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Birthday Games

Summary: You try to get Gabriel to play some drinking games for your birthday but things don’t go quite as expected.

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 6696

Warnings/Tags: smut, swearing, drinking games, intoxication (reader and Gabriel), stripping, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, grace kink, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex, perfect body Gabe, a touch of possessive Gabe, fluff  

Author’s Note: Written for @bloodstained-porcelain-doll‘s #Challenge of Raven My prompts were:  “Loser does a striptease!”, Gabriel, and smut.  All tags are at the end.  

Special thanks to @sumara62​ who does such a fantastic job as my beta.  This wouldn’t be what it is without you. 

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“How is this supposed to be celebrating again?” Gabriel asked.  

Sam and Dean had forgotten it was your birthday again, heading in the opposite direction to visit Garth rather than returning from their latest hunt to celebrate.  As unashamed as you were about your drinking habits, you drew the line at getting drunk by yourself.  Doing it with a bunch of strangers wasn’t appealing either, which left your options pretty limited until Gabriel happened to pop in to drop off some birthday cookies.  

It had been a pleasant surprise to say the least, and once he was there you weren’t about to let the opportunity go to waste.

“I like drinking games,” you reminded him, your words taking on the slow drawl you got right before you hit the tipping point between tipsy and completely hammered.

“Ok, princess,” sarcasm rippled through tonight’s nickname he’d bestowed upon you, all because you insisted on having fun your way, “But these are all boring.”

One hand came up, toying with the neon pink umbrella decorating his glass, but it was the other hand out of your sight that had you worried.  You could feel the hum of his energy rise behind you, fingertips drifting idly across the top of your chair, brushing you in the process.  

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Hey y’all! I finally got all my body horror stickers done with! This is round two. There may be a round three in the future if the inspiration strikes. This one is a bit messy cause I had them drawn on two different pieces of paper but hopefully they look okay still! I am going to have these completely stickerized and available to order on my Etsy tomorrow cause it is late tonight and I wanna sleep. 


Opening a Witch Shop: Discreet Witch Line

Along with some reasonably priced witchy supplies, it will feature original art and handmade decor. 

I know many witches are discreet about their path and cannot really decorate “Witchy” outside of Samhain. So I’m going to try to come out with a “Discreet Witch” Line. 

Decor items for home and kitchen that hint at magical things, whimsy, and paganism but would not be immediately noticeable if you weren’t LOOKING.

Current ideas: 

- Labyrinths
- Triskelions
- Moons
- Quotes from books like Terry Pratchett, Alice Hoffman, or other well known pagan icons
- Cats, Rabbits, Ravens, Bears, Wolves?

But I need some ideas to get me started. Please reply or reblog with ideas or thoughts!