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A bunny with a plan.  River was in search of treats and adventure.  This video has sound, so watch at your own discretion.


Mod: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of my favorite Anime so of course I was going to answer this one. Both characters are from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable with Spike being Jotaro Kujo, and Sweat Treats being Koichi Hirose. ^^

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One Bad Day: Major Awkwardness

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This is a story of @clairelutra‘s and @caprette​’s Treat Me Like a Princess!AU.  Inspiration for this story is taken from here and here.

It is recommended that you first read the oneshot that started it all here.

Summary: Bad luck can strike even Paris’s Lady Luck, but it’s less that and more the consequences that worry Marinette today.  Consequences that are leading to a lot of awkwardness for all involved.

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j.ack s.avage was born in savage city, it was all mostly a predator populated area. tons of prey rarely visit the ‘awful’ place. until one day his parents met ( his mother was a rabbit and his father was a panthera tigris ). they were having a secretive illegal romance that soon the city found out and arrested them for it. jack was only a baby during the time angry predators broke into their home as authority took over, jack’s mother handed her son to her sister who luckily made it out of the city and raised jack in zootopia.

because he resembled so much like his mother, a rabbit. society treated him like one. though throughout his childhood a lot of prey children bullied him because of his strange stripe feature and mocked him for a predator. of course jack grew upset that they refereed to him as an awful species. because he never knew what he really was he thought he was 100% rabbit ( aka: a prey ). the bullying lasted throughout his childhood to the point where one day the children thought it would be funny to scare jack and brought one of the shock collars with them to mess with him. they tried to put it on him until that was the day where he snapped and beats them up. his hatred for predators grew as a child whenever prey teased and mocked him for being a predator.

his mother’s sister tried her very best to hide any information involving what jack really is and lied to him, as to protect him from the awful city. she still mourns over her sister but rarely visits her due to her choice of being with a predator. because of that her hate on predators grew, so in order for jack to fit in with zootopia she had to do what she thought was right.

as years went by jack wanted to apart of the law, so he studies to become a detective. that way he can help the city and right its wrongs…..for prey. he is ignorant when it comes to understanding predators but he rarely cares.

in his adult years he finally becomes part of law and is one of the best detectives in zootopia. he helps both prey and preds and takes both cases regardless of species. ( but its the type where ex: a bunny wants his aid, then he immediately helps her and if a fox wants his aid then he’ll probably help them in a about a day or two ). part of his ethics are blinded his personal views. he doesnt respect predators and treats them like any prey treats a predator.

but regardless he will “try” to understand the two cases.

A new toy!

I hid a dried cranberry and a raisin inside a paper towel roll that I took a hole punch to.  After they watched me place two perfectly good treats into the interactive bunny toy/torture device, they looked at me as if to say, “Why must you torment us so?”  Simon and River quickly teamed up to vanquish their common enemy.