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2manyfandoms2count-love  asked:

19 and Virgil

19) “You’re gonna make it, just stay awake.”
(In my head this goes with this drabble)

CW: Blood, mentions of injuries, mentions of death (no character death)

The ambulance was smaller than Virgil thought it would be. Or maybe it was just that there were more people in it than should be. Patton was there, and Roman, and Logan, and the paramedic, and him, and didn’t they usually just say one person? Roman said it was one person only. Hospital policy. 

Perks of having a doctor boyfriend, maybe. 

He wasn’t sure how he’d gotten into the ambulance. He wasn’t really even sure how long he’d been awake. It felt like he’d been staring at the ceiling for a very long time, but it also felt a little like he’d just awakened from a dream. Everything hurt, but it was…distant. Fuzzy. Like maybe he’d had a little too much to drink or something. 

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Live Life Golden Part 8

Jungkook x reader

Warnings: strong language

Words: 2994

He was a graduate of the elite class, inherited billions from his father, and lived the life of an international playboy. (y/n) came into his life and made him question it all.

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True Magic.

One day JD walked into the bowling alley carrying a large box. Almost dancing over to where Razi was polishing glasses, they put it down on the bar in front of him and grin mischievously.

“Hey Razi!” They say cheerfully. “I got you a present!”

Razi eyes both the box and the demon with suspicion “A present? Why?”

“Because I love you, silly. Are you gonna open it or what?”

Razi again glares suspiciously at JD but slowly put his hand on the lid. Pulling it aside, he stares at the contents with confusion.

“It’s a hat…” he said slowly.

JD smirked “It’s a top hat Razi. Now try it on. I promise it won’t bite.”

Razi gently lifted the hat out of the box, as if expecting it to indeed bite him. Just as gently, he placed it on his head and let it settle.

Not a second later, Razi whipped the hat off to glare inside it. He reached in, and with a look of profound confusion, proceeded to pull out a stuffed white rabbit.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Please give it up for Razi the Magnificent, and his amazing rabbit from a hat trick!” JD crowed with a flourish, throwing confetti in the air.

Hearing applause, Razi looked towards the doorway, only to see Mackenzie, Diego, and MC clapping politely and trying not to laugh.

As Razi rounds on JD, fury in his eyes, they take a step back, and grin that maddening grin. Blue smoke could be seen trailing from Razi’s fingers as he points towards the door.

“Out” he said flatly. He glanced at his so-called audience. “You too.”

They left with various levels of speed, JD wasting no time dashing out with a delighted laugh, happy at their exploits. Mackenzie and Diego both looked at him with sympathy before exiting, and MC, struggling not to laugh herself, quickly walked out while she could still keep her composure.

Now alone, Razi sighed. With the rabbit toy still clutched in his hand, he picked up the hat and the box, and walked into his office, leaving the box at the door to dispose of later. Walking in, he hung the hat on the hat stand he kept and then stood near his desk, looking at the white rabbit toy he held.

Smiling gently, he cleared some space near the rear of the desk, a space where he also happened to have a photo of the people who he saw just moments ago, holding eachother in a group hug and smiling at the camera.

He placed the rabbit next to the ornately carved mahogany frame that Diego had got him for Christmas one year, and his gentle smile grew as he shook his head ruefully.

He walked out, back to the bar. After all, there was work that needed to be done.

And a certain demon that needed to be punished.

Constantine's Childhood Friend Headcanon

Growing up as Constantine’s friend headcanons.

Requested by: @yeniseykostrov

(Sorry it’s short)

-being there for him when his father abused him.
-you two would’ve had a secret getaway place.
-a place only you two knew of.
-you’d found accidentally on an “adventure”.
-knowing him for so long you can imitate his voice and actions.
-“I don’t sound like that don’t be so bloody ridiculous.”
-“I don’t sound like that don’t be so bloody ridiculous.”
-having an interest in magic with him.
-or just constantly joking around about card tricks and rabbits from hats if no interest.
-he would’ve been the reason you got into trouble.
-“it’s perfectly safe mate.”
-“you’ll be fine luv.”
-“they won’t find out.”
-being a huge supporter of his band as well.
-lost contact after he went to the states.
-got back into contact again eventually.
-always childish together.
-just as you’d always been your whole lives.

Five Ways to Escape From a Rabbit

1. Sprinkle handful of rice on ground; rabbit will be compelled to pick up every single grain, giving you precious time to flee

2. Pretend to be beef jerky; rabbits hate beef jerky and will leave you alone

3. Order fail-safe rocket shoes from Acme

4. Stop your body from smelling so rabbit can’t detect your odor

5. Use rabbit repellent bat spray