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“Take it off”

Prompt: “You heard me. Take it off.”

Prompt Given By: dragonkyng

Pairing Given: Any

Pairing I Chose: BBRae

Date Prompt Given: 28th of February 2015

Date Prompt Posted: 21st of April 2015

Reason Why This Prompt Took So Long To Post?: Exams, work, lazy, forgot, wrote other things, and I just never seem to be good at things when I feel under pressure so I wrote this like 16 times before I finally did this draft and could stand reading it without feeling myself gagging or wanting to cry. So I don’t really have an excuse… sorry :/

Note: I’m so very very sorry for posting this almost two months late and I hope you enjoy!


He’d been on quite a few casual outings with her during the past couple months since their relationship started, and not once had she ever worn this.

And it just wasn’t her. It was something he never expected to see on someone like her. Hell, he was sure he could have gone his entire lifetime without seeing something like that on her because it sure wasn’t the prettiest sight.

But he just couldn’t get one question out of his head: why was she wearing that? He knew she was a little insecure when they started getting closer a few months back, but he never imagined it went this far.

Insecure about her heritage? Sure, he’d comforted her about that before. Insecure about her powers? He had helped her around that one months ago. Insecure about her actual being a bigger threat over actually being helpful? The entire team comforted her through that one. But insecure about her appearance? He had never seen that one coming. Did she really want to go out on their date looking like that? He didn’t think-


Beast Boy was shaken out of his trance by that. Was he staring? “Huh- I mean, yeah?”

“You’ve been spacing out and staring at me for that past 7 minutes.”

Yeah, he had been staring. And, unfortunately, he’d been caught. “Oh, sorry, Raven. I didn’t mean to-”

“What were you thinking about?”

And here began her careful examination of his mind. “Nothing in particular.”

“Really? Because you’re emotions were radiating off a bit of confusion and a trace of disgust, and since you were staring at me, I’m guessing it has to do with me. So talk.”




“Can I guess first?”

“Okay.” She was silent for a moment, her bottom lip being pulled into her mouth as he assumed she contemplated how to ask her next question. He watched her with baited breath.

“Were you staring at me because something about me is different?” Was she going to jump around the question?


“Is it because of something I am wearing?”

“Yes.” He was getting impatient; he didn’t want to play this game.

“Is my shirt-”

“It isn’t the damn shirt, Raven, and you know it.” He tried to hold back the growl, he really did, but it slipped out. He was starting a war with her and he just couldn’t find the effort to stop it.

The enchantress glowered at him before crossing her arms across her chest. “Don’t growl at me, Beast Boy. I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Oh really?” He narrowed his eyes and his body stiffened. “I’m a fucking animal. Every sense and ability animals have, I do too. I don’t need twenty eyes to see that you’re wearing makeup, Raven.” He fought the smirk as he noticed her breathing falter for a microsecond, the only flaw in her perfect poker face. An agitated sigh escaped him. “Why are you even wearing it? Just take it off.”

She stared at him with a raised eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Take it off. Come on-we’re going to miss our movie-”

“Are you kidding me? No!”


“No, I’m not taking it off and that is the end of the discussion.”

They stared at one another in silence, ignoring the ticking of the common room clock while defenses were raised. She was upset, he was upset, though both didn’t want to admit it. Neither wanted to give in and start the real conversation, but both knew they would have to before the evening had passed.

A sigh left his mouth and he dropped his guard, shoulders slumped, as he took a step closer to his teammate. “I’m sorry, Rae. I just, I don’t understand your sudden desire to wear makeup. You know I think you look beautiful without it.”

Her crossed arms no longer represented an act of defense as she hugged her arms instead, undoubtedly wishing she was wearing her cloak. “I… I know you do Gar.”

“But?” You always had to ask a ‘but’ when she started getting uncomfortable like that, otherwise you would never get the whole truth out of her.

“But what?” She tried her best to give an innocent look, but he was the master of the puppy-dog look and could see right through it.

“What is the but, Raven. I know there is one.”

She stood silently, her soft amethyst gaze staring unblinking at his jade eyes. A sigh escaped her lips and she looked to the window to stare out onto the bay, allowing him to pull her into his arms for a warm embrace. “I know you do, Garfield. But other people don’t. Jinx and Bee never understood my intense dislike for the products and since Starfire started wearing all that stuff… At our last Titan party, I noticed that none of the guys wanted to talk to me. I mean, I usually don’t attract people’s attention, nor do I want it, but at least I can have an intelligent conversation with Aquaman or have a small food talk with Kid Flash, but I didn’t have any of that. They only seemed to want to talk to Starfire.”

He rubbed her back attentively, quietly, as thoughts swirled through his head. “You want to know what I think?” He pulled back, keeping hands on her shoulders as his jade gaze searched her amethyst eyes. “I think that sure, Starfire is pretty and all and even more beautiful with makeup,” he started, ignoring her somber look for the moment. “but if someone asked me which Starfire I prefer, I wouldn’t be able to chose. Because if Starfire likes how she looks with makeup over how she looks without, that’s perfectly okay. How beautiful someone is doesn’t revolve around mine, or anyone else’s opinion except hers. She is as beautiful as she wants to be whether she is wearing makeup or not.”

Raven stared into the eyes of her companion, the faintest trace of pink tinting her pale gray cheeks. “And what about me?”

“You?” He gave a toothy smile. “Do you want my honest opinion?”

“Yes please.”

“Raven, you are the most beautiful person I have ever met. And beautiful doesn’t even cut it, because you are simply breathtaking in every way imaginable. There aren’t enough fancy words in the dictionary for me to use to describe your beauty. You are so beautiful the sun and moon should be jealous. And all the world’s flowers and precious gems and stars and-”

“You’re pushing it.” The tint was more visible now.

“By how much?” He teased.

“By quite a bit.”

He laughed, causing a small smile to grace her glossed lips. “So what is the verdict?”


“Do you think you look more beautiful with or without that stuff? Are you more comfortable with or without makeup on?”

She paused in contemplation. “Without makeup.”

“Than do you still want my honest opinion?”


“Take it off.”

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        he’s hunting.

the senses of a vampire are sharp, and stefan hones his precisely. though they are not fed by human blood, they have to stay sharp. humans are loud, they stumble and they shout and needlessly call attention to themselves, but animals are quieter, and prey knows how to stay hidden. he’s taken down a couple larger animals recently, but knows he needs to go after something smaller lest he draw attention. he’s still settling in mystic falls, still finding his place, despite how damon is trying to disrupt it all. so he keeps a low profile, hunting rabbits to feed this ravenous hunger.

speaking of blundering humans, he smells her even before he hears her. she’s not that far away, but he’s not doing anything incriminating ( yet. ) no blood stains his mouth, he’s simply a teenage boy in the woods. he steps closer, into the light, squinting over to her, as though he doesn’t actually have vision better than any human.

                      “ hey there. “ he calls over, “ you lost ? “

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Second Place: Cheshire Cat

Third Place: B-Rabbit

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Fifth Place: March Hare

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6th Place: Dormouse

7th Place: Owl

8th Place: Raven

9th Place: Demios

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Tips for T100 S4 Writers:

- Stop with the: ‘Clarke saves people, everyone hates Clarke, Clarke leaves, everyone fucks up without Clarke, Clarke returns and saves everyone’ cyclical plot bc it’s getting annoying.
- Actually just stop making everyone so mean to Clarke.
- Bring back Wick and give him an agonising and violent death scene in his first 5 minutes. Just cause.
- Is Bell a meanie? Is he a fluffy good person? Who the hell knows give him a side pls I can’t deal with this love/hate relationship anymore.
- More kids killing other kids bc let’s be fair that’s the basis of the whole show whether we like it or not.
- Treat minorities with care + love, like small bunny rabbits and kittens.
- Give Raven a girlfriend. Pretty much everyone wants it.
- More Indra and Octavia scenes.
- Let Kabby be more in love.
- ArK fLaShBaCkS.
- Monty + Jasper doing drugs together and being happy.
- Change up the ending. S1, Clarke pulls a lever. S2, Clarke pulls a lever. S3, Clarke pulls a lever. S4, maybe a button or something? Please?

Add more buddies it’s too late for me to think