told the Old Woman to make him into a tanuki stew and went out into the fields to work again. The Tanuki knew the Old Woman was kind and begged for his life, promising he would never do bad things again and saying he would help with the housework. The Old Woman believed him and released him, but the Tanuki beat her with a mallet and made her into stew. He disguised himself as the Old Woman, and when the Old Man came back he fed him the Old Woman’s meat saying it was the Tanuki stew he had wanted. When the stew was finished he laughed at the Old Man and escaped back into the mountains. The Old Man tried to catch him but could’t keep up.

The Old Man spoke to a good friend living in a nearby mountain, the Rabbit. The Rabbit decided to take revenge on the Tanuki in place of the Old Man. The Rabbit invited the Tanuki to gather up kindling together. They gathered up lots of kindling and hoisted them on their backs. On the way back the Rabbit walked behind the Tanuki and began striking flint. “What is that kachikachi noise?” the Tanuki asked. “This is Kachikachi Mountain,” replied the Rabbit, “and it is the cry of the Kachikachi bird.” The Tanuki believed the Rabbit and walked on. (There are a few more exchanges in the full-length tale.) The Tanuki’s firewood caught fire, and the Tanuki had severe burns.

Later the Rabbit visited the Tanuki’s home with miso paste mixed with hot peppers, saying it was a medicine good for burns. The Tanuki spread the paste on himself and spent many days in agony. 

(There are many more tricks the Rabbit plays on the Tanuki, but the last trick is always the fishing trip, for obvious reasons.)

When the Tanuki’s burns had healed the rabbit invited the Tanuki to a fishing trip. He prepared two boats, a smaller boat made of wood and a bigger boat made of mud. As the Rabbit had expected, the Tanuki picked the bigger boat in his greed. When they had gone out into the water the Tanuki’s mud boat began to dissolve. The Tanuki begged the Rabbit for help, but the Rabbit drowned the Tanuki with his oar. And that is the tale of how the Tanuki was punished for his wrongdoings.

Image Source: Wiki - Here, have an oar to the face.

It’s a gruesome tale, and little Japanese children do grow up listening to this as their bedtime story and learning this in preschool. (And this is pretty tame compared to some other folktales.)

How does this all relate back to Touka? Kachikachi the Rabbit’s name was revealed in Ch22 for the sharp-eyed fans, during Hinami’s arc. During that arc Hinami was powerless to protect herself and Touka decided to take revenge on her behalf. After a number of encounters Touka finally kills the man responsible for Hinami’s suffering, Mado Kureo. There are a few differences, such as Hinami not wanting to take revenge and just wanting to be with her family again, or Touka feeling guilt after seeing Mado’s wedding ring. Other than that it’s easy to assign the characters with their counterparts in Kachikachi Mountain:

  • Touka, as the Rabbit
  • Hinami, as the Old Man
  • Hinami’s mother (and father), as the Old Woman
  • Mado, as the Tanuki

If you had seen the Kachikachi reference and knew the tale it means you could have essentially predicted the whole storyline of the arc. This also explains why Touka never was truly active as the Rabbit again after the events in Hinami’s arc. Ayato took her place as the Black Rabbit in all subsequent CCG reports. Touka had fulfilled her role as the avenger for Hinami, and was no longer the Rabbit in Kachikachi Mountain. 

I’ve seen a few comments saying they want her to still have the phone strap, but after realizing this I hope she doesn’t have it any more. In TG Touka’s character development was about trying to ease away from the cycle of destruction and revenge between ghouls and humans. Her actions as the Rabbit - killing investigators in the 20th ward and turning the CCG’s attention towards 20th ward and ultimately Anteiku - was indirectly responsible for the Anteiku Raids, and she knows it. The last time we saw the Kachikachi strap was in Ch126, when she was watching the news on the Anteiku Raid and she has to face the consequences of her actions.

It can’t be a coincidence the rabbit strap is so prominent here, right? 

In :re we see her development - Touka is no longer rash, and is able to think about the consequences her actions may have. In future chapters I hope we see her with a new animal counterpart and mask, for she has suffered enough as the Rabbit, and has moved beyond the cycle of revenge.

This is my first long meta post, so feel free to add anything! I hope it was easy to follow.