rabbit pics


bluh ok there were gonna be more characters in this and some of these don’t feel totally finished but the WIPs have been sitting in my computer for like a month and im probably not gonna end up doing anything else with them SO im just gonna post what i have 

i posted sonic redesigns on here a while ago but i was really unhappy with how they turned out so have these ones instead

“...is... is that a concert-lit water-filled cave with guitars growing like stalactites and stalagmites?”

Ted the Animator: “As far as I can gather from the storyboards… yes, apparently.”

Carl the Animator: “This is, like, the best movie ever.”

Ted the Animator: “I guess it’s all part of some log-flume-esque ride, maybe?”

Carl the Animator: “Ooh, yup! There’s the big drop.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s like the log flume at Seabreeze from when I was growing up only theirs didn’t have gigantic, terrifying, decapitated KISS statue heads.”

Carl the Animator: “…thank goodness for that.”

Ted the Animator: “Oh, look, it’s time for more insane wind-blown faces, I guess.”

Carl the Animator: “They sure do love them.”

Ted the Animator: “A surprising amount.”

Carl the Animator: “Maybe a little too much, actually.”

Ted the Animator: “…yeeeeaaaah.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, what happens next?”

Ted the Animator: “Uh… demon-possessed zombie stuffed bunnies.”

Carl the Animator: “…come again?”

Ted the Animator: “I said, demon-possessed zombie stuffed bunnies.”

Carl the Animator: “…”

Ted the Animator: “In full KISS-inspired outfits, complete with makeup and studded leather.”

Carl the Animator: “…demon-possessed zombie stuffed bunnies?”

Ted the Animator: “Yes, Carl. Demon-possessed zombie stuffed bunnies.”

Carl the Animator: “…this is undeniably the best movie ever made.”


🤖 Meeting the Queen 👸


ok so on dec 26th we were gonna drive to utah to stay with my grandparents, which means we pack teddy into his travel cage in the rear of our SUV under lots of stuff so it is nice and cozy. he loves traveling, like he just hangs out and eats hay and sleeps the whole time. when we stop he gets all excited to explore and meet new people.

so we’re getting ready to leave early in the morning and i take the tedmonster out of his cage to put him in the back. and it’s december so it’s kinda nippy, but it shouldn’t bother him because his fur is suuuper thick in the winter and the car is toasty and warm. so i put him down in the back and he hops into his travel cage like a good boy.

but then he stops and turns and looks at me. and he gives me this really intense glare. and then he thumps really loudly.

because it is slightly colder than he is accustomed to and he was mad at me for not controling the weather.

gay thumping shitbaby