rabbit smiles

boyfriend! kang daniel
  • a shy peach
  • seongwoo was the ultimate wingman because daniel had no guts to confess
  • daniel: bro there’s no way they like me lol we’re just really good friends
  • seongwoo: bro i’ll literally shove this hamburger into your ears if you keep being delusional
  • eventually seongwoo and jisung set y'all up by using magic circles and hang outs in which those two just mysteriously disappear which would leave you and daniel alone
  • u figured a long time ago that he had a thing for u and lmao ofc u had one for him too bc like. how could you not???
  • he’s very gentlemanly it’s not even an act he just likes holding doors and letting you walk on the inside of the sidewalk and putting his jacket on you when it’s cold
  • he’s the sOFTEST and has these sparkles in his eyes whenever he talks about his cats 
  • daniel: omg they’re the cuTEST lemme show you some pictures
  • daniel: proceeds to show you 300 photos of the same image
  • daniel: look over here peter is staying still but then when he moves his paw over by six millimeters looney got scared LOL!!
  • he was vERY shy about skinship at first there was always this certain amount of space between the two of you bc he’s never sure if it’s really okay to touch you like what if you’re sensitive abt private space
  • but you just roll your eyes at that and smile while grabbing his hand and lacing your fingers together and daniel just. explodes on the inside a little bit
  • after he gets over that initial shock he makes that smile that could melt nine glaciers….and he just keeps smiling shyly like that for the rest of the day bc he enjoys hand holding so MUCH. like he loves the feeling of your hand when locked with his it makes him so happy!!
  • has a habit of rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand
  • afterwards he gets a lot more comfortable so that whenever you two are together you’re always connected in some way
  • like if you’re walking then your hands are always interlocked and if you’re sitting together he’ll have his arm around you
  • small kisses are like giving candy to a child bc daniel smiles after every peck you plant on his face and always kisses you back on the exact same place
  • he always smiles before and into a kiss like….just imagine your lips and his touching….and suddenly you feel his lips curling up like he just can’t hold his happiness in
  • chuckles a bit after a kiss as if he just made an accomplishment like I just kissed the love of my life for the 16th time today!!!!!!!!!
  • whenever he spots you in a crowd his face gets 4000 times brighter and he’ll push aside all his friends to get to you which is also the reason for seongwoo’s supposedly random sulking
  • it’s so easy getting jealous bc of how nice he is to EVERYBODY and while it’s nice having an angel for a boyfriend it’s like. pls pay attention to me
  • but what you don’t notice is that everything he does for others he always takes a step above just for you
  • he let someone borrow his umbrella? whenever you need an umbrella he makes sure he’s with you as you walk home and always tilts the umbrella more towards you so that you have a less chance of getting wet
  • literally never gets mad at you for anything but thinks it’s cute when you think he is
  • he makes the ಠ_ಠ face whenever you think you screwed up but after like two seconds he breaks out into a bright laugh and brings you in for a hug 
  • when it’s early in the morning or late at night or whenever he’s tired his voice lowkey gets deeper and straight up more sexy and you’re just. pls don’t do this i’m a good person
  • he has no idea what you were talking about at first but once your face gets red he starts laughing
  • and mind you his laugh at that point is a deep Benedict-Cumberbatch level chuckle
  • he never says “i love you” coolly it’s always more like “i love you~~~~~” with eye crinkles and a big rabbit smile :DD
  • whenever he smiles it’s like. the sun is up. your skin is clear. global warming has ceased. fairies are born.
  • says that if you don’t want kids in the future you can just adopt 30 cats with him
  • daniel: I mean if you don’t wanna have that many cats we can also just adopt woojin—


Thanks so much to everyone who has followed me in the past 7 months. Getting back into illustration has been a climb, but I’m glad to have each and every one of you along for the ride.

All of your kind words have been more than amazing, looking forward to sharing more and more with all of you soon!

Thanks Again!