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‘Tis the third set of Roger Rabbit Universe photos! As usual, the individual pics are filed here (link) for your reblogging convenience.

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Sougo Bday Card (2017) Rabicha Spoilers

Here is Tamaki’s. *warning*: super long. I went overboard and almost translated half of his rabicha this time hahah. I plan to do Nagi’s too!

Part 1

Sougo: I feel like this year’s birthday is different than last year’s.

Sougo: Last year, the feeling of guilt was stronger. I felt bad that everyone had to do all of that to me. But this year, I’m really looking forward to it.

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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

In honor of the exclusive Oswald short available on the Walt Disney Signature Collection, here are a few fun facts about the Lucky Rabbit. Unlock the short “Hungry Hobos” when you purchase Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on Digital.

Ub Iwerks was lead animator on Hungry Hobos, and one can see his superb personality animation in the early scenes of Oswald’s and Pete’s checker game and their cow encounter.

While Iwerks draws Pete as a relatively svelte rogue toward the start of this cartoon, fellow animator Rollin “Ham” Hamilton handles several later shots in which Pete shows more of the chunky physique we associate with him today.

Hungry Hobos was popular enough to launch a subseries of shorts featuring Oswald and Pete as brother hobos, which continued within the Oswald series after Disney’s involvement ended. Non-Disney Oswald-Pete hobo cartoons included Weary Willies (1929) and Tramping Tramps (1930).

Oswald’s eyes actually cover his entire upper face—we usually don’t notice, though, because the whites of his eyes aren’t outlined in full. When Oswald picks up the chicken in Hungry Hobos, however, the whites of his eyes are fully outlined for a few seconds, giving him a brief “goggle-eyed” look.

Sheriff Crabb, the grouchy dachshund lawman, also squared off with ne'er-do-well Oswald in The Ol’ Swimmin’ ‘Ole (1928), as well as in later non-Disney Oswald cartoons.

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[BTS x Forest Fairy!AU] Jungkook

Keeper of Rabbits & Deer Jeon Jungkook

  • he lives in a cave that’s surrounded by weeping willows that provide shelter from rain and wind, soft moss is the padding of his home and you can see small flowers and vines growing on the walls
  • he’s keeper of deers and rabbits, but all wildlife flocks to him and you can catch him singing to birds or feeding hungry foxes from the palm of his hand
  • carries around an old lantern in the dark and heals what wounded animals he can find
  • this small white rabbit follows him around or rides on his shoulder, he named it cloud
  • the animals love him so much they bring him gifts from time to time like squirrels will bring different nuts and berries, deers will carry flowers in their mouth and lay them at the front of his cave
  • when he sleeps there are usually up to six or seven rabbits nuzzled up around him
  • butterflies tend to land on the top of his head or on the tip of his nose and he carries around a bag full of food in case he stumbles upon any animal in need of it 
  • you meet him when you’re out picking wild fruit to bring back home, you hear this sound like soft whining and you follow it thinking you might find a hurt animal and you do…..but you also find jungkook hunched down, tending to a cut on a small fawns hind leg
  • for a second you’re amazed that the fawn isn’t frightened of the human, but then you notice that there’s a bunch of other small animals surrounding him…..like birds and chipmunks and none of them are imposed by him at all
  • even the fawns mother is standing calmly beside him?? and when he gets up you’re like wait omg this mysterious forest animal healer boy is also super cute
  • because let’s face it, jungkook lives in a forest and probably has like leaves in his hair but also butterflies??? and like a soft rabbit on his shoulder twitching it’s nose
  • and jungkook finally notices you after the animals do too and start scurrying away
  • and he’s just frozen. you’re like also frozen. the basket in your hand full of berries is about to like fall but then all of a sudden jungkook’s lil bunny cloud like hops off his shoulder and scurries to your basket and you have like all sorts of stuff in their that you got from the market before walking thru the forest and like 
  • the bunny goes for like your lettuce and you’re like cute, but …. i needed that
  • jungkook snaps out of his daze (probably because you’re the most gorgeous person he’s ever seen pass through these woods) and he like runs over to try and pull his bunny out of your basket
  • and he’s apologizing because your lettuce is full of little bunny teeth marks
  • and you’re like shaking your head saying it’s fine and jungkooks like 
  • ‘as an apology, ill show you where to pick some more of these berries!!’ and you’re like wow you don’t have to but he’s already leading the way
  • and you don’t notice but his ears have gotten red and like some of the animals that you pass come up to follow you and like soon enough there’s this parade of wildlife around you two and you’re like
  • does this kid have like an animal magnetic force around him
  • you get to this patch that’s hidden behind some thick bushes and jungkook’s like “the best ones are high up” and uses his long ass arms to pick some berries for you and you’re like “thanks!!!” but when you try to reach up for one you can’t really get it and jungkook giggles and you’re like hEY and then he whistles and a bird comes swooping down, picks the berry, and drops it in your basket 
  • and you’re like 
  • is this magic
  • (tbh this is his way of flirting probably)
  • so after you get all your berries and jungkook leads you back to the path he’s kinda like ………. do you come here often?? and you’re like sorta but youre also like
  • “do you….live ……..here? like in the forest?”
  • and jungkook’s like ^^ yes,,,, um,,,, this is embarrassing but i protect like animals and stuff…..
  • and he’s getting red in the face now and like right in front of you too and you’re like omf is he shy how cute
  • and you’re like “no thats so cool!!! i wish animals loved me so much”
  • and idk like jungkook sees you off and u know after a couple days hes thinking about you and hes like ‘i hope they come back to pick more fruit….’ and his bunny like nuzzles his neck and jungkook is like nO I DO not LIKE THem or WHATEVer …. shush cloud
  • you do come back and jungkook is actually super excited to see you but plays it off
  • helps you pick more berries
  • you bring some bandages with you from home and give them to jungkook like ‘here, in case some of the animals need it’ and its so thoughtful jungkook almost melts but he hides it behind this kidlike grin thats cute
  • jungkook teaches you how to call birds,,,,, how to approach rabbits,,,,how to tame wolves idk even how to get a butterfly to land on your nose
  • you like pick the leaves from jungkook’s hair once and he almost dies straight up but again hides it by like laughing and you’re like
  • you laugh a lot
  • and he’s like
  • oh my god . they’re catching ON
  • he laughs even more rofl
  • at some point you’re just a cute couple sitting in a patch of grass with small cute woodland critters surrounding you like a chipmunk comes by and even offers you a nut and you’re like oh my
  • and jungkook’s like ‘ah see, the animals like you too……’
  • hes not jealous or anything (ok maybe because they’ve never taken to someone so well but like the animals arent the only ones who enjoy your company wink wonk)
  • one day you two are standing a little close and two deer appear out of no where and like they nudge him and they nudge you so you bump shoulders 
  • and like the whole forest is rooting for you two
  • and jungkook’s like !!! guys stop to the deer but you’re liek being pushed even closer
  • perhaps this would be a good time for the forest fairy to give u a lil kiss 
  • heheu
  • you and jungkook and cute animals helping you pick berries doesnt it sound like a fairytale ah…..
White Rabbit - Seven


Alice was fully aware of how ridiculous it sounded and she could feel the eyes of the other four people in the room upon her.

Ellen started to laugh, more of a mean cackle than anything.

Alice knew her sister resented the fact that Alice refused to tell her where she’d been for the years she’d been gone. She knew Ellen loved her deep down, but the woman had an odd way of showing it sometimes. The two sisters had never been close growing up, the age difference was too big for Ellen to want to play with Alice when she was a kid. When their parents had died and Alice was entrusted to her twenty three year old sister’s care, they grown momentarily closer. But it hadn’t lasted long, Ellen didn’t have the time for her, she still didn’t now. She was impatient and if she didn’t get results straight away she could become awfully mean and scathing. Alice knew she’d only been allowed to stay with her sister for so long because of the guilt Ellen had felt.

“So your name is Alice, you have a tattoo of a rabbit and you claim to have been in Wonderland. And you expect me to believe that you weren’t high on smack or whatever else for those four years.”

“Ellie…. ” Robert warned his wife, touching her arm lightly and glancing at the two Agents who looked equally confused.

Alice finally placed the salt shaker down, screwing the lid back on.

“Look, I know how it sounds. The whole thing sounds absurd. But I wasn’t high. And it IS a place. I didn’t choose the name, it’s been there for years, since before I was even born. But my stupid name made me a target, made them think I was special.”

“Who is they, Alice? We’re going to need to know everything here,” Spencer spoke to her carefully.

“I don’t wanna talk about it, not here,” she told him.

“Well we’ll need you to come down to Quantico anyway.” Agent Hotchner checked his cell which had just lit up, Alice hearing a beep coming from Spencer’s pocket as well.

“I’m not going anywhere now. It’s after eight thirty.”

“Eight thirty?” Spencer asked her, unsure as to why the time was important.

“Alice doesn’t go out after eight thirty and she doesn’t leave before six am,” Robert told him, his wife rolling her eyes. The pair were obviously still very confused about what was happening. The two Agents were as well if they were being completely honest. But given the text Penelope had just sent the pair, they had a case. A big one. And this woman was key to it.

“Can I ask you why not?” Spencer looked at the woman sat to his right.

“Because we weren’t allowed to leave the compound after eight thirty. It was the rules and they stuck. It stuck, okay.”

Compound. A place called Wonderland. Reid needed more.

“Okay Alice. So we won’t ask you to leave here today. We’ll need you to come in tomorrow though. Can you do that?”

She smiled and look towards the back door “Sure. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’ll be there.”

She was far too relaxed when she said that and Spencer knew exactly why. If they left her to her own devices, she wouldn’t be turning up tomorrow. She’d run. Or worse.

“Dr Reid, can I talk to you in the hallway for a moment,“ Agent Hotchner spoke up and Reid nodded, following him out and closing the kitchen door behind him.

“Garcia has narrowed it down to 38 bodies, all discovered around the Bluedoves and all with some form of marking to the neck. She says only a few have actual tattoos but the rest were missing flesh there.”

“38. Are we… are we investigating then?” Reid asked him.

“We have to. We don’t have a case at the minute anyway and some of these, ARE our own cases, just shelved ones. We’ll assemble the team first thing in the morning. And we need to know her story. From what she’s said so far, it has to be some sort of cult. What kind, and who the leader is, are the questions we need answers to.”

“Hotch, you saw her to look to the door though. If we leave here tonight, I doubt we’ll ever see her again.”

Aaron nodded and opened the kitchen door, beckoning to Robert Manchester to join them.

“What can I help with?” he asked the two men.

“You encouraged Alice to hand that folder to Dr Reid. You believe her?” Aaron addressed him.

“She hasn’t exactly told me much. But when she turned up again five years ago, she was terrified of something. She’s come a long way since then, a very long way. She still has her little tics and ways but she’s progressing. When she started collating the information in that folder, I could tell that she was scared again, frightened. I believe she has a reason for that.”

“Okay. Robert, we’d like Dr Reid to spend the night here if that’s alright. I’m worried that Alice may try to leave and not come to Quantico tomorrow otherwise and we need to know her story. Whatever went on at this ‘Wonderland’ place, we need to know why it’s linked to these bodies. And right now, she’s the only person who can help with that.”

Spencer looked at his boss, surprised at his suggestion that he spend the night.

“Thats fine with myself and I’ll make it fine with Ellen. Whatever help we can be Agents.”

Aaron turned to Spencer. “She seems to trust you. Perhaps because you’re not that much older than her, I don’t know. But you’ve got a connection, and we need to use that connection. I’ll have a car come and pick you both up tomorrow morning.”

“Yes Sir.”

The three men entered the kitchen, Robert going over to his wife again.

“Sweetie, Dr Reid is going to spend the night to make sure Alice is okay.”

“Alice is fine.” Both sisters spoke at once, Alice referring to herself in the third person and narrowing her eyes at Spencer. They’d foiled her plan and she knew it.

“Alice, we know you’re scared. And we know you don’t want to talk to us. But you bought us this case so we’re going to need you to. Dr Reid will remain here overnight and will accompany you to Quantico tomorrow. We’d like both of you to come as well.” Hotch spoke to Ellen and Robert, them both nodding.

“Before I head back to headquarters, can you give me a name Alice. Whoever was in charge of this place you were at.”

“If I give you a name will you leave me alone for today. I’m tired and I have a headache, I just want to sleep. I’m not gonna run, I promise. I’ll help. But you have to keep me safe.”

“We’ll keep you safe, we promise,” Reid assured her quietly.

“Do you have a gun?” she asked him.

“Yes. It’s in my bag, I just wasn’t wearing it when I was lecturing. I didn’t need to.”

“Good. Fine. His name as Lewis. And her’s was Marnie.”

Spencer had heard those names before, quickly sifting through the masses of information stored in his brain.

“Marnie Goldstein?” he asked her.

“I don’t know her last name. They were just Lewis and Marnie to everyone.”

He glanced at Hotch seeing that he’d recognised the names too.

“It has to be. I always suspected something would come of them, their story was just too strange,” Hotch commented.

“You’re telling me.” Came Alice’s reply.

“Alright. I’m going to head back. Reid, I’ll text you details of the pick up tomorrow morning. I’ll have the team briefed by the time you get in. Alice, once again. I promise you that we will keep you safe.”

She didn’t respond to Hotch this time and just looked directly at Dr Reid.




Was anyone aware that Disney did this. Long before computer animation Disney animators had Live Action Reference Models they had them play out entire scenes and they would study them to animate. They did this with the little mermaid and most of Ariels mannerisms are those of the actresses.

selfxloathingxvamp replied to your post “Oh my Gooood. I’m watching “The dark rabbit has seven lives” and damn…”

//lmao maybe anon meant who mika would be in that other show tho

Yeah, that’s what I was answering

There’s a vampire who is the protagonist’s childhood friend and sacrificed herself for him at the beginning, they separated and then they reunite years later.

They even have moments when she’s like “let’s run” and he’s like “no, we gotta save them” and he tries to even protect his enemy. That’s how similar they are to Mika and Yuu’s dynamics.

Taito is “kind” (lol) and Saito Himea just wants to be with him. 

If they cant’t look past the moe surface of the heroine they won’t notice the similarities and the tropes.

Heck, Taito uses the same corny phrases like “I’ll definitely save you” and all the shit.

Like I said, it has many of mik/yu tropes and lines.

Obviously, don’t expect to see Mika in a moe loli but if you can look past it it’ll be obvious to you.
She isn’t even that expressive toward anyone other than Taito either so???

anonymous asked:

Oh my Gooood. I'm watching "The dark rabbit has seven lives" and damn that asshole guy IS Guren (shit, even their voice actor is the same) That show is so bad, but the stupidness makes it funny :D And Taito(?) is like Yuu (although Yuu don't really blush when he's with girls, but everybody knows why ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) but I am not sure who Mika is. Sorry for destroying your freetime XD

“I’m not sure who Mika is”

*Cue vampire who is the protagonist’s childhood friend who sacrificed their life for him looks at you deadly in the eye*


The complete Couture De Force line to date.

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