rabbit trick

  • Magic in the 1900's: And now for my next trick, I will pull a rabbit from this hat!
  • Magic in 2014: For this next MIND FREAK, I'm gonna be hung from a helicopter by hooks peircing my fucking nipples. There's also a device strapped to my legs, and if I don't escape from it in 30 seconds it will cut me in half. Let's do this fucking thing!
Live Life Golden Part 8

Jungkook x reader

Warnings: strong language

Words: 2994

He was a graduate of the elite class, inherited billions from his father, and lived the life of an international playboy. (y/n) came into his life and made him question it all.

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Constantine's Childhood Friend Headcanon

Growing up as Constantine’s friend headcanons.

Requested by: @yeniseykostrov

(Sorry it’s short)

-being there for him when his father abused him.
-you two would’ve had a secret getaway place.
-a place only you two knew of.
-you’d found accidentally on an “adventure”.
-knowing him for so long you can imitate his voice and actions.
-“I don’t sound like that don’t be so bloody ridiculous.”
-“I don’t sound like that don’t be so bloody ridiculous.”
-having an interest in magic with him.
-or just constantly joking around about card tricks and rabbits from hats if no interest.
-he would’ve been the reason you got into trouble.
-“it’s perfectly safe mate.”
-“you’ll be fine luv.”
-“they won’t find out.”
-being a huge supporter of his band as well.
-lost contact after he went to the states.
-got back into contact again eventually.
-always childish together.
-just as you’d always been your whole lives.

anais-ninja-blog  asked:

6 sentence prompt: WinterShieldShock, silly rabbit.

You do know there’s only one way this can go, right? ;)

(Also, home again! *faceplants onto bed* I will post the two ficlets I wrote on the flight and then it’s bedtime for me. We will return to the prompts tomorrow. )


In my head, this takes place in the same universe as my other OT3 stories, and occurs pretty much during that same week they’re holed up on Block Island getting to know each other physically as well as emotionally. Of course, they need sustenance during this exploration…for a given value of sustenance, of course.


“What is she doing, Steve?” Bucky asks as they both give the woman across the counter from them a wary look, their eyes tracking her as she sets out a variety of multicolored boxes adorned in bright, cartoonish designs.

“I have no idea,” Steve mutters back just as Darcy places two bowls in front of them, then sets a bit gallon of milk front and center.

Darcy just gives them a glare and gets a bowl for herself, then pulls one of the rainbow boxes towards her. “It has occurred to me that you two have seriously neglected your 21st century education, especially when it comes to food that possibly stoned college students like to indulge in when the mood or munchies strike them.”

Steve and Bucky trade another look, this one more intrigued than puzzled, and Bucky says with a suspiciously innocent look on his face, “You got any secrets you want to tell us, doll?”

Darcy just rolls her eyes, reaching across the counter to pat her two boys on the head and says, “silly rabbits; tricks are for kids…cereal, however, is the food of the gods.”