rabbit photoset


=The Women and Girls of Sonic=

Before anyone asks where characters like, Sally, are; I wanted to focus purely on the main game canon, and the Storybook games, for this photoset. The only exception I made was for Sticks, because she has a profile on Sonic Channel, and at the very least she did appear as a playable character in the latest Sonic & Mario Olympics game. So I didn’t leave Sally, and any other female Sonic characters from the franchise out of this, due to any dislike or personal bias.

Edit: I forgot about Lah from the short, “Night of the Werehog”.(Which is canon to games as far as I’m concerned.) Here we go.


I am an innocent bun i didnt wee on your bed


The world might be a little really messed up, but bunnies are perfect.

Someone should elect a bunny. Goodness knows they’re bossy enough! And Delilah has posing for the cameras down to an art. She knows just how to win over the hearts of the public and persuade people to love her. It would be a landslide victory.


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