rabbit rescue

The puppy bowl is starting and they had Punxsutawney Phil [the groundhog] and his retainers determine the coin toss for if Team Ruff or Team Fluff goes first.

The cheerleaders are rescue rabbits and guinea pigs.
Team Fluff’s mascot is a rescued Chinchilla in it’s own area.
Team Ruff’s mascot is a rescued Screech Owl chilling on a perch decorated with Puppy Bowl stuff.
The social media expert is a rescued grey parrot named Meep who is ‘tweeting’ as things happen aka they took a few mins of footage of them sitting on a laptop and then let them sit wherever they wanted, then simulated the screen.

The ref is laying down to talk to the players if they just sit there. The pups are licking his face or just playing. 

I love Puppy Bowl, but Puppy Bowl XIII is what 2017 needed.


you stop when i goddamn tell you to stop Since this is doing the rounds again, I want to promote the Bunny Rescue I work at. Guys, please look up Bluey and Alice’s Rabbit Refuge and give us lots of love. Donations go to medical procedures for the buns and improves their quality of life. Franky here was just recently adopted and we’re looking to make happy endings for all of our bunnies.


Ladybug’s family is all grown up now - and who would’ve guessed way back then that they would turn out to be, for the most part, TOTAL FLUFFBALLS?

I can only imagine that the dad was a Lionhead, because they aren’t getting those long luxurious manes from momma Ladybug. And who knows where Woolly Bear came from but she is just beautifully, insanely fluffy!

The two boys, Grasshopper and Bumblebee, have been transferred to the Toronto Humane Society to go up for adoption there. The mom and the three girls are staying at TAS South until they can be spayed and put up for adoption.

Momma Ladybug is the sweetest, most outgoing rabbit in the shelter, and she just loves people. Her daughter Cricket takes after her mom, while Woolly Bear and Junebug are both gentle, sweet girls but a little on the shyer side.

If you’d like to adopt an incredibly adorable and loving young rabbit, now’s the time!

All animals on this blog are at Toronto Animal Services South, a public shelter where I volunteer. For more information, just send an ask!


Meet Elly (A670003)!

Elly came to the shelter the same way most rabbits come to the shelter: a stray with no history and no information. We think she is older than our usual strays, perhaps around 3-5 years old. She is a big girl with thick, luxurious fur and an enormous dewlap. Also she’s totally gorgeous. We don’t get rabbits with this colouring very often.

Her favourite things to do are lie around and do nothing, and get petted. She can be a little shy, but she’s very sweet. I really like her. She needs a home without a cage, where she can just find a good spot to bask in the sun all day.

All animals on this blog are at Toronto Animal Services South (a public animal shelter). If interested in adopting/more info, please send an ask!