rabbit sculpture


Ok, so this is only a rough play around with placement on the head collar. So please excuse the coloured pins ..and the blue tack! ;)) 

 All of this will have to come back off for actual sewing of the collar first etc before it’s then embellished, but I needed to visualise the workings out before I could do that. Also.. I don’t think I’m so keen on the gold so will possibly change that and maybe some of the bead/pearl colours. 

Anyway, wanted to share with you even though the finished piece will no doubt be quite different?! #alwaysis 



From start to finish on my sculpture, “It Doesn’t Go Away”. I will post a more formal photo of the sculpture in its entirety soon.

The premise of this project was to find a contemporary artist to create a piece inspired by. I chose SF artist Jeremy Fish, and his Silly Pink Bunnies statue. I tried to imitate the overall shape of the piece, incorporating the pink tones into the white rabbit, and incorporating the skull as her body morphs into skeleton.

This shows the process from inspiration, concept, sculpting, multiple layers of under glazing, and then the final glaze. The final piece will incorporate a candle inside. Viewers can choose to let the candle burn out, or continually replace the flame inside her.