rabbit stone

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“He led us to a table made out of a living tree, surrounded by carved benches. A handful of walnuts sat on the table and occasionally a squirrel would dart out of the tree, snatch one, and skitter off, to sit above us, chattering.

It was as if the whole place was enchanted. I looked at the stone rabbits peeking out from underneath the benches and the stone birds frolicking in the trees and knew that I was in the presence of a great artist.”

-Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichl

Witchy things to do for your pet
  • Enchant their blankets/pillows/beds with extra love and comfort. For kittens, puppies and other baby animals, enchant it so they will never be cold.
  • Draw protective sigils on their collars, tags, cages/tanks, etc for protection and health.
  • When you comb your dog/cat/pony/hairy animal, imagine brushing the negativity away when you comb through their fur. (you can use their fur that is left behind in the comb for witchy purposes).
  • Enchant their toys or draw a sigil on it for happy playing.
  • A little chant when you prepare their food.
  • Charge their water under the full moon.
  • Does your animal need medication? Enchant it for a little boost and a fast recovery. Liquid medication could be charged under the full moon.
  • Instead of using a regular tag, you can use a crystal.
    For example: Rose quartz for animals who are shy, have trouble with trusting people and for the abused animals. Amethyst can ease separation anxiety and soothes stress and fear. (you can also place it around their sleeping spots. Make sure it’s in a pouch or big enough so your pet can’t swallow it).
  • If you add something liquid to your pet’s food (supplements like fish oil, salmon oil or medicine that’s liquid). You can use that to make sigils on their food. (Thank you justyour-averagewitch)
  • You can also use crystals that align with the element of the animal. For example: For birds and air/travel, stones like citrine and aquamarine. Chinchillas and rabbits with earth stones like moss agate and marble. And for water animals iolite, aquamirine or lapiz lazuli NEAR the fish tank. (NEAR the tank NOT in it).(thank you @rwt-mystic-corner)

Note: Witchcraft isn’t a substitute for veterinarian help. Witchcraft doesn’t equal vet help.
Another note: Don’t force your animal into magic. Listen, ask, observe, be aware.

TIP - pet-safe collar with crytals (thank you @rwt-mystic-corner)
Oddball Cat Toys is a cute little etsy shop who sells per-safe collars with crystals. Just be careful with the collar dangles if your pet has long fur on their chest.

More ideas and tips? I’ll gladly add them to the list!

Inspired by shipping-the-gods post about witchy things to do for a child.

Ok, so… I’m seeing John Cleese, and it got really late all of a sudden, and I can’t throw together a real post yet.

As such, you’ll just have to make do with… uh…

*frantically scrolls through camera roll*

…the best corregated cutout of a stoned rabbit I’ve ever seen.


Hopefully it will tide you over.


the fire finds a home in me - daenerys targaryen {spotify}

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White Rabbit Silver Crescent Moon// Hand-painted Lake Stone Pendant Necklace
Made with beautiful Czech glass matte black beads and fire-polished grey faceted glass beads.

New jewelry in the shop. I’m in love with these matte black beads!

Starry painted lake stone pendants. I’ll be adding these to czech glass beaded necklaces for MayDay!Underground in Rochester on April 29th.

I think these owls were the smallest Ive painted to date. Soo tiny!

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i don’t normally post things like this here but these gdrawings i made while trying to explain jojo’s overall plot to to a friend during a skype call crack me tf up every time i see them on my screen