rabbit needs home


hi we really need to get rid of these 5 baby lionhead rabbits at my house currently. we live in crescent city (del norte county, CA) & have had no luck getting them new homes. the babies are all free, we’d prefer they be taken in pairs or taken by people who already have another rabbit. we have 4 boys and 1 girl, none are fixed. they all have names. the boys are: celeste, serenity, hazel, & gizmo. the girl’s name is harmony. 

we cannot keep these rabbits, my mom is at wit’s end & is being unreasonable. please signal boost this post, we want them to be given to safe furever homes with owners who will provide them with plenty of exercise, food, and love as soon as possible!!

(the boys)


if you or a family member are interested please send me an ask or email me at itsossydarling@gmail.com!

last updated 9/14/2016